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From Jim Bolen, friend and student of F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. Jim teaches the water cure on his travels over the country. He charges nothing and his only mission is to help people get well at no cost.

Francis, I would not have an angiogram. I wish that you had all of DR B CD"s. His sister was having a stroke at her office and call DR B. One side of her body was numb,vision affected and thought. Anyhow he had someone at her office drive her home about 3 minutes from work, DR B got there in 7 minutes. He gave her a liter of orange juice with 3 grams of sea salt. He then followed with water and salt . He stopped the stroke in its tracks. This whole thing is on one of his tapes/CD's set. He goes thru the whole body explaining how it really works. I'm not going to keep going on and on. Medical doctors don't know the truth at all. Anyhow, I would stop everything you are taking except the pro biotic(4 billion per pill) take one with meals). I suggest that you eat only eggs,beans,cheese 4 % (heavy whipping cream, cream cheese,cheeses any kind but fresh not aged). Eat all the nuts you can. No bread,no spice,no smoothie, no high fiber low fat soy milk. Stop the CO Q 10 for now and the platinum plus amino acids. You need the amino acids with the protein the way we were meant to get them. Dr B talks about this in his books and I asked him about this he said no way. Water and salt is number one on everything. The body has to have water before food. If water is not taken first then the body will pull the water out of the tissue and organs. Where ever it takes it from that will be the so called disease. You must stop coffee,tea,soda,alcohol and chocolate. This is a must. Do you have high energy or low? Your heart burn or acid reflex is a lack of salt. Can you drink orange juice? Do you have any breathing problems? Asthma and so on? If not, I suggest that you take 1/4 tsp (1 1/2 grams) of sea salt and throw it in (put) mouth and follow with a glass of orange juice and repeat with another one with the salt first. You should feel a boost of energy and feel better all the way around in 2-5 minutes. I lecture to medical doctors all the time and I have then take the salt and drink the orange juice and take the liquid chlorophyll. They are thrilled with the results. Most of them say they can't take the acid orange juice because it gives them heart burn. I explain that orange juice is alkaline not acid and that the acid reflex (heart burn) is because they don't have the salt for all the potassium and the value at the bottom of the stomach will not open without the salt so that the body can use the potassium. DR B book ABC of Asthma,Allergies,Lupus page 149 bottom para gaph and top of next page. Anyhow they only do this after I speak to them for about 5 minutes using all the big medical words, some way over their heads. Anyhow they get no heart burn and have a boost of energy and can see without their glasses. They ask me how it did that. IT's not drugs that the body needs but water and salt,green stuff (chlorophyll) found in dark green things that all animals eat in the wild (raw). Anyhow you read what I sent you. I strongly suggest that you go to a book store and get his book Your Body's Many Cries for water. They have this book in almost ever book store. ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus is also a great book. He has many books that all say the same thing. It's not drugs for disease. Back to vitamins and minerals. Please give me a mailing address where I can send you a copy of my sheet. I don't have the time to put it on my computer right now. I just don't have the time to do the family things required like spend time with my loving wife who lets me go around the USA helping people plus dental work and seeing my kids. You must get some of DR B's books and CD's. As soon as you listen to the water and salt CD you will understand what I'm trying to say. I repeat eat nothing but eggs,beans,cheeses 4%,nuts,fruits and vegetables (fresh is best). No bread and no spices at all. With your eggs you can eat potato's any kind eat them with real butter and only cook with real butter or olive oil. I asked about your stool because it should be light yellow or green,float,continuous in length,moist and float. Eat a whole carrot each day or even two. I suggest that you take B-6 100mg twice a day. Morning and evening meal. Zinc 30mg or 50 mg take one with all meals (after eating). Vitamin C 500 mg take with all meals. Take 400 units of vitamin E with 100 mcg of selenium twice a day with food. If you did it with all three meals it would be ok. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU TAKE FLAX SEED OIL. 6-9 grams each day. I suggest that you start with 2 capsules, morning meal,noon and evening. This is most important. Not fish oil. But flax seed oil. I would take kelp (iodine) 150 mcg one pill each day. You need to take a good multi vitamin on top of all of this other stuff. If the bottle says take one each day I suggest that you take two each day and if it says take two each day I suggest you take three. Chlorophyll is very important for the mgATP's and mg GTP's. Liquid is best but capsules will work. take 60 mg capsules morning and evening, all three meals wouldn't hurt. Read the Proper care and feeding of the human body over and over. Good health is very simple. I'm suggesting all of this stuff. And yes I lecture to PHD's in nutrition. And I know what(the crap) they are taught. It all comes from the same place,they are good on vitamins and minerals but that is not what the body runs on. Your energy comes from hydrogen from the water. Lets take CO-Q10 coenzyme-Q10 (CO-Q10,Udiquinone) This antioxidant nutrient is found in every living cell and is essential for providing us with ENERGY necessary to carry out bodily functions effectively. Without it, our cells simply won't work. As we age,levels of coenzyme-Q10 fall, which MAY directly elate to numerous diseases. Poor eating habits,stress, and infection CAN also affect the body's ability to provide to provide adequate amounts. E's antioxidant properties, it has been shown to increase energy, improve the immune system. Additionally, a study funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), which was published in the October 2002 issue of Archives of Neurology, Suggested that Co-Q10 can slow the rate of deterioration in Parkinson's disease. Further studies are needed, but this is very exciting because although levadopa and other drugs can ease symptoms of the disease, none of the current treatments has been shown to slow the course of the disease. The investigators believe C-Q10 works by improving the function of mitochondria, the "powerhouses" that produce energy in cells-especially since earlier studies have shown that the CO-Q10 levels in the mitochondria of Parkinson's disease patients was impaired. An almost immediate boost in energy levels has been reported by any older people whose heart function has degenerated. And angina suffers have said that Co-Q10 was more effective in reducing or eliminating pain than other traditional medications. Satin drugs, taken by millions to control high cholesterol-a significant risk factor for heart disease--deplete the body's stores of Co-Q10. Anyhow I'm showing you that I'm up on Co-Q10. It found in eggs,vegetables and dairy products. It's the water that people use to take the Co-Q10 and other pills and medication that does the good. Water and most people are lacking the salt. That is why they give salt water IV (saline) in the hospital. Bye for now the wife is up. got to go.

Sincerely Yours