Intermittent Weakness
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For about five years I searched for an answer to my intermittent weakness. At the same time I developed AFIB. Nobody could help, least of all any medical doctor. They only suggested drugs. Out of desperation, I even tried a few drugs and a good number of vitamins. Nothing ever worked. I never knew when all of a sudden I would get very weak and I may stay that way for weeks. Finally a chiropractor suggested that I may have food allergies. She muscle tested me and sure enough I was allergic to a whole bunch of which most ranked high on the food allergen chart and a number of vitamins badly affected me. I also suggest that people have all their nutrients put together in a plastic bag and have them muscle tested together. I found that while I may not test allergic to them one at a time, but all together, they could test very bad.

I had never had any food allergies before, although I did have pollen allergies much of my life which vanished in a few days once I started the water cure.

Once it was determined I had food allergies and determined the foods to avoid, the chiropractor determined my AFIB was the main result result of the imbalance caused by eating foods I was allergic too. Anytime I did get a weakness, I would have the most recent food I ate muscle tested on me to see what food or vitamin was causing it. The muscle testing never failed to find the offending food.

I suggest anyone with food allergies Google "Worst food allergens" and a get a blood test that will determine the offending ones. While I still have few problems with food allergens, I don't have a lot of crippling food allergies now unless there something I eat not listed in the ingredients. But at least I know what to do. I still get AFIB, but I don't go to the ER because I know they won't kill me. Unfortunately, the events were very stressful till I found out they were not life threatening. Now if I get one, I just take a salt bath and take a few nutrients. Sometimes they go in fifteen minutes at the lowest and up to nine hours, but more often about six hours. Regardless, they are still annoying, but they don't ruin my day. I still go to work every day. The main triggers are food additives from restaurants or anything with soy in it, although soy will rarely cause me AFIB, it can cause me to get a weakness reaction.

Another thing that caused me problems was too many vitamins. Once I cut most of them out by muscle testing, it eliminated a lot of discomfort.

This can also be caused by low blood oxygen. Have it checked by your doctor or buy your own device to do so. Many people are being treated for many other problems because they have not had their oxygen levels checked. A good idea would also be muscle checked by a chiropractor to see if they are getting enough sea salt. It is amazing how many people do not get enough salt.

This is Jim's response to a person with kidney problems which he would do if he had the problem.

Sarah, I suggest the liquid amount they allow you to drink (32 oz ) should be only water spaced out through the day. Like drinking 4 oz of plain water 8 times each day. I would only eat green beans (fresh, frozen and canned should be in water and sea salt )Eat eggs (raw is best then pouched, soft boiled, fried sunny side, hard and scrambled never hard boiled). Pineapple is ok and eat potatoes (eat nothing deep fried). Stay away from all salt for a few days except for what is in the food naturally. You will see your kidneys come back on line meaning they will be producing more urine. I suggest you measure your urine. As your urine increases you can increase your water intake. There is a testimonial in Dr Batman's book Water Cures: Drugs Kill on page 158 you need to read. If I were you I would follow this program and see what it would do for you. How much urine do you produce now? What foods and beverages are you doing now?