Tremors Cure
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Hand tremors gone thanks to coconut oil.

My hands have developed tremors over the last two years, growing slightly worse and worse over time. It absolutely worked in a short time. While I had been using it for cooking for a few months, I noticed a little improvement in the tremors and was wondering why. I then Googled: Cure tremors with coconut oil and when I upped it to about three tablespoons a day, thanks to reading on where coconut oil could cure them. My tremors are now 100% gone in a few days. Great to know that this site, like is dedicated to helping people get well too and has no financial agenda. Please send your results to Todd Thorne <>
I must add that this has only been a short time, but I never had any results before no matter what I tried.

We buy coconut oil from VitaCost for about half what we could find anywhere else. If you find a better price, let us know.

Bob Butts

Gean from Salina, KS replies:
"A friend has had hand tremors for as long as I have known him, 25 years. *For the last two months he has taken NDF (nanocolloidal detox factor) 6 drops twice a day, and the tremor is hardly noticeable. *This will detox the body of heavy metals. He had mercury in his teeth and had them improperly removed through the years, so the mercury deposited deep in the cells. The NDF will pull it out. If you have mercury in your teeth, you might consider safe removal. If you have had them in the past and had them improperly removed, you need heavy metal detox."