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Kentrel Corporation

Kentrel Corporation was founded in 1979. They provide customer support and client services to municipalities, industry, and organizations by specializing in and providing professional services for the water industry. Their work includes all residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of business. They provide technical assistance and service in the design and installation of water meters, and water service lines. Kentrel is also expert in conducting and remediating backflow and cross-connection problems. In addition, Kentrel is experienced in the design and installation of irrigation (water sprinkler) systems and outdoor lighting,

ODAK Corporation

ODAK Corporation is a fresh, innovative, water purification and filtration design company. They are dedicated to providing every one of our customers with the purest, healthiest, water on the planet. They have dedicated years to educating ourselves about the water industry, and as a result, we have become an authority in the field. They have used this knowledge to solve the specific water problems each of our clients faces by designing and constructing task-specific filtration systems. These customized systems are more efficient, effective, and economical than generalized systems, which may have some components that are repetitive or unnecessary to remedy the problems with water.

New Technology Associates

 From installing ram in laptops to corporate networking. The best!

Dr. F. Batmaghelidj

Founder of the greatest health discovery in history.  Sells books & tapes. 

Drinking Water Testing Laboratories

Tests and evaluates residential drinking water.  Better safe than sorry!

Bob Perks

A motivational speaker who helps build confidence.  "He Believes in You." 

Chet Day's Health and Beyond

Use this health site to learn how to lose weight and improve health and fitness by natural means. He's a man on a mission and his mission is to devote the last part of his life sharing what he knows about 'natural health.' You'll find everything including diet and weight loss, health and beyond recipes, detox and cleansing programs, natural health aids and secrets, news, articles and interviews. I love the section on crock pot recipes. 

Procarin Bulletin Board

 Questions and answers about the procarin patch... new MS treatment. 

Sam Biser

Health & healing. Sells health products. 

Bob Butts endorses this site.

SwordSearcher Windows Bible Software

Try this KJV Computer Bible for 30 days. If you like it you can buy the CD for $35.00 or you can register the program for free by e-mail to remove the 'nag' screen. I use it every day and I'm confident you'll love it.

Human Events Online

" In reporting the news, Human Events is objective; it aims for accurate presentation of all the facts. Human Events was first published in 1944 - more than a decade before any other conservative weekly. Since then, Human Events has not only defended conservative principles, but helped define them for the rest of the movement. We've also been one of the leaders in exposing liberal media bias - and countering it with tough investigative reporting and sharp conservative commentary.