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Subject: Letter of testimony about my mother
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:18:43 -0500
From: Marilyn ZUPNIK <mzupnik@msn.com>

Hello Bob:

My mother, who is 95, has suffered from bouts of confusion and weakness due to unintentional chronic dehydration for several years now - mostly in the dry winter weather. Drinking water on a schedule has cleared up her symptoms, and has been the only thing that has worked. Her schedule: drink approximately 45 ounces of water a day. Start first thing in the morning with 8 oz., then 4 oz. at breakfast; then sip on water for a total of 20 oz. by the end of lunch, 35 oz. by the end of dinner and the last 10 oz. after dinner, in particular 6 to 8 oz. in the last hour before going to sleep. If my mother is confused and weak, a little unrefined sea salt in her water helps turn her around, otherwise, I just put it on her food. She has also sometimes experienced agitation at night, and sometimes sleepless nights and hallucinations. Drinking water on her schedule - in particular drinking water with a little sea salt in the evening - has cured that. She goes to sleep, and doesn't go too many hours overnight without drinking water. Drugs have not helped, and can be dehydrating. When she first had symptoms of confusion in 2007, she went to the hospital; the IV drip they gave her cleared up the confusion and helped her regain her strength. After three years of having to go to the hospital two or three times each winter, I discovered that if she drank water on a schedule, she could avoid becoming confused and going to the hospital. And drinking water is a much quicker cure for confusion than going to the hospital, which involved five days of IV fluids. I've seen her turn around in a half day by drinking water; sometimes in one or two days. One good indicator of dehydration for my mother is a flushed face. When she is dehydrated, her face gets red; also, her eyelids.

My mother sometimes needs encouragement and help drinking water; sometimes this has meant spoon feeding her the water. Sometimes it is difficult to get her to drink, and 45 oz. is about the maximum she can take - perhaps 48 oz. My mother weighs 120 lbs. A larger person might drink more water; it might take a little experimenting to find out what each person needs. 38-40 oz. a day is the very minimum for my mother to stay healthy. I don't live in the same city as my parents, so I have not had the chance to keep my mother on a schedule consistently. I've been going there every two months. It has been difficult for her to stay on her schedule when I'm not there, but drinking on a schedule has worked every time she has been confused and weak. By observing how my mother responds to the water, I have been able to arrive at a schedule that works for her. In particular, drinking water in the evening has made a big difference. I have also made sure she eats well when I'm there, giving her seven or eight vegetables a day and several different fruits, and no alcohol or caffeine.

I recommend to everyone to remember to drink water! My mother wasn't drinking enough for years, and it finally hit her all at once with her first bout of confusion. Dehydration can affect different people in different ways. This is how it has affected my mother.

I've attached a photo of my mother and me taken on her 95th birthday in September, 2011. I hope this letter will be of help to others who may have a family member with similar symptoms. Water - and unrefined sea salt - have made a tremendous difference for my mother!

Best wishes,

Marilyn - Minneapolis, MN
August, 2012

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You both look great, but neither of you could pass for a 96 year old, not even a 70 yer old. Being she is on days away from 96, I'm calling her 96. We will get these out all over.

Maybe we should call this: Looks like this 96 year old found the fountain of youth. Bob Butts

For over a year after I came down with AFIB I would be feeling great and the next thing about a half hour eating I would get extremely weak in the knees and be unable to work. I searched the Internet and found nothing. I went to alternative medical people who recommended countless things and nothing worked till after a year, Dr. Carol Perfilio, a Scranton, Pa. chiropractor suggested I may be allergic to certain foods so she asked me to bring samples of all that I ate or drink. She then muscle tested me. The muscle testing is explained on the food intolerance page.

When she started this routine with my holding my arm out and resisting her effort to push it down I thought this was crazy, but much to my surprise I became very weak on a number of foods, including cream cheese, poppy seeds, orange juice, organic milk and organic ice cream, cottage cheese, apple cider vinegar, anything with MSG in it and a number of other foods. Now I never had any type off food allergies before until the AFIB. I then found out that the more I stayed away from these food, the less that I had AFIB. The only way I get AFIB now is if I get dehydrated and the only time that happens if I need to get a procedure done and I have to drink no water after midnight. These procedures are all related to a BPH problem that I've had for years. Nothing alternative has worked and these procedures were being done to prepare me for green light laser therapy. As of 3/23/08 it still hasn't been done because our grossly incompetent medical system takes forever to do anything. Of course I know that a green light deficiency isn't causing my BPH, but nothing else worked either and I tried everything I came across.

Meanwhile, our work with DR. Batmanghelidj's water cure is curing about 65 to 75% of all health problems and at no cost and no waiting. The people who realize this the most are nurses and other people in the medical field. Even some doctors are recommending it to their patients, but most doctors believe in all the stuff they learned in medical school that virtually cures nothing, but makes a ton of money.

If you have AFIB and then confirm that you have food intolerances. let me know how this works for you. If you get great results too, then pass it on.

Bob Butts watercure2@comcast.net