Muscle Spasms
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The following was posted on our forum page Rebecca who had muscle twitches. I am getting muscle twitches all over my body at every single moment of every single day. It is driving me bonkers! They have been happening for about 5 months. At night i also get sharp pains and cramps in my feet and hands. These are also sometimes accompanied by pins and needles or a crawling feeling over my scalp and body. I am just wondering if this water diet will help wth my problem and if i need to take any other supplements. I am taking magnesium.

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You are low in potassium, potassium is a muscle regulator and when it gets to low or to high you get muscle spasm and bad cramps. Salt can help but your problem is potassium and maybe salt too. I work in construction and I sweat so bad that I have to keep a bottle of water with me at all times. I also have a bottle of thermol tabs salt tabs for salt depletion. I was talking the salt tabs and drinking the water but at home at night my muscles would start jumping and twitching so bad it kept me awake. Don't even try to eat food with potassium in them because the pollution in the ground causes food to have less minerals including potassium. I went to see a doctor and told him I wanted my potassium check he told me my potassium was good. Then one night my muscles was jumping so bad I decided to go to the hospital, the doctor on duty tested me and found my potassium was all most depleted. He prescribed a potassium pill and the rest is history. Potassium, salt, calcium magnesium and zinc, ya DEAD without it or sick as a dog when its low. God bless.

Date: August 2, 2000

From: Brenda Taft

To: Bob Butts & Connie Giblin

Dear Connie & Paul:

This is my second testimonial. I've already written one on allergies/sinus headaches.

This one is about muscle spasms, at least I think that's what they are (were). About every 2-3 weeks, I would get a tightness, usually starting in my left shoulder. This would creep into my neck and oftentimes cause a headache. This would get worse and worse as the day wore on. Then, the next day, the whole spasm thing would move to the right side of my body. The third day, it would move back to the left and eventually dissipate. I've tried a lot of things to alleviate this when it happened. I tried massage and other body work, homeopathic muscle relaxers, etc. Everything helped a little, but it seemed it just had to run its course and nothing seemed to be able to prevent it from happening again, until the water cure! I just recently noticed that this cycle wasn't happening anymore. Once in a while, I'll start to feel the beginnings of it, but it just goes away. I keep finding more and more things that the water has helped me with as time goes on, and I thought I was already healthy. Maybe you'll see my name again with yet another great water cure story. Thanks so much for your continuous support and putting out the word about water and salt. Sincerely