Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

By Jim Bolen, close friend and student of Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, MD

Loss of pigment (depigmentation) in areas of the skin (milk-white patches).  Also known as Leukoderma.  There is an increased association of vitiligo with certain auto immune conditions such as Thyroditis, Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus.  The thyroid over works or it under works.  Diabetes Mellitus is inadequate secretion or improper utilization of insulin.  Diabetes Insipidus is insufficient secretion of an antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin).

Deficient of this antidiuretic hormone will causes the kidney tubules to fail to hold back (reabsorb) needed water and salt.  I asked DR B about this condition and he told me that it was a mainly a lack of amino acids.  By the time a person has this skin problem popup, they have a whole host of problems. The main amino acid that is lacking is tryptophan. There are 20 amino acids and Tryptophan is the King.  We don't get enough of this amino acid in our foods eaten today.

Many people today have another indicator of being very low on amino acids, this is when a person gets brown spots on the back of their hands and starts up their arms.  Year's ago they called this old age spots or liver spots.  They are a sign of being very low on Typtophan. Vitiligo is also a sign of being low on amino acids according to DR B.  Today, almost everyone is lacking amino acids.

We need to eat lots of eggs, beans, cheese 4%,yogurt and nuts. Also green beans and lentils are good for amino acids. I have had people with this condition fully recover in 90 to 120 days.  Most of the body's cells regenerate every 120 days according to DR B.
Even aids is a condition of lacking water, salt and amino acids.

I have had one person with aids, third stage only given 3-4 days to live. She was on oxygen and morphine 24-7. Her weight was 75 lbs, all skin and bones, no energy.  She walked out of that aids hospice in 30 days.
The problem is getting people to stop the commercial crap we are taking every day.  The answer to most health problems is to drink half your weight is ounces of water and a person needs to take1/8 tsp of salt (sea salt, unrefined is best) for every 16 oz of water. Some will need more salt like 1/4 tsp per 16 oz's of water. If a person gets to much salt their eye lids will swell up, get puffy. If this happens just drink plain water without taking any salt.

As for the salt. a person can put it in there water, put it in there mouth and drink the water over the salt or just put the salt in there food. There is a sequence of drinking the water that is very important. The sequence is always drink water and wait 30 minutes before eating food and after eating a person needs to note the time and when two and half hours have passed they need to drink water and do there salt.
This will help complete the digestive process that dehydrates the body in many areas. A person needs to space out the amount of water required for them, half their weight in ounces.  Any time a person is thirsty, he should drink it, even with their meals if they need it.
A person needs to get DR B's books,tapes or CD's and even his DVD's where he is giving a full blown lecture in person.  There is so much to read and so little time today for anything. Stress dehydrates the human body.

All of DR B's books have something different in each one but the main message is water and salt following the sequence of drinking water and waiting 30 minutes before eating food. That is the same thing dog's and cat's do. Watch them.

DR B gets into the AA's (amino acids) in book Your Body's Many Cries for Water page 123- 131 soft cover book. This chapter is on Diabetes mainly. You can find this book at any book store or get it on line thru the web or call DR B's order number 1-800-759-3999 Mon-Fri 900am-1700 eastern time zone USA.

I hope this will shine some light on your skin problems. And yes sun light is very important as well as exercise is.  Everything stated above comes from DR B's books and tapes (ten hours, 8 tapes or on CD).

As always this information does not replace your doctor or taking any medication at this time. This is only educational information to help inform a person of what is going on in their body.
I personally like DR B's book, the ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus.  It has a chapter on salt and foods.

From: "Jean Hale" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 1:27:55 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Watercure Testimonial

Dear Connie and Bob

Just writing to say I started the Watercure on 3/12/2009 following a lumpectomy of a lump in my right breast. It has been confirmed as a low grade invasive carcinoma. Axillary glands, (ten), were negative. The tumour was 13mm in size.

I came home from hospital on 3/12/2009 and by Divine Providence found your website...downloaded the diet and commenced immediately together with the suggested supplements.

I am feeling well, energised and sleeping well.

Last night reading some of the conditions reported to have improved in others I came across mention of the depigmentation of the skin.( Vitiligo) I have had this on both my forearms for several years. Easily observed by others.

Well, I checked them there and then. There are two very small spots still showing the depigmentation. It is clearly on its way back to normal !

Therefore I am concluding that every other cell and function in my body is doing the same thing.

In addition a small growth of my forehead at the hairline is becoming smaller and smaller.

I am confident of a full return to health and am not going to be agreeing with Tamoxifen or radiation treatment if it is suggested on Friday 08/01/09 when I go for a followup check. I am sure my body and its immune system can heal itself as it was designed to do.

Thank you for all the encouragement you are spreading.

All good wishes for this New Year just unfolding.

Kind Regards


Date: 8-31-06

From: Anonymous Jim Bolen Supporter

To: Bob Butts

Hi there. I want to thank you for introducing me to Jim Bolen. I've been on this "diet" for two weeks and I feel soooo much better. My vitiligo spots are beginning to turn ever so slowly darker. I'm sure if I keep it my vitiligo will go away completely. The diet of veggies, fruit, nuts and eggs sure keeps me full and has me feeling lighter and brighter. I thought it would be hard to keep it up but I'm never hungry and I'm not tired like I was before too. Anyway, thanks for being an angel and sending my angel, Jim Bolen to me. I will keep you abreast of all the changes that my body is going through, getting healthier every day!