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Dog asthma.  Watch how fast it goes when you put sea salt on your finger & put it in your dog's mouth.  Sprinkle some on food & on water.  Once the asthma is gone just sprinkle some on food. 

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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 11:58:29 -0400
Subject: Re: Bob Butts advice needed desperately

Sea salt is #1. Google pet diseases cured with sea salt. How often do vets cure anything?
Google Pet Health, the shocking truth, the disgusting lies exposed. By Richard Chille. Great info. I can't tell you about his supplements. All I know is that sea salt is best & drugs kill.

On 9/24/2014 11:49 AM, Brutus Stark wrote: Attention: Bob Butts

I'm sorry it took so long but here it is! This is the article I put together for Brutus. I hope you can use it but please let me know if I need to change it in any way. I would like to send it out to everyone I can think of but I would appreciate your approval first. If acceptable, I will dedicate it to Brutus and your beloved wife.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for helping me save Brutus from the horrors of osteosarcoma. I only hope I can help you spread the word with this article.

God bless!
Shirley Stark

To Whom It May Concern,

I am not a vet or a breeder and I am not affiliated with any of the websites mentioned in this article. I have a story that needs to be shared with as many pet lovers as possible. I'm hoping you will take a few minutes of your time to read my message and appreciate the urgency to get it distributed.

Dedication: This article is dedicated to Brutus, of course, and Connie Butts , the beloved wife of Mr. Bob Butts, who I can never thank enough for the sea salt advice and whose story can be read at

Brutus's Story

Brutus was born on April 6th, 2001. We met him on May 9th after finding an ad in the paper for Rottweiller/Pitbull puppies. He was only five weeks old, covered in fleas, the runt of the litter, the only boy left and we saw his two bigger sisters push him away from the food. Brutus sat down, turned to look at us and winked. That moment changed my life forever. I grew up around dogs but, as an adult, I never felt that I could fit another responsibility into my life. After our house was broken into, I thought it might be a good idea to watch for a suitable dog that could be our pet and protect us. I had no idea that I was about to experience the most incredible relationship of my life.

I know everybody's pets become their best friends, but Brutus was so special that everyone who ever met him breaks into a smile at the mention of his name. He had a never-give-up attitude which could be annoying but also had to be admired. He was not a mushy guy. If you tried to snuggle him, he would get up and move. However, he always wanted to be able to see me. I was basically stared at for twelve and a half years! I could go on forever about how special he was but, unfortunately, this article has been composed in order to share some critically important information that I was forced to learn during my unforgettable journey with Brutus.

Brutus had a perfect life for twelve years. He was never hungry, cold, sick or injured and the only time he saw the vet was for his annual shots. He always enjoyed his walks, the bigger, the better and Brutus didn't walk, he trotted. Brutus celebrated his twelfth birthday on April 6th, 2013. Shortly after his birthday, I noticed he would occasionally limp with his right arm after some of our bigger walks. I gave him aspirin, which worked, but when the limp became more frequent, we made a vet appointment for May 24th. I know it sounds unbelievable, but Brutus could understand everything people said. He wasn't limping that day but when we were trying to explain Brutus's limp to the vet, all of a sudden he stood up and walked across the floor, showing her his limp! The vet felt it was arthritis but was concerned it could be bone cancer. She recommended an x-ray and wanted to clear his body of aspirin so he could safely take Rimadyl for his arthritis. She prescribed Tramadol, a member of the morphine family, to take instead of aspirin for pain, as needed, over a period of ten days. Because Brutus had always been so healthy, I decided we would try the script before committing to something as traumatic as I felt an x-ray might be. Between May 24th and May 27th, Brutus's limp became worse and the Tramadol wasn't working for him at all. On May 28th, I went back to the vet to inquire about supplements that had been mentioned previously. At that time, I was persuaded to bring Brutus in for an x-ray the next day. I needn't have worried about an x-ray being traumatic for Brutus. He was so smart and so good, all they had to do was tell him where to put his arm and he did! No trauma at all! Unfortunately, the x-ray showed osteosarcoma, bone cancer, had left almost no bone in the smaller bone of his right arm and it had already spread to his elbow which had "nasty arthritis".

Brutus smiling on a sunny day.I couldn't believe what I was being told and I tried to think of important questions. I asked what was going to happen to Brutus. The vet told me it wouldn't be cancer taking over his body that would kill him, it would be the pain. verified that the pain from osteosarcoma is so intense that the only way to stop it is amputation or euthanasia. Because of Brutus's age and arthritis, amputation was not an option so there would come a time that he would be in so much pain that I would have to make the decision to kill him in order to stop it. I can't imagine being told anything worse than this. Brutus had been pain free for twelve years. The thought of him experiencing pain was devastating, let alone pain so bad that death would be the best option. I asked how long he had and was told "maybe two months". Maybe two months! That's only eight weeks! That's not enough time!

I've been very fortunate in my life, in that I've never had to know about cancer first hand. I started hounding the vet for any information that could help Brutus. He was prescribed Rimadyl and a special order was placed for a product called Oncosupport. By Friday May 31st, I believed we had the best tools available for Brutus. However, by Sunday, June 2nd, Brutus started leaking urine. This turned out to be a side effect of Rimadyl, the only thing that was stopping his limp. This was a horrible predicament! Brutus was pristine. He smelled like Chanel #5 most of the time so leaking urine was extremely unsettling for him.

I had decided to book an appointment with a specialist, hoping I could learn as much as she could teach me in one hour. One of our initial fears concerned Brutus breaking his arm. With so little bone left, it would be easy to break and cancerous bones don't heal so a break would result in immediate euthanasia. I felt a specialist would know state of the art methods of protecting Brutus's fragile arm and better options than Rimadyl. Before this appointment took place, my sister's friend had been urging me to call her about Brutus so, on Monday, June 3rd, I called her. She had been practicing holistic methods on her cat, herself and her friends and wanted to suggest a regimen for Brutus. At this point, I had already lost five nights of sleep due to researching everything I could find on the computer, while crying my eyes out, and I was overwhelmed and desperate. She had already made sense of the vast amounts of natural remedies I had found on so I was willing to do anything she told me. I cancelled the specialist's appointment but I had been given a copy of Brutus's x-ray to take to her and I spent a long time just staring at it, in tears, praying as hard as I could.

Brutus giving up.Brutus, who had thrived for twelve years on Pedigree dry and canned dog food, Timbits, pizza, etc., was immediately put on a raw meat diet with sixteen supplements mixed in with it. He was also given apple cider vinegar and Flaxseed oil with organic cottage cheese. Brutus was always a bit of a diva when it came to food. He wouldn't take fries from you if he knew you still had a burger. He wouldn't eat crumbs if they were smaller than the size of a dime. Needless to say, I was shaking when I first offered him raw meat and I was shocked when he actually ate it. He was a real trooper with this regimen and during this time, Brutus didn't limp or leak. Unfortunately, Brutus would eventually require more and more meat to mask the supplements and it became too much for him. We had to downsize his supplements but he had lost his appetite and his arm was hurting him again.

We had replaced the prescriptions for pain with Traumeel pills, Traumeel ointment, Arnica Montana and MSM but, eventually, nothing was touching the pain in his arm. Out of desperation, I gave him Pedigree canned food and Rimadyl. He ate it and it worked! Unfortunately, the leaking started again. I woke up one morning to find Brutus soaked in urine from his nose to his tail and a look of absolute horror on his face. I couldn't bear to see Brutus suffering so much and I just couldn't seem to get the juggling act right between leaking and limping. By Friday, July 12th, the worst case scenario was happening. Brutus, the guy who never, ever gave up, was giving up. He wouldn't come up the stairs. His little arm was three times its normal size and you could feel heat coming off of it from three inches away. He couldn't touch his paw to the ground and he gave up eating altogether. It had been six weeks since Brutus's diagnosis and I was still frantically searching for any alternatives but it seemed that time had run out for us and I would have to make the final call to the vet on Monday, July 15th. I had been trying to find a combination of supplements in one pill when I came across a link in that I hadn't checked out yet. It was and it recommended sea salt. On Friday night, I put 1/4 tsp. of pink Himalayan sea salt in Brutus's water. He seemed to like it. I put another 1/4 tsp. in his water Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, the swelling in Brutus's arm was almost gone and he walked up the stairs and he never limped again! It was nothing short of a miracle! Unfortunately, out of desperation, I had given Brutus Rimadyl on and off right up until July 8th. This last dose proved to be the one that caused Brutus permanent damage and he leaked consistently after that. We just did a lot of extra laundry and did our best to keep him clean and dry. Nothing could take away from the miracle of going for a walk on July 20th when he hadn't been able to since June 22nd. I only wish I'd known about sea salt before I had tried everything else. What a waste of precious time! This is why I have forced myself to write this article. I know there are thousands of dogs that are experiencing pain and their owners are helplessly grasping at straws to try and help their beloved pets. It's tormenting me to know there is such a simple, safe solution but it's so hard to know how to make people aware of it. Sea salt is not FDA approved so you won't get any information about this amazing cure from vets. Some people are saying that the FDA is aware of the benefits of sea salt but they won't approve it because it will have a negative effect on the income of the big pharmaceuticals.

Brutus leading the way on Thanksgiving day.I wish this was the end of Brutus's story but, unfortunately, it's not. Brutus would have died on July 15th, exactly the horrific way that the vets and had predicted. Instead, because of sea salt, Brutus never limped again and enjoyed daily walks until October 14th. After July 15th, I kept Brutus on a pure diet. I took everything I had learned about cancer and made sure that he never ate anything that would feed this disease again. I continued giving him 1/2 tsp. of sea salt a day and his meals consisted of cooked eggs, steak, hamburger, stewing beef, chicken and turkey. Brutus weighed 105 lbs. his entire life but, throughout his illness, had trimmed down considerably. He loved his treats and we had to eliminate everything that he used to enjoy including Dentastix, Dingos, Beggin Strips, Snausages, etc. Once he was thriving on sea salt and a pure diet, I thought it would be nice for him if I could find some chewy, healthy treats to add to his bland diet. I went to all the pet food stores and grocery stores, spending hours reading ingredients until I found the purest treats available. Most boasted one ingredient. I found duck and sweet potato jerky, chicken breast jerky, beef liver, freeze dried chicken, sweet potato jerky and healthy versions of dentastix. Brutus loved it! Brutus was eating three meals plus eight to ten treats daily. It was heaven!

Then Brutus got sick September 15th. Everything that he had eaten from 11:30 am came back up at 9:30 pm. The next day, he had an extremely rough bowel movement and there was blood in his urine. I sent a urine sample to the vet and, amazingly, the only thing that showed up was a little bacteria which could be treated with Orbax, an antibiotic. The vet had asked what I had been feeding him and when I mentioned his jerky treats, she asked me where they were made. I grabbed one of the bags and, in very small print, saw they were made in China. The vet told me to stop feeding them to Brutus because the FDA knew there was a problem with these treats but they were not pulled from the shelves because they couldn't determine what was wrong with them. It took seventy-one hours after Brutus threw up before he would eat again, which resulted in massive weight loss. My never-give-up guy finally started eating with 100g of Caesar's mushy food. At this point we were feeding him anything he wanted except the treats made in China.

His body was in a weakened state but he was still enjoying his walks right up until Monday, October 14th, which was our Thanksgiving Day. Brutus, his boy, his girl and I all joined him on his Thanksgiving Day walk, not knowing that this would be his last one. On Wednesday, October 16th, I went to let Brutus out to pee and he had an accident on our landing. He made it to our back door but instead of going up the six stairs to the sunroom, he laid down, exhausted. I brought him his breakfast and that's where the kids found us when they woke up. The next two days were two of the saddest days of my life. I was losing Brutus.

I searched for a vet that would make a house call just to see if there were any options that I might not be aware of. A doctor came out Thursday night and would have euthanised him at home the next day. We decided that we couldn't bear to turn Brutus over to complete strangers knowing that we would never see him again. On Friday morning, October 18th, I begged Brutus's vet to please make a house call but it was out of the question. We agreed to bring Brutus to her that afternoon. We carried Brutus on his big, comfy bed right into the doctor's room. Brutus had his final leak on the way in and he was so upset about it. He pushed himself up using both arms, kind of pivoted to the left, laid down against the wall and closed his eyes. With or without the needle, Brutus was done. He was snuggled up under his favourite blanket with his head on his favourite pillow. He lifted his head one more time and as soon as my hand was under his chin, he put his head down. His boy was scratching his ears, as only his boy could do and his girl had him in a full body hug.

The vet had asked us what arrangements we had chosen for Brutus. We wanted a pink urn and a pink paw print. His blanket and his pillow were pink and we explained this was his favourite colour. She asked us how we could know that so we told her how Brutus would always steal our pink things. We also told her that Brutus's favourite song was the "Happy Birthday" song. We would sing that song for all occasions just to see him get excited. For example; "Happy Valentine's Day to you...", etc. We would even sing it for no reason whatsoever! He would sing along so everyone we knew would receive singing birthday messages from Brutus on their birthdays. We figured that song always meant something wonderful was about to happen. One of the last things my precious Brutus heard was his girl and me singing Happy Birthday to him...

It's embarassing and it hurts so much to write this article but, I need to share Brutus's story in the hopes that maybe some suffering can be spared for others. What happened to Brutus and what can we all learn from my research and mistakes?

One of the first things I learned on this journey was the fact that 50% more large breed, adult, male dogs will get osteosarcoma if they are neutered at an early age. I was convinced that a responsible pet owner is supposed to spay or neuter their pets so Brutus was neutered at an early age. Most of us believe this is the right thing to do and I understand the reasons for this mentality. However, hormones are essential to healthy growth and development. Through my research, I discovered that hormones directly affect the development of bone marrow, which is where osteosarcoma starts to grow. At this point, I believe my first mistake was having Brutus neutered at all! Is there really a time in your pet's life that is appropriate to strip them of their hormones? If it's so important to have our pets spayed and neutered, why aren't hormone therapies initiated after surgery? This would certainly boost the big pharmaceutical's income!

I also, of course, had to seek out information about Rimadyl. Rimadyl is an NSAID which means it's a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug. I found out that Rimadyl is actually a hormone that makes our pets feel better by blocking pain receptors. Unfortunately, it only masks the problem and its side effects are lethal. Continued use of this drug will result in kidney and/or liver failure. It is FDA approved. When Brutus started leaking urine, I spent a lot of time trying to find an alternative way to control his pain. Our vet requested suggestions from the pharmaceutical companies and the only response she received was to try Medacam, also FDA approved, which is even more deadly than Rimadyl. The holistic remedies helped in the beginning but when the complete regimen became too much for Brutus and we concentrated only on pain and inflammation relief, it didn't touch his pain. Poor Brutus endured extreme pain for six weeks and extreme urinary leaking when all he needed was a little sea salt. Sea salt is safe and it relieved the pain of "nasty arthritis" and osteosarcoma almost immediately. If I had only known sooner... This would be my second mistake.

We said our final good-byes to Brutus on October 18, 2013. To my horror, a news flash three days later stated that, in the U.S., six hundred dogs had been reported dead from the effects of eating jerky treats made in China. I couldn't bear to look into this right away but, after several months, I went to to view the report. I was disgusted to read that the FDA has been aware of this problem since 2007! Further reading was even more infuriating. They state that in May 2014, since their announcement in October 2013, the numbers of reported incidents had dropped to 1800 and they feel this is a direct result from some of the products being pulled from the shelves in January 2014. With standards like this, all pet owners are basically playing Russian Roulette with their beloved pets every time they buy them a treat. It's unbelievable that it took six years for the FDA to make a public announcement acknowledging that jerky treats made in China were killing our pets. It's irresponsible that their response was to only pull some of the products. It's unforgivable that 1800 people were still able to buy these deadly treats and 1800 more pets became ill. I viewed some of the reports filed under the years 2009 and 2010. People were begging the FDA to pull these products years before I was buying them for Brutus! It was a true testament of Brutus's strength when I read how some dogs were affected by these treats immediately. Brutus started eating a variety of these treats 3-4 times daily, from July 29th right up to September 15th, when he became sick to his stomach. I saw him beat arthritis and I saw him beat osteosarcoma, so I'm having a really hard time accepting the fact that the FDA allowed me to buy treats for Brutus that were known to be lethal. My mistake number three.

I'll never know for sure what killed Brutus. I believe I shouldn't have had him neutered. This may have prevented the osteosarcoma. However, I don't believe it was cancer that killed him because on May 29th it had already spread to his elbow. If the cancer had been spreading for the next five months, he wouldn't have had any bone left in his elbow and he would not have been able to go for a limp free, Thanksgiving Day walk. I know that sea salt saved Brutus from a horribly painful death. After everything I've learned, I truly believe it was the jerky treats, that I carefully picked out, that killed my best friend.

The following facts, that took me months to figure out, need to become common knowledge: 1. If you're considering having your pet spayed or neutered, you must address the reality that your pet will be stripped of hormones necessary to its' well being. 2. Do not believe that you can walk into a pet store and determine a safe food for your pet by reading the list of ingredients. The FDA states that they are allowing treats to be sold that they know will kill your pet. 3. Give your pets sea salt. For recipes and testimonials, go to Healthy or sick, all living creatures need sea salt.

I miss Brutus every day. No matter where I was, for twelve and a half years, I would always say, "I can't wait to get home to Brutus". Whenever we needed to "go to a happy place", all we had to do was think of Brutus and everything felt better. Now "my happy place" always brings me to tears. Life, for me, will never be the same. Please take what I've learned and make informed decisions that will allow you to have the most quality time possible with your beloved pets.

The following is a list of things I gave Brutus that did not work as fast or as safely as sea salt:

Prescriptions from the vet; Tramadol Rimadyl Oncosupport; ingredients include L-Glutamine, Kelp Powder, Lecithin Granules, Nutritional Yeast, Bio-Agaricus, L-Arginine, Green Tea Extract, Spirulina, Sodium Ascorbate, Larch Arabinogalactan, Silymarin, Del-Immune V, Zinc, Vitamin A, VitaminE, Vitamin D, Selenium. Glucosamine with Chondroitin was suggested

Holistic supplements; Apple Cider Vinegar Flax Oil with Cottage Cheese Traumeel Pills Traumeel Ointment Reishi Mushrooms Apricot Seeds Coconut Oil Tumeric Essiac Tea Probiotic Astragalus Vitamin C Vitamin D L-Lysine Andrographis MSM Milkthistle Enzymes Alphalpha Dandelion Lecithin Calcium Carbonate Pumpkin Zeel Oat Bran Arnica Montana Tea Tree Ointment

From Online; Zeolite with ESME I never gave Brutus the required dose so I can't report results for this product. From the local health food store; Himalayan pink sea salt

Before I found and tried sea salt, I visited hundreds of websites on my mission to help Brutus. I can't remember them all but the following is a sample of the sites I found useful:

Websites mentioned in article;

Websites saved in "My Favourites";

I also "googled" all of the prescriptions, ingredients and supplements listed above. This was all very time consuming and confusing. If only I had found sea salt first, I could have spent this precious time with Brutus.

I have attached three pictures of Brutus.

The first one shows Brutus smiling on a sunny day.

The second picture was taken Friday, July 12th, when Brutus was giving up. He wouldn't come upstairs from our landing so we took his bed down to him. I started giving him sea salt that night and on Sunday, he walked up the stairs and never limped again.

The third picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day, Monday, Oct.14th. As you can see, Brutus was not only walking, he was leading the way!

All living creatures need sea salt. I'm glad you found out how powerful sea salt is. Please tell everyone you can because the powers that be do all they can to silence the truth. A A South Korea n TV Network sent a crew here to Moosic, Pa. to shoot a documentary on the water cure because of the great results we are getting with it. The movie was aired there in October. USA still ignores it. Now a government official from South Korea is coming here to learn more.

Apple Cider Vinegar for animals (more great pet health info on & & Google pet ills cured with sea salt)

Has your dog been scratching itself obsessively, losing hair, trying to clean itself, developing an odor, or become picky over food? An application of apple cider vinegar (ACV) can help your poor pooch. A bit of apple cider vinegar in your pet's food is a great way to maintain the acid/alkaline balance of your dog's body; and it also helps with digestive health, allergies (watery eyes, runny nose, wet coughs), and even parasites such as fleas, ringworm, ticks, fungus, and bacteria.

Taken orally or sprayed on topically, apple cider vinegar is great for skin conditions in dogs. For hot spots, thinning hair, pimples, or even ear infections, try out an ACV/water spray. ACV is also useful for after grooming sessions; applying a few drops to the ears can help prevent ear infections, and applying to your dog's skin after a washing on a weekly basis can help prevent reinfestation by fleas or ticks.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas, Dog Allergies, and Wellness
Every home with dogs should have apple cider vinegar. It's a remedy with multiple uses for dogs: repelling fleas, alleviating allergies, arthritis, establishing correct pH balance. You can also give apple cider vinegar to cats and horses.

Dosage and Instructions: Start with a one-teaspoon dose mixed into your dog's food twice a day for a 50 lb dog (adjust accordingly by weight) and if necessary increase up to about 1 tablespoon twice a day for the same size dog. For skin application, you can spray on or rub apple cider in directly, or for sore or open wounds mix the ACV with equal parts water before application to the dog's skin. In the case of pests or parasites, bathe your dog and then apply a 50:50 mix of apple cider vinegar and water. Allow this to air dry on your pet to kill off fleas, ticks, ringworm, etc. and to prevent future infestations and/or infection. You can also spray your dog with apple cider vinegar before going out for a walk, in order to repel fleas and ticks naturally

Pet Testimonials (Because our nation is near terminally dead ethically, as proven by massive political corruption at all levels, few vets, if any, will tell pet owners about this free solution to many pet health problems.) Please spread the word once you verify this is true.

11-25-12 A Groomer testimonial on how sea salt dramatically improves pet health and pet owners can do the same thing.

As a groomer we see a lot of different types of dogs, cats and small animals, some of these animals are special needs, among the various types of needs we tend to our are large breed customers are one of the most common and easily helped, just with an hour or two of careful grooming an sea salt.

Large breed dogs like mastiffs, shepherds, and huskies etc. are known to develop arthritis, and hip dysplasia. This can cause the animal to suffer quite a bit, sadly medicine vets offer still isn’t as good as what Bob Butts has taught us to do for our customers, new or old, big or small.

One in particular is an older large breed dog that when she comes to us to be groomed almost falls down as she tries to walk in, often we carry her in and set her up a nice warm bath, with 1 1/2 cups of sea salt in the water and let her lie in it for about an hour, within 30 minutes she is much more alert and more relaxed, you can feel the tension in her muscles is gone and the best part is you can tell it doesn’t hurt as bad, her breathing is more even and deeper unlike when she first came in and was panting, her legs trembling.

After she is cleaned up and dried she moves more fluidly. We have got a call from the owner and they said she actually walks around the house for 2 days after, where as normally she is tired and sluggish and will not get up.

We also groom a small poodle that in his old age has a strange odor to him, the owner buys him the best products, the most all natural and organic, ect. None of them take away the smell like the sea salt bath, not only is the odor gone longer, but his muscles and mood improves during his bath.

We gladly bath our dogs with the sea salt bath every time we groom with no extra charge, seeing the results is always wonderful, it often improves the look and feel of the dogs hair as well as seems to calm even some of the most nervous of our customers, and that’s what we want, for our customers and there owners to be happy and comfortable.

We offer free pet salt at Rags to wags and encourage people to try it on their pets and watch the permanent effects it has on their beloved furry family, grooming them with the salt helps but keeping salt in their diet will do even more amazing things.

Sincerely Rags To Wags

Subject: Letter of testimony about our dog Sophie
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:19:12 -0500
From: Marilyn ZUPNIK <>
To: <>

Hello Bob:

Our Standard Schnauzer Sophie, who is 11 years old, had a bad seizure in February, 2012. After taking her to the vet, where they administered something to calm her down and put her to sleep, we took her to the emergency vet. They gave her sedatives to keep her from trembling. The doctors were not optimistic about a recovery. When we came to visit her, I brought some unrefined sea salt and put it in her water. She stabilized after five days and we were able to bring her home. Her back legs weren't working and she could hardly stand, and we had to carry her outside. We put a sling under her to hold her up when she tried to walk. I started offering her three bowls of water with different strengths of sea salt: 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 half teaspoon and 3/4 teaspoon per 32 oz. of water. She chose the 1/4 solution. Every day she improved; she started walking on her own, and her personality came back. When we took her back for check-ups, the doctors were pleasantly surprised to see her doing so well! I'm sure the water and sea salt made a difference. She is back to being her usual self, going for walks, playing with her toys, and bugging me for treats!

I have enclosed a recent photo of her.

Best wishes,

Marilyn - Minneapolis, MN
August, 2012

Inspiring. Thanks for your great effort. Your story will help many pets. Bob Butts


Pets cured naturally of arthritis, back problems, hip displaysia, cancer, diabetes & more with sea salt! Send your testimonials.

Natural sea salt is beneficial to our pets too! Why do you think farmers provide salt licks for their cows? Why do you think un honorable hunters bait deer with salt licks?

Animals crave salt, it is essential to their survival and well being. Why do you think ol' fido is so lick happy? He's stealing the salt from your skin. Help your pet today, add a small amount of sea salt to their diet.


This is a water cure testimonial that was posted on where many other water cure testimonials are posted. They sell nothing & I also recommend which does likewise. It is obvious that these people really care about people and have no financial agenda. Thank God for people like them. If we cared as much, our nation and the world would have few problems.
Bob Butts


11/19/2009: Cindy from Kansas, Us writes:
"Hello again! I've been noticing something lately, regarding minerals in general and salt in particular. I read in the June 2, 2009 newsletter on the website about a woman who emailed a story from when she was a girl. She wrote of problems they had with cattle in. Apparently, the cattle became very sick. The woman writes, "The cow's developed large ankles and were dying from water retention due to heart problems.".

Investigation showed that the only thing that had changed was the salt licks they had put out for the cattle. The new licks were made with processed salt. they returned to the natural salt licks and the problems went away.

I have long felt that taking substances out of their natural context and using them as medicine is very dangerous. In their natural state, as with herbs, specific natural remedies are used for specific problems and parts of the body. Many herbs contain the same or similar substances but react on different parts of the body. As if the herbs contain the proper balance of nutrients with which to tell the body where to apply the herbs properties, in what combinations, how much to use and how to get rid of excess nutrients and resulting toxins.

I also suspect that the combination of elements in their natural state allow the body to get more benefit from very small amounts of nutrients than we can get by taking supplements in large amounts that have been taken out of their natural context.

I've written several times about the watercure and am now wondering if it is the unprocessed sea salt that is working all of the miracles. Granted, we need water, but using unprocessed sea salt after years of bad salt followed by no salt - as directed by physicians when symptoms such as those shown by the cattle present - can and often has worked miracles, often instantaneously.

Subject: 12 yr old chi
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 01:28:26 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
From: Ken in Henderson, Nevada
To: <>

Our 12 year old Chihuahua Pauncho developed arthritis in her front right leg. She limped around and could not jump in or out of our bed. It was very bad when she woke up.

We put Celtic Sea Salt in her water and in 3 days she stopped limping. In a week she started jumping up
into bed. We now walk 1 - 2 miles almost every day.
Also, I take the salt and my blood pressure and cholesterol is now normal with no meds.

Please post this so others will see what CelticSea Salt will do.
Thanks so much.

Henderson, Nv.


Pet cat Diabetes recovery in days: A lady called me to tell me how her diabetic cat got rid of its diabetes. It had hid from her each time when she tried to give it an insulin shot. So she went to our water cure pet testimonials page on and read how pets were getting rid of other problems with salt. She then started to give it about three times the salt as suggested, but she noted it was a good idea to give the animal two or three water and food dishes with different amounts. within two days it started to get better and the diabetes disappeared in a few more days.
It seems that the excess salt given to people in saline IV's (six times the amount as suggested by the water cure) has great merit. As you can see, it is vital that your pets have choices in the amount of salt in their food and water.

Pet dog Cancer recovery: Pet Cancer recovery: The dog of Harriet and Glenn Kipps who previously got well from a bad back using sea salt came down with cancer. Her vet wanted to give it drugs. Instead, they did the same thing the lady with the diabetic cat did and within a few days the cancer was gone and it was running around like its old self. Please email me at watercure2@comcast. net with your testimonials. Maybe people will realize that this also works on people.

Of course farm animals get salt licks so they can eat all the salt they need. Dogs and cats do not have the same benefit because they are not given salt licks.
I increased my own sea salt intake to that of a saline IV & it changed my life. I got rid of most of my AFIB almost instantly. Bob Butts

God Spelled Backwards Is Dog: Heavenly Canine Companions - Beyond Blue 

My name is Janet Thorne, and our 13 yr old dog, Meeka suffered with arthritis for several months and it was growing progressively worse. It was so hard to watch her lying on the carpet in pain. We had to do something to help her. Being that my husband has had great success with the watercure, that took him out of a wheelchair, due to a chronic pain disease which was the result of a work injury. And knowing our dog only drank water, then all I should have to do was to put sea salt in her water and on her food.

Sure enough, within 48 hours all traces of the arthritis symptoms were gone and she has been symptom free ever since. We first gave her sea salt in her water 11 months ago(Jan. 2010). It’s wonderful to see her energetic, playful and enjoying her walks again.

On 2/27/2011 6:33 AM, Pam Birchall wrote:

G'day Bob
Recently my dog Johnny was diagnosed with a tumour on his spleen. I was devastated to say the least and after 10 days of crying I rang a friend to ask what I should do because at 12 years I didn't want to subject him to a big operation. She had read your book and introduced me to the "magic" cure of salt. That evening I gave him two bowls of milk with salt and one the next morning. Later that day you could already see an improvement in him. He had more energy and didn't appear so bloated around his middle. I continued the salt treatment for 3 days then reduced it to just being in his water. After just 2 weeks he has put on weight and is back to being my beautiful companion again. I don't know if he will get back to having the hour long walks like we used to, but at least we are able to go for walks again and he is happy with no signs of pain. Could it be the tumour has gone - who knows, but as long as I have my dog back again I really don't care. A huge thankyou - I have told anyone who will listen about the salt cure - not just for their pets but for themselves.

From: Robert Butts
To: Pam Birchall
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 2:18 AM
Subject: Re: My dog Johnny

That's wonderful. Please do all you can to spread the word around. Because we love money more than people or animals, I have never had one vet who would say anything about this. But if enough people will care like yourself, we can touch enough hearts to do the right thing. Can you write a more detailed and emotional testimonial so it touches people as deeply as possible.

By the way, it was Dr. Batmanghelidj that wrote the book although I put the info together on curing pets. I figured that if salt was so critical for people then that must be what most sick pets lack, especially when they drink plenty of water & just don't get the salt. Most vets are taught that salt is bad for their pets just as doctors are taught about people.

I know how much we love our dog and every one we ever had. Our pets have taught us much about unconditional love. And I have seen how much they have inspired me to help them.

Can we post Johnny's story on our site and send it to all subscribers so more pets need not suffer needlessly? It's amazing how many people ignore a free solution because science ignores this common sense.

Sprinkle a little salt on Johnny's food too. You can always experiment with other amounts of salt in his bowl as he knows what he needs, unlike people. Johnny is a very bright spot for us today as is any day we help any living creature.

God bless you both.

On 4/20/2011 3:55 PM, Marina wrote:

Hello again Bob...

Well the Celtic sea salt is definitely making a's been 5 days and counting...knock wood...that Pebbles hasn't vomited. It had been 2 solid months of vomiting...until you hooked us up to the water cure. What a major improvement...she would have died had we not started her on this amazing cure. She was 51/2 lbs when she got sick...and down to 31/2 lbs when we started the water cure. She couldn't keep the water down, so we turned it into a gelatin and that worked beautifully, along with putting a little Celtic sea salt in her food. The results are fantastic and she is getting stronger everyday, she has already gained a half a pound. I went to 4 veterinarians...and $1,300.00 later all I got was a bunch of drugs that only made her sicker...and not one of them could give me any idea of what was wrong. They gave me inhalers, acid reflux drugs and a drug to coat her esophagus which made her vomit even more. Lets face it ... they were guessing. Having gone through this, I hope I can help some other pet owner by telling them to please try the water's natural, full of vitamins and minerals...and it will save your pet and your pocket book. Thanks Bob for all your help... the water cure is now a staple in our household.


On 2/27/2011 6:33 AM, Pam Birchall wrote:
G'day Bob
Recently my dog Johnny was diagnosed with a tumour on his spleen. I was devastated to say the least and after 10 days of crying I rang a friend to ask what I should do because at 12 years I didn't want to subject him to a big operation. She had read your book and introduced me to the "magic" cure of salt. That evening I gave him two bowls of milk with salt and one the next morning. Later that day you could already see an improvement in him. He had more energy and didn't appear so bloated around his middle. I continued the salt treatment for 3 days then reduced it to just being in his water. After just 2 weeks he has put on weight and is back to being my beautiful companion again. I don't know if he will get back to having the hour long walks like we used to, but at least we are able to go for walks again and he is happy with no signs of pain. Could it be the tumour has gone - who knows, but as long as I have my dog back again I really don't care. A huge thankyou - I have told anyone who will listen about the salt cure - not just for their pets but for themselves.

NSW Australia


We find the best way to give sea salt to our pets is put it in the water for one week and then only on the food. One week should be enough to get your pet back on track.

SPOT AIRED ON NATIONAL RADIO... SPCA, HUMANE SOCIETY & PETA HAVE NO INTEREST IN FREE PET ARTHRITIS CURE JAN/FEB 2009. Contact these agencies across the nation & ask why. Contact Bob Butts

Listen to this 60 sec. spot on pet arthritis aired Feb. 9, 2009.

This spot on animal testing was also aired Feb. 9, 2009 

Sea Salt Cures Pet Arthritis & More...

We finally failed one time to cure a pet of arthritis & we tried everything we know. Since August 2008 we can only say we are 99% successful. Bob Butts

Pet recipe for the water cure. Just sprinkle some unprocessed sea salt on his food and give him three bowls of water, one with 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp & another with 3/4 tsp per quart. He will take the one he needs. Once your pet is well, the salt on its food should be enough. If, for any reason your pet doesn't get well, contact us at When your pet is cured of arthritis contact every pet magazine and tell them.

Buddy and Chestnut were lethargic, sleeping 80% of the time. When outside, they would just lie on the porch. With the pet wateracure we noticed a change within a few days, and they steadily became more lively and enjoyable. Now they are a real joy, doing tricks and letting us know just what they want. They have found the wonders of the yard now and really put on a show. We have our dogs back. Thank you.

Grace and Glenn Kipps

On Sat, 12/12/09, Robert Butts <> wrote:

From: Robert Butts <>
Subject: Re: Pets and the watercure
To: "Harriet Kipps" <>
Date: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 5:42 AM

Hi Grace & Glenn.

What was the condition of your pets before the salt? How long did the results take? I'm sure you are telling many pet owners about this even though the vets don't want this truth to get out.



Harriet Kipps wrote:

We have been using the "pet water cure" and find our pets more lively and content than ever before. We feel that we have extended their lives and enjoy them much more. Thank you.
Harriet Clyde Kipps
Glenn H. Kipps

Date: July 9, 2009
From: G. <>
Subject: How can I thank you?
To: Robert Butts <>

Hi Bob,

I have the 8 lb. Pom with a herniated disc and several other medical problems. I began the regiment of salt water using the Celtic Sea Salt in the water and on her food as you directed. She chose the bowl with the lowest amt. of salt (1/4 tsp.) and I have sprinkled a bit of the salt on her food (2/day.) Because of the herniated disc, both of her front feet would 'buckle' intermittently while walking and at times, she even fell forward onto her face. She had quit lying across my lap, as it seemed to be very uncomfortable for her to lay on her side.

The results are nothing short of a miracle! We began early Monday and by midnight (her last outdoor chore), she was dancing in circles and even attempted to jump on a 12" padded stool. She failed to jump but it was something she had not tried for months. Today, Thursday, she made the jump! She is walking without the front legs bending under and has even run a couple of yards - things she has not done since the beginning of this year. Her legs are still a bit weak but she IS walking with all four flat on the ground

There are no words to thank you enough for your invaluable information. She was not eligible for surgery because of a collapsing trachea, and would have eventually been unable to walk at all. I would also like to thank 'Ron' who gave additional information regarding the chlorophyll and omega 3, both of which I will introduce into her diet. She has always eaten raw beef/veggies and some fruit and I will continue with that diet.

I will certainly direct my friends to your site and will also share with the vets in my area. I was thinking an ad in our local paper would be a good idea too. My husband and I have some aches and pains and after seeing what it did for Tiki - we're on board too!

My heartfelt thanks to you again. I know my 8 1/2 yr. old Pom now has a chance to live a longer and healthier life - a huge relief for us!

God Bless you and all the others who made this product known.

Gay & Dave B.C. Canada (^_^)

Date: Feb. 11, 2009
From: Mae Kamin
Subject: water, salt and pets...

Mae Kamin wrote:

I have had animals almost my entire life. Mostly dogs but then when my daughter was small she brought home an adorable kitten and we could not say no. Since then cats, as well as dogs, have taken up a very special place in my home, wherever that was across the country.

Your children grow up and leave home, but sometimes your pets stay even longer than your children. That was the case with sweet little Sassie cat and adorable Oscar dog. They were there after the nest was empty of children and the noise and activity and commotion that comes with them.

These sweet little animals wiggle their way into your heart and you are never the same. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the pets from the kids, they hold such a special place in your heart.

When Oscar was 13 he became sick. He lost his energy and developed arthritis in his hips and could barely walk. I had to carry him out to the yard and hold up his rear end so he could go to the bathroom. He could no longer jump on the couch and snuggle with me unless I picked him up and put him there. Sassie, our cat, was 18 and developed a liver problem as well as arthritis and had to be carried around and picked up and put in her litter box. The vet put them both on medications and said if Sassie wasn’t showing some signs of improvement in two days, I should consider putting her down. She gave Oscar a couple of weeks.

It was then that I heard about the water cure. I was skeptical because it seemed that if a vet couldn’t get the animals better, what chance did putting salt in their water and food have? I decided to try it and was overwhelmed by the results. In two days Sassie was walking on her own, coming into the kitchen. The third day she started eating on her own and in one week was coming upstairs again by herself.

Oscar had similar results. In four days he was standing on his own and in six days he was able to go down the steps to the yard to go to the bathroom without me holding him up. In one week, as with Sassie, he was jumping up on the couch by himself.

Both animals improved greatly to the point where I would say they were normal animals, living a life with quality. They both lived over another year in pretty good health. Sassie was 19 ½ when she passed away and Oscar was 14 ½. The water cure gave me another year to love and enjoy the pets who had touched my heart so deeply and brought me so much joy.

Sea salt cures pet arthritis & more... Major health & financial news letter does front page story on curing pets w/sea salt. 

Read the incredible story of how two Pa. doctors (Weissberger, left and Marcelletti, below) and Pete the dog triggered the discovery of how high mineral, no additive, unprocessed sea salt produces amazing results with pet cancer and, to the best of our knowledge, quickly cures pet arthritis and has produced some amazing results with asthma, diabetes and lupus. If your pet hasn't been cured of arthritis in 7 days, please email us and we'll try to help you. There's never a charge.

I don't know of one animal whose arthritis hasn't been cured after using sea salt.  Bob Butts 1-27-07.

Salt keeps dairy man's herd healthy, happy and profitable. 1-27-07

Read The Good News About Jesse, the 8 year old lab (below) who had success using sea salt to cure its arthritis.

Listen to our June 08 radio ad (WILK Scranton, Wilkes-Barre. Pa). on curing pet health problems with sea salt. Prove it to yourself and tell your friends.

Major health & financial news letter does front page story on curing pets w/sea salt. NOTE: Error in this article. Sea Salt does not cure 100% of pet cancer. Maybe 50% - 60%. We need more feedback.

Pet Testimonial Archives



The following is a free solution to pet arthritis but will ruin the profit made on arthritic pets. Once you know this is true, you will understand that no matter how much money is raised to find solutions to high profit problems, they all get worse and more profitable.

Once you know this is true, please do all you can to get this information out to all the pet owners and pet magazines you can. On the other hand if you tried it without success, please contact me, Bob Butts at and let me know. I will get back to you and do all I can to help.

Because there are no incentives to eliminate any high profit problems in health or anything else, our pets aren't being given salt to cure their arthritis which is nothing more than a salt deficiency in pets and a water and salt deficiency in people. Arthritic pets can be easily cured in most cases within a few days using nothing but unprocessed sea salt. I have no knowledge of one single pet not being cured after unprocessed, no-additive sea salt was sprinkled on its food and added to its water. Despite my running countless radio & newspaper ads telling how easily pets are being cured, even a testimonial from a local police officer, not one single vet in northeastern Pa. will say anything publicly although one from Forty Fort, Pa. is telling his clients. They tell me they don't want to say anything as the vets will be angry with them. If pet food companies were responsible, they'd see that this salt was put in their pet foods. Any farmer knows what would happen to the health of his/her farm animals if they didn't have salt licks, but our pets are treated like people and put on salt restricted diets. There's lots of money in keeping people and animals unhealthy.

Even an SPCA president was told by medical people on her board of directors she'd be fired if she didn't stop telling people about how her arthritic dog was cured of arthritis in a few days after getting the salt. She and I went on the Barry Farber Radio Show and she told her story over 103 stations across the nation.

Check the testimonials below and see for yourself.

Isn't it something how medical research puts millions of animals to death in the process of trying to find cures for our worst diseases, and now we see sea salt curing pets of many of these same problems, yet these same researchers haven't the slightest interest? I don't even know of one vet who will say anything to his/her clients about how easy salt can cure pet arthritis 100% of the time. But that is no different when it comes to the water cure curing countless people of allegedly incurable diseases and not one researcher will even talk to us, even though our success rate is near 100% with some simple problems like asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, most pain and arthritis to name a few. Then again what financial incentive is there for anyone to endorse a solution to a high profit problem? Would you???? That's why we haven't cured one major health or other high profit problem in the last fifty years that I'm aware of. Dr. Dean Burk, an original founder of the National Cancer Institute said, "The more people making a living off cancer (that applies to any high profit problem) the more impossible it is to get rid of it."


Bob Butts

The cats are fine. They no longer beg for stuff we eat that's salty and they've stopped trying to drink out of the toilet. They don't try to lick me either. I'm still giving then double salt in their water. I can't believe how much water they drink! They go through a liter and a half every other day! One cat weighs about 7lbs. and the other about twice that and they're drinking 16.5oz of salty water every day! They must have read the book.

A lot of pets lives could be saved if people knew that the reason a pet licks us is to get the salt from our skin. they are salt deficient.


"Jim Clary"


I sent the following e-mail to a Florida M.D. who wanted to know how salt could cure many pet's health problems.


In the past week I started talking to some farmers about how lack of salt affected them. I was told that first of all, all the food they feed their animals has salt & various minerals in it. Plus they are given salt licks to make sure they get enough. One farmer told me that without his cows would dehydrate. Another told me that if his salt licks run out his cows behavior lets him know. Meanwhile, while the farmers are feeding their cows salt, vets are telling some pet owners not to give them any salt. Drug companies have taken over the animals now as many of the same drugs given to people are now being given to animals. I think you'd find it very interesting if you talked to farmers about how they keep their cows healthy & compare that with what vets do. As far a I'm concerned this a mess caused by our insatiable money addiction which makes it impossible to for animals and people to to be protected from each other, health care and anything else where pain and suffering is highly profitable.



My e-mail triggered the following story from this doctor as he recalled his own experiences as a ten year old boy in charge of salt licks at a dairy farm.


Date: 1-14-07

Subject: Healthy Cows and Horses

From: Florida M.D.

To:Bob Butts

Hello Bob,

I was raised right across the street from a pasture that was part of a 50 to 60 head dairy farm. The farmer, Mr. Stevenson, was a very nice man, and always had some part time work for me whenever I wanted it. Besides raising dairy cows, he also raised and raced a few champion Standard Bread Horses, and he used the perimeter of this front pasture as a track for the horses to pull him around on a Sulky. I really liked Mr. Stevenson, as he was very soft spoken, never yelled or cursed, and he LOVED his animals, and treated and spoke to them as if they were people. He knew every animal by name, and knew their every mood and feeling. About 45 years ago, when I first started working for him weekends and after school, he had a better stereo for his cow's, then either he or my family did in our house! He said the cow's liked music, so they were going to have the best music possible, as well as anything and everything else. One of my favorite jobs was to deliver the salt licks, as I got to drive the tractor. For a 10 year old on top of a huge John Deere tractor, that was the best, as I was sitting on top of the world. As this was a very large farm, (he grew every drop of food for all of his animals,) I had a lot of salt licks to take care of, as he wanted one to be convenient to all of his cows, no matter where they were on the property. As nice and as kind as he was however, there was one thing that he would not tolerate, and that was an empty salt lick. No warnings, no excuses, and no second chances, I new the rules, and that was that! I will never forget those salt licks, or they responsibility I learned maintaining them. Some were pink, some were blue, and some were purple, but they all were heavy, and there sure was a lot of them. One thing I don't remember however, was seeing a vet at his farm. As I was only a part-timer, I suppose one could have shown up when I wasn't there, but I don't ever remember a sick cow either, in all of years I was there. Coincidence? I'll let you be the judge. For a long time, I thought salt was only for cows, until one day an unscrupulous hunter drove up, wanting to buy a salt lick. One of the only times I ever saw Mr. Stevenson mad, was when he chased that guy off his property. He said it was awful to take an animals basic instinct and craving for survival (salt), and use it against him in the form of a bait. I then learned that all wild animals have a natural craving for salt. How can nature be so smart, and yet man be so greedy as to knowingly deprive them of it, just to reap the profits from the diseases that follow? If that is not evil, then I don't know what is?

Subject: "The watercure saved my cat and my dog."

From: Michelle
Date: 11-02-06

To: Bob Butts

Sure, you can post my Email to you, but can you just use my name instead of Email address please. I'm not sure exactly how long it was when I noticed a change, I will estimate a month. My Cat is like a kitten again, except for the days when her age gets the best of her and our Dog is running around playing, still with a minor limp every now and then, but at least she's using her leg. I started them both the same time. I've mailed some of the salt for the animals to a friend in Mass, and we've given some of the salt to friends whose animals are having joint difficulties.

My dog was suffering with a major hip problem for probably a year before I heard about watercure, and my cat was running in and out of the litterbox probably every 30 seconds and there was just a drop of urine tainted with blood. I took her to the Vet for an overnight visit and they found nothing. I was afraid for her and was willing to try anything, she was going through that off and on for probably 6 months. They've been drinking salt water for 2 years now and they're doing great - butr I'd say I noticed a slight change about an estimated month or two! Our Dog's limp is gone and my cat is urinating normally. Oh yes, I'm telling everyone I know!

Thank You

Date: 5-11-06

Subject: Parvo

From: Barbara

Dear Mr. Butts,
I am writing to you today to give many many thanks to you for giving my precious dog the gift of life. My long haired miniature daschund didn't eat for 10 days and was diagnosed with Parvo. She lost 3.5 pounds and was given about 2 days to live. She couldn't eat or walk and her temperature was below normal. She was vomiting every half hour which I know would be painful for one that hadn't eaten for days and was bleeding badly while attempting to use the bathroom. I had decided to bring her home for her last hours instead of choosing to have her put to sleep. I took a day off of work and sat out in my yard on a beautiful day holding this beautiful, yet lifeless, 7 pound, 9 month old dog in my hands. My brother-in-law had called me once he had heard of this family joy having such troubles. He then suggested that I give her some of the salt walter that him and his wife speak so highly of. My mother then came to my home and brought me a gallon of mixed salt water. I had a syringe and gave her about a fourth of a cup every hour in small doses every 10 minutes, along with about 1 tablespoon of pedialite every 2 hours, and her vomiting ended and her bleeding ended immediately. I did this for 11 hours, starting at about 8am. That evening I had put her on the floor to see how weak she still was because she seemed to be wiggling more than usual. She slowly walked down the hall and actually jumped onto the bed and laid down. That was the first sign of actual strength she had shown for a couple of days. I believe in my heart that it was the sea salt that healed my dog. She was extremely tired the next day, sleeping the entire day, but I could tell just by looking at her body that she was healed. Her stomach was no longer sunk in and she was laying so peacefully. Then the next day, she was playing with her toys again.
So, please, if you know anyone that has a dog with this deadly disease called PARVO, please advise them to heal them with this miracle.

Thank you again,


Subject: Thought you would just like to know...

From: David Jaseck

Date: 8-2-06


To: Bob Butts


Our yellow lab, Jesse, chased a rabbit out of our yard tonight for the first time in a long while. We have been giving her 1/4 tsp of celtic sea salt in her 2 daily feedings and her limp and soreness in her legs appear to be gone. While she has never been high energy, she has a jaunt in her gait that she has not had for along time. We had her into the vet for her yearly physical and I made it a point to tell them about the water/salt cure. They appear to have an interest and did write the info down. I gave them the website address. Bob...I must tell you, I do not have many heros in my life, but you are one of them for your unselfish work. I truly appreciate your effort to help man and beast. I do believe that the reason the medical profession does not acknowledge this simple and natural cure, is that it would be an admission of the wrong works they have been doing and fear the consequences of their mistakes, not to mention, the error in their training. Please keep up your good works and know that you have a soldier in your army to help when I can....
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan

Subject: Pet Update

From: David Jaseck

Date: 8-12-06

To: Bob Butts

Hi Bob...well Jesse (our 8 year Lab) is now running up the stairs and down as well. She has shown continual improvement in her movements since we started her water cure of 1/4 tsp Celtic sea salt twice a day in her feeding and a pinch of salt in her water. Dramatic improvement to the point that no one would suspect she was troubled with arthritis just a short while ago. Thank you again Bob. You are making a difference on this planet with your efforts and generosity.
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan

Subject: Spreading the Word

From: David Jaseck

Date: 8-16-06

To: Bob Butts

Hi Bob...if you will recall, we have had a successful arthritis cure using sea salt with our yellow lab, Jesse. Promised you I would spread the word. Being a photographer and being a fairly well known photoshop computer retoucher on a international website called dpreview, retouching forum, (If you do a google search of my name Dave Jaseck, you see some contributions of some stuff I have written and created for photo manipulation). I posted the following comment on the forum. It has several replies, but I am sure many viewings from around the country or elsewhere. Anyway, I thought you might be interested. Here is the link:

Again, thanks for your efforts and will continue to spread the good news.
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan


This ad appeared in the Citizen's Voice 3/24/04.

See These Other Local Advertisements

Tasha Cured of Arthritis

Pet Cancer and Arthritis

Dramatic Pet Recoveries from Asthma and Cancer

Sea Salt Helps Cure Pets

It did not work on my cat.

Subject: inquiry about how to administer salt to pets

Date:Thu, 21 Oct 2004 02:05:33 EDT



Dear Bob,

In a veterinary oncology clinic I was introduced to your work by another pet owner.  Unfortunately it came too late to save my beloved cat, but I did try.  I didn't have the Celtic sea salt, but I purchased a high quality sea salt solution.  My cat wouldn't drink the water I put it in.  He walked away, time and time again.  How are these other pet owners administering the salt in a way that actually gets it into their pets?  I tasted the water myself and it was highly salty.

AND.. Does it need to be the Celtic salt? Also, what exactly is the proper dosage... particularly since it's not easy to insure what amount my pets will drink at any given time. (I had resorted to administering by eyedropper to my cat who had lymphoma)

Thank you for your work and this information,
Denise Elizabeth,
Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

Subject: inquiry about how to administer salt to pets

Date:Thu, 21 Oct 2004 02:05:33 EDT



Hello Denise

You may have salted the water too much.  If your pet walks away, cut the salt in half.  Also sprinkle a little on its food.  Anyone having any problem, please contact me.  Once a pet is well, there is no need to salt the water, just add a little to the food.  A seriously ill pet needs the salt on both.  Just make certain it is unprocessed, no additive salt.  50 or more mineral salt is best.

Bob Butts

From: Dolores Hankey

To: Bob Butts

My dog, whose name is Butch, had a torn ligament. He wasn’t able to walk up and down the stairs. I had to carry him. So, I decided to try the Water Cure. I figured I had nothing to lose, and in a matter of weeks, I saw the difference in him. Now, he runs up and down the stairs, and even jumps off my bed – thanks to the Water Cure treatment. Now, I started to take it for my arthritis.


From: Sally Doyle []

To: Bob Butts

My cocker spaniel was falling down the stairs 3 or 4 times a day, so I started sprinkling sea salt on his food. It took a few weeks, but he no longer falls and now runs up and down steps. I wish I had heard of this years ago. Thank you!

Sally Doyle

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2004

From: Jeannie []

To: Bob Butts []

I just had to write to let you know about one of my dogs, Harry. Harry had many lumps all over his body. The vet had only listed these lumps in his file as “masses to be watched.” A couple of these masses were as large as golf balls. Three days after starting the dogs on the sea salt, all of these masses were completely gone. He had had them for years, and it was unlikely that they would just disappear on their own. I credit the disappearance to the sea salt.

I am so glad that I happened to be listening to the Barry Farber show that Sunday about a month ago. I cannot thank you enough for the sea salt recipe.

My husband and I both continue to notice small, outside changes in our health. I am actually looking forward to my doctor’s visit in three months. I am hoping there will also be some internal improvements to my cholesterol and blood pressure. I also have an eye appointment next Monday. I will let you know if some of my floaters are getting smaller.

Thanks again,

Jean Mallaber

Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004

From: Cheryl []


Well, let’s start out with the old Pomeranian. He was getting very bony on the top of his head, and on his rear by his tail. Now, it is all filling back in. He is still alert and more active than before. Now, it seems he’s hearing better because he barks at the wind. Haha! He is moving around more, rather than spending his days asleep.

My mother is feeling much better, too. Her senility is improving, and she is physically more active.

I put sea salt on the food of my four dogs and cats. Vets don’t really know what ails a pet, as our first dog was put to sleep because of cancer. He was fifteen years old. This was very hard on the family. Our pets are indoor pets. They are like our own companions and children.

Keep in touch!

Cheryl Thompson

Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 19:44:48 EST



Subject: Thank you for the water cure and celtic sea salt.

I wrote to you in January about my cat, Missy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the type of cancer that would not respond to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Feeling so helpless and wanting to do something to prolong her life I saw your ad in the Times Leader about Pet cures. You gave me the number to contact the Grain and Salt Society and I immediately started her on the pet celtic sea salt. As of today, March 7, I have a happy, healthy cat who is back to jumping up on the bed and counters, racing up and down the hallways and keeping my two dogs in line. She is back to her old self but even better.

Thank you - I have told so many people about you and the good work that you are doing.

God Bless You.


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:17:16 EST

Subject: Grayee (CAT) and water cure

On February 17, 2002, I wrote to you concerning my recently diagnosed 4 year old diabetic cat. She had been on 5 units twice a day of insulin. I immediately started her on the water cure. I put 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in a jug and only refill her water dish with that water. It has only been a little over a month, and the results are dramatic.

She is down to only 3 units twice a day. She is a totally different cat---the classic diabetic warning signs are getting better all the time. She is not drinking excessively and is urinating normal amounts. Her fur is very beautiful again. She has so much energy and is always playing with the other cats, just like the good old days!

My family thanks you very much for caring so much about helping others, even animals!

I will keep you posted on her continued progress!!!

Take care!!!

Date: February 5, 2002
From: Michael Steele

A friend of mine called and said they tried the watercure on their sand crab which was dying. They have had it for about 5 months and noticed it was not being active and that it seemed really sickly and slow. Deb's husband Michael said "why not fill the sink with water and add the sea salt and see what happens", so she did and left it in over night. She called me twice already to tell me that the sand crab is doing "unbelieveable". "It is like new! And having all kinds of energy!"

Just another story to pass along to let people know that it works for pets of all types.


Date: Dec. 21, 2001

Hi! I am excited to read all about your discovery about salt and water!

I am going to start my new life with it right now! I can tell you that we always had sick fish in our "freshwater" aquarium. One day, after many trips to the pet store for advice on my dying fish, one knowledgeable employee suggested that I ad mineral salt to the water. I was taken aback, and well, I decided to try it as a last ditch effort.

After I cleaned the tank and added the necessary water conditioners, I slowly added the salt. I was waiting for the fish to start acting weird with this new addition. To our family's surprise, our fish were living healthy and stronger than they ever had before. I did not have to add any more unecessesary antibiotics.

I think people have been told salt is bad for you and it can be deadly, so we have come to not trust it in our diets. Your site has clearly changed my mind! As for me, I thought I had "sinus" problems for the last 25 years, and have been taking "sinus" pills for just as long. Well, I had had enough and decided to go to the doctor. Well I was seen by a male nurse who suggested that I try "nasal crom" which is a saline spray. After I week of using it, ALL of my decades of "sinus" went way with the wind. Never have I been so happy with that out of my life!

We as individuals must always question the "facts" that so called professionals give us as the "absolute" truths. Greed is behind so many things present in our lives, we must ourselves seek the truth to what is "good and beneficial" to our friends and family's well being. After we find these "hidden" truths, they should be shared with our fellow humans for their sakes. Why must some hide the truth from others so that he alone may benefit? Thanks for your strong desire to help yourself and others.

You will prosper greatly.


From: Dr. Gary Weissberger, D.C.
Date: Dec 2, 2001

To: Bob and Connie


Our friend, Dr. Gary Weissberger, knew about the watercure for years but was too skeptical to try the “full” recipe, which includes the sea salt. He said he doesn’t like salt. When he began experiencing pain in his foot for weeks, he decided he should either go to the emergency room, or try the salt and the water.

Well, he tried the full recipe. Within the time it took for him to take a shower, the pain, there for weeks, had mysteriously disappeared! Still a skeptic, he began talking to others about his experience. Dr. Marcelletti, of Optimum Health with in Tannersville and Taylor was one of them.

Dr. M. has a pit bull, which was experiencing tearing eyes and has a tumor on his head. Dr. Marcelletti started putting the sea salt on his dogs food and in his water. The dog improved so quickly, he tried it for his own health challenges. Since trying it himself, he has seen improvements in his Crohn’s Disease and no longer has blood in his stools and is down to 2 eliminations a day.

He is sharing the watercure and sea salt (in small packets) with his patients. Everyone in his office is on the watercure and they are having great results. We will keep you posted about further improvements.


Pet Miracles posted Dec 3, 2001

Two little Pomeranians came into my life. They were eight and ten years old. I noticed that their eyes were runny and red and their fur was dry. The male had a terrible cough that would take his front legs right down to the floor. The female's physical condition was not very good.

After spending a good amount of money at the vet's, Rusty still had an awful cough. The vet diagnosed him as having asthma! Asthma! No, I will not drug him, I told the vet. I started giving him sea salt in his water and noticed that in just a few days, he was much better. The watercure is not just for people. Man's best friend needs water and salt, too.

Karen Simone, Greentown, PA

Date: Dec 2, 2001

From: Mae Kamin
            15 Cayuga Place

            Forty Fort, PA 18704

To: Bob Butts

Elderly Cat & Dog Greatly Improved With Sea Salt

I have a cat who for the past few years has been extremely inactive due to bladder problems and a tumor on her leg. In addition to these problems, she is 18 years old and I felt because of her age she just couldn't get around much anymore. She would find a spot and stay there all day without moving except to go to her litter box.

She always slept on the bed but for the past two years or more she could not even make the steps. Several weeks ago I started putting sea salt in her drinking water. I made no other changes in her diet. Two days after I started this I came out of my bedroom and found her lying in the hallway (second floor).

She has been there every day ever since. A week ago when my great granddaughter slept over, I was next to her in bed reading a story when the cat jumped up on the bed next to us. she has not been able to do that either for at least 2 years. Fantastic improvement in this 18 year old pet.

I also have a dog who seemed to have lost control of his back legs. He is 14 years old. He couldn't jump up on the coach like he used to and had great difficulty going up steps. It seemed he didn't have any strength in his back legs.

I began putting salt in his drinking water also. After a few days I noticed he was moving around a little better. It took a few weeks but he was then able to go up the steps again. For two months I had been giving him glucosomine and a vitamin pill which seemed to help a little but much more improvement was seen after the sea salt was added to his water.

Thanks for your suggestion.


In the latest issue of "Alternatives for the Health-Conscious Individual" by Dr. David Williams, he talks about some interesting research in vibrations. He says that researchers have found that vibrations or energy currents in the range of 20 to 50 Hz stimulates bone growth. The production of the body's natural anti-inflammatory compounds is increased.

Joint pain and swelling improves. Bone fractures heal faster, and weakened bones begin to strengthen and rebuild. In a section he calls "A Purrfect Tool for Healing" he writes: Some of the most amazing research that I've run across, however, deals with cats. A group called the Fauna Communications Research Institute in Hillsborough, North Carolina, recently started some very interesting research focusing on the possible connection between vibrational frequencies and healing. Researchers there began to question the purpose of purring in cats. I honestly hadn't given it much thought; I always thought cats purred because they were content. Apparently there's more to the picture. Cats also purr when they give birth and when they are under stress, caged, or severely injured. Since purring expends energy, it makes sense that there would be a reason for it.

In an unpublished study, researchers recorded the purrs of all types of cats, both domestic and wild. Cheetahs, pumas, ocelots, and other wild cats were recorded at the Cincinnati Zoo. Various domestic cats were recorded elsewhere. Surprisingly, when the frequencies of the purrs were analyzed, it was discovered that the dominant frequency for three species of cats' purrs was exactly 25 Hz or 50 Hz. These just happen to be the most effective frequencies for promoting bone growth and repair. (Only the cheetah didn't have a dominant frequency > at 50 Hz.) Everyone has heard that "a cat always lands on its feet." The amazing righting ability behind this saying undoubtedly accounts for the fact that cats routinely survive and completely recover from falls that would kill most animals.

In the late 1980s, vets studied the cases of 132 cats that had fallen an average of 5.5 stories from various high-rise apartments. Of those, 37% required emergency treatment, 30% required non-emergency treatment, and the remaining 30%, no treatment at all. Overall, 90% of the cats survived. (For what it's worth, the highest recorded fall survived by a cat was 45 stories.) Cats' remarkable ability to survive may also be based on the fact that their dominant purr is at the exact frequency that heals bones, muscles, and ligaments.

There's another old saying that's popular among veterinarians, "If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal." A recent study evaluated the various health problems presented by 31,484 dogs and 15,226 cats to 52 private veterinary clinics around the country. Lameness and disc disease were among the top problems of dogs and 2.4% were severely arthritic. Kidney and bladder problems were most prominent among cats, and there was no mention of bone, arthritis, or joint problems at all. (J Am Vet Med Assoc 99;214 > (9):1336-41) Hip dysplasia, arthritis, and ligament and muscle damage are all common to dogs, but almost non-existent in cats.

Even myeloma, a cancerous tumor in bone marrow, is practically unheard of in cats, yet quite common in dogs. Any vet will tell you how much easier it is to fix a broken bone and how much quicker one heals in a cat compared to a dog. Researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College in Canada made some interesting comparisons between dogs and cats regarding their complications from elective surgeries. They found that complications from castration were as much as 20 times higher in dogs than in cats, and the post-operative problems following ovariohysterectomies occurred twice as often in dogs as cats.

Breathing problems associated with heart disease are almost non- existant in cats, but common in dogs. Large skin-tissue grafts take quickly in cats, but often become necrotic in dogs. Historically, bone cancer is extremely rare in cats, but common in dogs. And the list goes on and on. Purring appears to be a cat's way of treating itself. Just like humans use shivering to warm the body, cats may purr at specific vibrational frequencies that promote healing in various parts of their bodies. While the researchers in the above-mentioned unpublished study found that a cat's dominant purring frequency might be at 25 Hz or 50 Hz, the range extended up to 140 Hz.

By changing the frequency of their purring, cats may be fine-tuning their healing abilities. In another section he writes: I've even seen reports where individuals claim they can stop their migrane headaches by lying down with a purring cat next to their head. Maybe we're finally on track to discover a logical explanation for these incidents.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > So go get a cat. You will be healthier and have a friend who really understands how you feel.  Your cat won't care, but it will understand.

Purrrrringly yours,

Jon . . . take courage, whatever you decide will probably be wrong.

Where Do Pets Come From? 

A newly discovered chapter in the Book of Genesis has provided the answer to "Where do pets come from?"

Adam and Eve said, "Lord, when we were in the garden, you walked with us every day. Now we do not see you any more. We are lonesome here, and it is difficult for us to remember how much you love us."

And God said, “I will create a companion for you that will be with you and who will be a reflection of my love for you, so that you will love me even when you cannot see me. Regardless of how selfish or childish or unlovable you may be, this new companion will accept you as you are and will love you as I do, in spite of yourselves."

And God created a new animal to be a companion for Adam and Eve.

And it was a good animal.

And God was pleased.

And the new animal was pleased to be with Adam and Eve and he wagged his tail.

And Adam said, "Lord, I have already named all the animals in the Kingdom and I cannot think of a name for this new animal."

And God said, "I have created this new animal to be a reflection of my love for you, his name will be a reflection of my own name, and you will call him DOG."

And Dog lived with Adam and Eve and was a companion to them and loved them.

And they were comforted.

And God was pleased.

And Dog was content and wagged his tail.

After a while, it came to pass that an angel came to the Lord and said, "Lord, Adam and Eve have become filled with pride. They strut and preen like peacocks and they believe they are worthy of adoration. Dog has indeed taught them that they are loved, but perhaps too well."

And God said, I will create for them a companion who will be with them and who will see them as they are. The companion will remind them of their limitations, so they will know that they are not always worthy of adoration."

And God created CAT to be a companion to Adam and Eve.

And Cat would not obey them. And when Adam and Eve gazed into Cat's eyes, they were reminded that they were not the supreme beings.

And Adam and Eve learned humility.

And they were greatly improved.

And God was pleased.

And Dog was happy.  

And Cat didn't give a shit one way or the other.

Note: If you try the Water Cure on your pet, whether it is having health challenges or not, please email us with the results so we can share them with other thousands of others coming to this site.

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