Why I Spent $50,000 A Year To Promote
The Free Watercure Without Any Financial Gain

Dear Readers of the Watercure News Letter:

Sixteen years ago in July of 1994, I received a solicitation from Sam Biser to subscribe to a news letter from the University of Natural Healing. He said that if I did so, he'd send me an interview he did with the man who made the greatest health discovery in history. "Yeah, right, I said to myself, but it sounded so intriguing I sent for it.

Little did I know that not only was Sam's description a great understatement, but I would get so caught up in it when I learned just how true it was, I would spend well over $600,000 promoting the discovery of F. Batmanghelidj M.D., the water cure and much of my life.

It was the best bargain I ever got in my life. The first thing I did when I read his interview was to sent it to a friend of mine, an M.D. who was the head of a major hospital here in NE Pa. for his opinion. Four days later he called me and said this is nothing but common sense and will put a lot of doctors out of work. But don't expect me to get on a pedestal and tell it to the world because I'll lose my job and my license. I can't believe that, I said to him. He replied, who do you know who endorses anything that will put themselves out of business? Auto parts people? (I am in the auto parts business, but I realized that there are few people who will do anything that will eliminate the source of their income. I said, you are right.

I will be grateful to Sam for the rest of my life for I have seen people get rid of almost every imaginable kind of disease at no cost. There is no greater thrill than to help someone get well after there was no hope. Sam has seen the same thing also.

I honestly believe that if everyone could see and feel what my wife Connie & I have seen and felt all these years, everyone would want to do the same thing.

Thanks to Sam, the interview he did with Dr. B., changed our lives and the lives of countless people around the world.

The water cure has proved to me that anything is possible when people are valued more than money.

So please read Sam's letter below and check out his web site www.sambiser.com

Thank You
Bob & Connie Butts and the Watercure Crew