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The following is from the research of F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. on the water cure. By Jim Bolen, his friend and student.

Subject: mental disorders
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:22:47 EDT

Chronic fatigue,depression,schizophrenia and bipolar,etc. these mental disorders are now known as "disperceptions". they, too, are metabolic disorders and will respond to correction of the imbalance caused by prolonged dehydration. The use of stigmatized names for irregular brain functions, produced by chemical imbalance, will eventually be discontinued. for more explanation, listen to tape # 5. Doctor Batmanghelidj talks about the brain and what causes mental disorders and he also talks about the research of a medical doctor and ph.D. His name is Carl C. Pfeiffer. His book is Nutrition and Mental Illness ISBN 0-89281-226-5. This tape or CD #5 is something that everyone should listen to as well as Dr B's tape/CD # 3. Anyhow # 5 explains what causes mental disorders and how one can correct them. Dr C Pfeiffer went thru 23,000 mental patients and discovered that it was caused from a lack of brain chemicals. This brain chemicals are amino acids and minerals, plus water and salt balance. I strongly suggest that a person get Dr B's book on Obesity,Cancer, Depression. Another very good book is ABC of Asthma,Allergies, and Lupus. When the body is dehydrated (low on water and salt) it has to use up amino acids to keep the body running. This also throws the body out of balance in the brain and in many important organs. Please read these books and get Dr B's 8 tapes or CD's called Water: R/X for a Healthier Pain-Free Life you can call toll free 1-800-759-3999.