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Vision Tip:

If you were to drink 250 ml of plain water and then put a little salt (1/2 g) just shake some salt in the palm of your hand and coat the end of your tongue and just leave it there for a couple minutes and check your eye sight it will improve about 10%. It will get brighter, sharper and clearer. When a person puts some salt on their tongue it goes directly into the blood stream and changes the PH of the blood.

Hi Bob!

Great work on watercure. Saw you on the WYOU interview. Have been recommending friends visit the site, read the material, watch the videos, and just stop and think that the whole idea is just plain, common sense. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I've been using the recipe for over a week, now. The first thing I noticed was that, after just the first 24 hours, my usually horrible cuticles had healed. The rough, dry skin on my elbows and knees was now soft and smooth. My eyes and nasal passages were no longer dry. But, for me, the most important improvement was in clearing up the dry, scratchy throat I'd been suffering with for over a week.

The weekend before accidentally stumbling upon Dr. B's book at my local Barnes & Noble while searching for one or more books on throat care, I had just returned from a week in Europe. By the end of Thursday of that week, my throat was burning, and I didn't know why. Any remedy I tried would not last for very long and, while I had been drinking water, I wasn't drinking nearly enough, as I learned later. My apartment is extremely dry, too, which doesn't help matters, but since I've been consuming the right amount of water and salt, I feel much better than I have in quite some time.

So, just wanted to drop you a note to say hello, share an auto parts story, and thank you for your continuing efforts on the late, great Dr. B's work.

Warmest regards...

Mike Harrison

DATE: December 17, 07

Email sent to water cure lecturer and friend to humanity, Jim Bolen thanking him for his help. Recovering from a caffeine ruined life.

Jim I can't thank you enough for giving me the information I have been needing the past several years. As a 45 year old woman with four teen girls and in the peak of menopause (after having a complete hysterectomy) I have had such a lack of energy and so chronically fatigued I could barely stand to do anything. My activity level was almost completely non- existent. I had gained almost sixteen pounds after the surgery and was already overweight prior to that . My self esteem was beyond repair or so I thought. I informed you that I had been taking synthroid for an under active thyroid for years and on top of that I am quite blind without my glasses. A condition I was told, by an ophthalmologist, as soon as you hit 40 your eyes just go. Basically I just thought okay I'm 40 and it's just down hill from now on. Now 45 I had just given up on myself (thrown in the towel) coming to grips that this is how it's going to be.

Surprise! After taking your suggestions my life is so significantly different.

Wow~ I never could have seen myself waking up and cooking breakfast, putting the laundry in, packing the lunches, folding the blankets, making the beds and all before the kids bus came. You see that would have taken at least 2 hours -minus packing the lunches just to wake up and sit and drink my 3-4 cups of coffee before I even got started. Cooking breakfast consisted of pulling yogart out of the frig. (how things have changed).

I thought I needed all the caffine I'd been drinking. Coffee in the morning and Pepsi's the rest of the day just to stay on my feet. Well after listening to what you had to say I thought to myself "This makes perfect sense". Yes I was apprehensive at first but something inside me said after all what did I have to loose. More than anything I was curious and decided to give your suggestions a try. I'm really glad I did.

The results were immediate. I couldn't believe it! To be totally honest I was cheating with the coffee still ...down to just 2 cups in the morning but I felt different. After about 2 weeks I went to one cup and then one day I woke up and started cooking breakfast and putting the lunches together and forgot to make my coffee. It wasn't until the second load of laundry did I even realize it. When I did~ a big smile came over my face, I haven't felt like this in years. From that day on I knew it was only going to get better. I was still concerned about the weight though. I hadn't weighed myself in quite some time and decided I better check to make sure I wasn't gaining. To my surprise I had only gained 2 pounds but I thought my clothes felt loose and heck I feel good enough now that I COULD even exercise. Imagine that.....Exercise.Just the thought of excercising was enough to convince me I absolutely needed to adjust my water consumption for good. More water it's as simple as that.

On top of all this, my vision improved dramatically.

My body was only as good as what I had put into it. Which was basically nothing. How could I have done that to myself?

What matters now is that I know how to help myself over come all the damage I had been doing for so long. I am so grateful to you and your patience with me helping to get me to understand just what I was doing. There is no way I could have done this without your support. Your insights kept me going and you always had answer to all of my questions.

How can I ever say "Thanks for giving me my Life back". I feel like a new woman. Honestly! I'm a true believer in the watercure.

Please stay in touch ~

Juanita Howell, Michigan

Hi Kirstin,

As per our conversation of earlier I just wanted to say that I'm a type 2 diabetic that just had a prescription filled for eyeglasses a few days after having started on the water cure. After wearing them for a few days I brought them back as I found they were made things a bit blurry. After rechecking my eyes the optical staff were quite shocked by the difference in strength it was that my eyes actually needed. They were great about it and a weaker pair of lenses was rush ordered. In any event, I got them back in less than a week but thought they were still a bit blurry. I didn't say anything because I thought maybe my eyes just needed a little time to adjust to them.

After a few days passed I would find myself taking them off periodically while working on the computer as there were times when the blur was just too difficult to work with and that the monitor screen was clearer without them while at other times I needed them to view my monitor properly. Good vision is really important to me because I'm in the business of commercial graphics and photography so my livelihood depends on it. Later on as I was walking past our television one day I stopped to admire it's clarity and how vibrant the colors were when it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn't wearing my glasses! That's when I realized the water cure was taking affect and that was why I had to keep repeatedly taking them off to see my computer monitor with less blur.

As I was now aware of what was happening to me I started to become more attentive to the process and found my eyes changing, sometimes more clear, sometimes less. Sometimes they would become quite blurry and then later return to a clear state. Every time of return to the clear state I found an even greater improvement over the previous one.

I don't know if it's like this for others doing the water cure or how much further progress my eyes will achieve but I can tell you I won't be buying anymore eyeglasses until I find out. I hope others out there with vision, or for that matter, any other ailments, try the water cure. I'm also a recent stroke victim that's been experiencing some remarkable improvement as a result of the water cure in this condition as well. Thank you so much for making this very important material available. The water cure is truly a God send and I thank Him for it every day.

Bright blessings,



Date: Thursday, July 28, 2005

From: Willard Hauze

To: Bob Butts

I am sending you this to let tell how seeing you and Dr. B at Pittston cicic center some 3 years ago. I started drinking 3 quarts of water a day and using real sea salt. Two weeks after I have no floters in my eyes and still am free of them.

Willard Hauze

Date: June 14, 1996

From: Marie Woytowich 

           15 Oak Dr. 

            Wilkes-Barre, PA. 18702

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl 

       Global Health Solutions 

       P.O. Box 3189 

       Falls Church, Virginia 22043

In the fall of 1993, I began to have problems with my vision. I went to Dr. Savage in Kingston, PA and was diagnosed with "floaters". This condition became progressive and I began to become upset. Dr. Savage began looking for different conditions in the body such as lyme disease and other conditions, but they found nothing and my condition got worse. 

In January ,1994, I went to WILLS EYE CLINIC, in Philadelphia. They concluded my problem was caused by ulcerative colitis which I had about 30 years prior and the new diagnosis was UV-itis which is inflammation of the gel of the eyes. My vision was cloudy and blurry, It was like looking through a lace curtain that kept moving, like strings floating in the distance. They prescribed 80 Milligrams of Prednisone, a cortisone derivative. They began adjusting doses and I was on Prednisone for two years. 

As this went on, I became even more upset. They were telling me the worst cases that could be! They thought maybe it was lymphoma because it affects the eyes immediately. Vision was still cloudy and reading was difficult, I had to wear glasses for reading. Emotionally I was drained and it cost me about $1,000. Every time I had a new appointment, I was a wreck. I just kept crying. Originally the prognosis was that if it didn't clear up, it would get progressively worse and even though I wouldn't go blind, I would have a real problem, especially with driving at night. Then, by chance, in December of 1994, I read an article in a newspaper thanking Bob Butts for telling people about Dr. Batman's water cure, that two qts. of water and 1/2 tsp. salt as seasoning on foods and excluding caffeine drinks could cure most diseases. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, it was inflammation, so I hydrated myself. 

About two weeks later, after drinking water steadily, I had an appointment with Dr. Savage. He noticed a remarkable difference. I told him about the water cure, but he brushed it off. He concluded the drugs finally worked. I felt it was the water. He told me to stay on the water and come back in a month. Each month got better! By the fourth month, I was completely off the medication that I had been on for two years. My doctor has been keeping an eye on me for the past six months. For the first time in months, I haven't had to have a monthly visit. In addition to that, I just feel so much better! My skin is hydrated, wrinkles diminished and I rarely get the migraine headaches I used to. As far as I'm concerned, I think water has been a wonderful cure. I tell everyone about the water cure. It certainly can't hurt anyone! And it sure is safer than taking in chemicals through soda, coffee and prescriptions. I just drink water. 

I know another lady with the same problem. She has improved also. I want to check with her to see how she is progressing. I just talked to her on the phone because she had similar symptoms and was upset. She also went to WILLS EYE. She went to the same doctor because she was upset with the doctors here. I told Dr. Jordan in Scranton about my situation, he said it was interesting but that he couldn't believe it was just the water. Whether it was the water and salt completely, I don't know, I was on prednisone, the usual routine and it wasn't doing anything. I have hardly any wrinkles in my skin. It hydrates you. I had tiny wrinkles, little fine wrinkles and they started to disappear. Your whole body, your physiological systems change. Everything changes in your body. Now, if I don't drink the water, by the third or fourth day, my vision gets affected again. This makes me believe that it is indeed the water that keeps my vision clear and I see normally. I don't use too much salt and I don't drink caffeine, just water. I tell a lot of people about Dr. Batman's book, "YOUR BODY'S MANY CRIES FOR WATER."

Date: July 26, 1996

From: Karen Simone 

          RR#3, Box 3033 

          Moscow, Pa. 18444

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl 

       Global Health Solutions 

       P.O. Box 3189 

       Falls Church, Virginia 22043

Thank you so much for the advice you gave my boyfriend Bob a month ago. As you'll recall, Bob had lost his sight because of multiple sclerosis. I was very scared of the situation and that is why we called for your advice. He did what you suggested and included the carrot juice, vitamin B & E along with the Water Cure, and it WORKED! He gained his eye sight back at 20/40. The doctor at the eye institute could not believe that Bob's sight came back. As of this date, 7/12/97, all symptoms of M.S. are still gone. There has not been one recurrence of it during the time he has been on the water cure. He had been originally diagnosed with M.S. in 1989. Thank you for your help!

As of 4/6/99, all symptoms are still gone!