Parkinson's Disease
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goofproofhealth wrote:

Here are two links on a tv program about Parkinsons. at this one go to the line where it says OPEN VIDEO scroll to the right and click on WATCH FULL PROGRAM ONLINE to watch this 1 hour long program. this is the link to buy the dvd

The most important thing in this show comes around 3/4 the way thru when they take 2 moneys and inject both of them with something that will give them Parkinson's rather quickly.

One monkey walked a treadmill all the time and the other was not allowed to walk it.

The one that didn't walk the treadmil got Parkinson's BUT the one that DID walk the treadmill DID NOT get Parkinson's.


The fellow in Maryland that you know who has Parkinsons could use this video just to prove that WALKING/EXERCISE is a must for everyone.

Including YOU...


The following is the response from our water cure trouble shooter regarding a man with Parkinson's. Also included is the initial email request for help and my response.

Bob Butts

Dear Mr. Butts

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the great work you are doing. I have watched you on some TV shows (on the internet) and know about all that you are doing for your fellow-men. Will the water cure work for someone with Parkinsonís disease? A friend is suffering from this and has spent a fortune on doctors, without any success. I have a feeling water and salt will help but just want confirmation. As for myself, I have an enlarged prostate. Will the water cure reduce the size of my prostate? Thanks again for your service to victims of the medico-pharmaceutical industry. May God grant you joy in your mission.

Sincerely Anthony


Hello Anthony

Thank you so much for your kind words. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, dehydration is the main cause of Parkinson's Disease. I need to get a page of information of it on our site. Jim, our trouble shooter will put something together. I have an enlarged prostate and it did not work for me although a friend said it cured his. Have you examined our site thoroughly? also be sure to download the free book.

Anthony, Parkinson's is when part of the brain is lacking some very important minerals and amino acids. Providing your friend stops all tea, coffee, soda, alcohol and chocolate he then has a good chance of pulling out of his Parkinson's. I need to know something about your friend. Does he get headaches? Have low energy? Get lower back aches? Does his ankles swell? Are his lungs clear, no breathing problems? Heart is working ok? No blood sugar problem? Does he wear glasses? What foods does he normally eat? You can try and show him what the water and salt will do for him by giving him some orange juice but first I suggest you have him put 3/4 g of sea salt on the end of his tongue and wait for 30 seconds if he is ok then have him drink one glass (250 ml) of orange juice washing down the salt. Then have him put coat the end of his tongue with some sea salt. If this helps with the tremors then have him do another round of sea salt and orange juice. If you had some liquid chlorophyll and he took some of it straight and put a little of it on his tongue like half and ounce (15 cc) and waited for one minute then take just a swallow of plain water and put some more salt on his tongue. This would show you and him the power of water/salt and magnesium. A spoon full of honey on the tongue and wait for a minute and then put some salt on the tongue waiting for another minute followed by 4 oz of cold water might also do something. He needs to be eating food rich in amino acids like Eggs, beans, nuts, cheese and fresh fish (live kill). He also needs to eat some potato's or pasta with all meals. He also needs to be taking B-6 100 mg morning and with evening meal. Also he needs to be taking 50 mg of zinc after eating morning meal another 50 mg zinc with the noon meal or after eating it and another 50 mg of zinc after the evening meal. The same is true for you and your prostate problem. Both of you need half your weight in ounces of water each day. But don't push the water to fast or it will run through you to fast. The water must stay inside you for at least 2 hrs except first thing in the morning. Important.... IF HE GETS to feeling bad from doing the orange juice and salt or salt on his tongue then you would quickly put some ice on the side of his neck and keep it there until it gets very cold and then move it over to the other side of his neck. This will stop the problem of him feeling badly. You could use a cold soda can. In many cases the orange juice and salt followed with the liquid chlorophyll will reduce the tremors by 50 % and some times 90% in just 15 minutes. If he improves a lot with the second glass of OJ then I suggest you give him another one. He needs to eat as many eggs as he can. Please let me know how it turns out. His vision will improve. Just make sure that you have some ice handy in case you need it. If he feels sick the ice will stop this problem. I'm sending an attachment for you to read also. I hope this will be of some help for now.


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Dear Mr. Bolen,

Many, many thanks for your e-mails! My friend is in Indonesia and I will forward your e-mails to him.

I must say you all are really wonderful people. You give hope to the hopeless. You cure those who are considered incurable while saving them tens of thousands of dollars. I am really humbled, touched and awestruck by your kindness.

May The Lord Jesus Christ continue to uphold you and bless you in all you are doing.