Warts Cure
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If you have a nasty wart and have tried all the home remedies available you can consider one more option before you throw in the towel.

Garlic is a well known homeopathic cure for many ailments and warts is one of them. The big secret is to get fresh garlic and use it, however, minced garlic from a jar can work but just will not be as effective as quickly.

To use the fresh garlic you will want to buy at least a head of garlic or go to a wholesale type of store like Sams or Costco and get a full sleeve of garlic heads. These will store in the refrigerator for some time.

The power of garlic comes from the fresh crushed version and the qualities it provides when just cut and crushed.

To use on a wart you will want to get some band aids or gauze with medical tape.

Take a head of garlic and separate these into the cloves. You can store these in the refrigerator. The great thing about the head and cloves is that they are still in their paper skins so separating the head will not make the cloves bad.

Now take just one of the garlic cloves and lay it on a cutting board and with a large knife or metal blade or surface lay the metal piece flat on top of the clove. Take your fist or the heel of your hand and smash down directly on top of the cloves. This will cause the clove to crush and expose the inside of the clove. Take the paper skin off the clove and proceed to chop the smashed clove further with the knife.

After chopping a bit take a meat tenderizer and use the top of it which has a flat metal base to mash the garlic. Now take this mashed garlic and place some on the middle part of your band aid which has the sterilized gauze portion and adhere this onto your wart. Leave this on overnight or during the day if you are not doing anything that the tape under pants would not interfere. You can remove the gauze and tape in the morning and reapply the next evening. After about a week you should see the wart diminish. At about two weeks your wart should be almost totally gone.

If you experience any burning with the garlic only leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and remove. Some people are sensitive or the wart is in a sensitive skin area and caution should be adhered to for sensitive skin. If the area is on a hand or knee the skin is more tough and you may not have a problem leaving the garlic on overnight.

This home remedy for removing a wart has helped many people eliminate the disfiguring spots.