Miniere's Disease Testimonials
Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

Date: 7/15/01 Sun 3:43 PM

From: Joanne Avelar

             Hilmar, CA


To: Bob Butts

Mr. Butts, I heard you and Dr. B on the Barbara Simpson talk show (in CA) in June. I really enjoyed it. I decided to try his water cure because I need to lose weight. My doctor says if I lose some weight I won't have to take the high blood pressure pill. I also had Menier's Disease (ear), which caused vertigo, nausea and ear ringing. Other than that, I am relatively healthy. So, 8-10 eight oz glasses of water I drank. I haven't lost any weight but lo and behold, within two days my Menier's Disease was completely gone. I couldn't believe it. I have had that problem for over ten years. Nor has it returned. Hopefully, down the road I'll lose weight too. 

Thank you and Dr B for the wonderful, informative advice.