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Thank you so much for your testimonials. And we have seen nothing yet because each of us will contribute more and more of ourselves to the well being of each other as we share our latest water cure discoveries. We of the water cure know that nothing gives us more joy than to help make a difference in the life of another and even more joy as we see others doing the same thing.

There is little doubt that as each new testimonial comes in, the results become more and more amazing. That's because the more we try to help each other the better we do and all become. This is what life is all about, trying to make life less difficult for each other to the best of our ability. No amount of money or material assets could ever compare. Truly, being part of the water cure family has literally been like hitting the lottery of life. It makes everone a winner and It gets better everyday as each person gets healthier and happier.

We wish the whole world knew how great it feels and then the last thing we'd be interested in would be to get ahead of each other. Truly, the water cure is a spiritual message from God. It's free, has no side effects and it works.

The neatest thing of it is that it matters not what anyone's beliefs are because we are successful to the degree we are inspired to serve each other. We don't need any laws, money, budgets, chiefs or punishments to motivate us. Every thing we do for each other is strictly because we love doing it.

We thank each and every subscriber and story contributor for wanting to share part of your life with all who come to his site. You will never know how many people will be helped because you cared enough to send it.

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