Kidney Problem Testimonials
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On 8/20/2015 2:34 PM,
Mark Kupfer <> wrote:

Hi Bob, Excuse me for the belated response. I will try to keep this brief and spare you from all the boring details. Prior to my starting the water cure, I had been suffering from gout, dangerously high blood pressure and a whole slew of problems.

After taking a blood and urine test the doctor stated, "Mr. Kupfer you've got serious kidney damage among other issues." He wrote a prescription. I remember walking into the pharmacy, about to pick up medication. 4 sets of drugs. Holy smokes, I thought to myself. There has got to be a better way. I simply excused myself walked out without taking the medicine.

Yes a dangerous move. I do take the bp medication. Searching for alternatives, not wanting to drastically alter my lifestyle, I discovered the watercure. Starting the process January 2014. Over the course of 6 month's my lab workup improved substantially. I can safely state there was a 80% improvement. I eradicated the gout, lowered but not yet normalized my bp. Kidney functions are normal. Lost weight. Many other readings are normal.

Bear in mind. During that 6 month period I had an intensive blood and urine test each month. I told the doctor, "check off everything, even the pregnancy test!" Lol. That's how serious and firm I was.

After 6 months as doc reviewed the progress, he was amazed. He asked, "Did you become a vegetarian?" "Vegan? No way!" I said. I showed him the watercure. Doc was in denial. I said my lab work is proof. This ain't quackery. I must state while watercure allowed my health to improve, 85% of the issues are now gone. But, some exercise and dietary changes must be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

I promote the watercure to everyone I talk to. My family already knows I will talk "watercure" where ever we go. I tell people "I am living testimony". Feel free to publish my name and contact info.

Sincerely, Mark Kupfer

This is Jim's response to a person with kidney problems which he would do if he had the problem.

Sarah, I suggest the liquid amount they allow you to drink (32 oz ) should be only water spaced out through the day. Like drinking 4 oz of plain water 8 times each day. I would only eat green beans (fresh, frozen and canned should be in water and sea salt )Eat eggs (raw is best then pouched, soft boiled, fried sunny side, hard and scrambled never hard boiled). Pineapple is ok and eat potatoes (eat nothing deep fried). Stay away from all salt for a few days except for what is in the food naturally. You will see your kidneys come back on line meaning they will be producing more urine. I suggest you measure your urine. As your urine increases you can increase your water intake. There is a testimonial in Dr Batman's book Water Cures: Drugs Kill on page 158 you need to read. If I were you I would follow this program and see what it would do for you. How much urine do you produce now? What foods and beverages are you doing now?

Date: 7/15/01 Sun 4:15 PM

From: Thomas Bonar 


To: Bob Butts

I heard you on Art Bell last night. I had to tell you my story. Last August I started having back pain that got worse and worse. I finally went to the doctor. He tested me for muscle and bone problems but could find nothing wrong. Then he tested and found that even though I couldn't tell, I had blood in my urine. He sent me to get an IVP xray to see if I had a kidney stone. They had to do two IVP tests and a catscan before they discovered that I did. I eventually had to have it
surgically removed, but that did not happen until October. The urologist told me that I probably developed the stone because I was dehydrated. He told me to drink more water.

During the time I had the stone, I read everything I could find about kidney stones. One of the books I checked out of the library gave reference to Your Body's Many Cries For Water. After reading the book, I decided to drink two 1-litre bottles of water each day and stop drinking soft drinks alltogether.

I soon found out that by starting early in the morning and carrying my water bottle with me that I could easily drink 4 1-litre bottles a day.

Since I started drinking the water I have gone from 197lbs. to 165lbs in three months without making any other major changes to my diet.

I was told that once you form a kidney stone, it is likely you will form more. It is coming on one year since my first, and I have not had a recurrence of a kidney stone. 

The experience has made me think a lot about what I put into my body. I will be a water drinker the rest of my life.

Thank you very much for the work you are doing.

Sow with a view to righteousness, Reap in accordance with kindness ; Break up your fallow ground , For it is time to seek the Lord Until He comes to rain righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12

From: Don Jaquith

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidj 

       Global Health Solutions 

       P.O. Box 3189 

       Falls Church, VA 22043

Thank you so very much for your book Your Body's Many Cries For Water. It has radically changed my life for the better, As a registered nurse, I was at first skeptical but tried it. An inmate can do very little for themselves to obtain medical care. Prison health services are not generally very high quality, nor easy to access when needed. This new paradigm relating to water is wonderful medicine.     When I first inquired about the book I was in severe pain from both my kidneys and lower intestines. My urinary output was very low, only urinating small amounts twice a day. The urine was concentrated and dark. My bowels were chronically constipated. Initially I started with 60 to 70 ounces of water per day. This helped some, but not as much as I had hoped. After increasing my water intake to 120 to 150 ounces per day I have found that it has relieved the pains and increased urine output to normal. As an added blessing, my mental attitude has also greatly improved, I had been sad, withdrawn and chronically tired. Now I have more energy, an inner peace, and my mental outlook is better. It has become a brighter day for me without the pains, worry over an illness, and to find mental peace. 

I have spread word of your work and the water treatment to my friends, family, and the health service staff. Some have embraced your teaching's. Those who do not, have been challenged to try it and see, "it cost's nothing to go to the tap and get a drink. Your good health is worth eight glasses of water. 

Thank you again for your work and kindness towards me.