Highly Recommended Websites

Lindy Morelli (spiritual counselor/guide Natural Health Practitioner) is available to help anyone who wants to experience deep healing and harmony within themselves, within their body, mind, and spirit, and is available to help those suffering from depression, anxiety, back problems, stress, and digestive problems just to name a few of the ways in which she can help, etc. She helps people through the use of energy balancing techniques (e.g. soma energy techniques with tuning forks) and through the utilization of flower essences and spiritual guidance etc. For anyone who wants to deepen their relationship to God, she is available to walk with people on their spiritual journeys as a guide/companion.

www.healingzone.vpweb.com "Naturopathy, massage, acupuncture, colonics and more.  We put the care in healthcare!"

Information on autoimmune diseases; training doctors around the world and supporters of the water cure. http://www.cidpusa.org 

Virtual Therapy For The Soul, A Masterpiece!


A Tribute To The Water Cure

EarthClinic.Com Great health information for pets and people... from people that don't sell anything.

Two sites with the treasure of life saving, no cost health information. Crusador and News Target.

Sam Biser http://www.sambiser.com The updated, expanded health masterpiece "Curing with Cayenne: unreported and unknown facts" direct from Author Sam Biser.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every emotional and physical issue you can name and it often works where nothing else will.

Lorraine Day A Great Spiritual & Physical Health & Healing program

Cure Zone Click on foods at the top of their home page and learn the top foods that are the most life essential. We suggest you visit the CureZone Forums so they can communicate with others who have the same problems. For more incredible free health information on this site, search on (health problem name) for a free natural solution. 

Priceless Health Information at Six Wise.

Learn how to 'Flood Your Body With Oxygen' at OxygenHealth.com

CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) www.cchr.org Ė Renowned for its long-standing work aimed at preventing the inappropriate labeling and psychotropic drugging of children.

The Michael Journal (www.michaeljournal.org) A humane economic solution to eradicating poverty and enriching the world.

Water Is A Reflection Of Your Heart And Soul  This is a must read!

ODAK Corporation's Drinking Water Filters effectively reduce substances by their standards including particulate matter, chlorine, certain pesticides, cysts (including cryptosporidium and giardia), lead, trihalomethanes (THMís), turbidity, and VOCís (41 chemicals and pesticides). ODAK filters do not remove any of the healthy trace minerals your body needs.

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