Hepatitis C
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Date: 2001/06/10 Sun AM 06:09:14 EDT

From: Edward Schlichting 


To: ciroflit@epix.net

Subject: Water a Necessity in Curing Hepatitis C

My wife has been undergoing treatment for hepatitis C, a combination therapy of interferon and rebetrol, for 7 months now. At the advice of her doctor, she has been drinking 4 to 6 quarts of water a day. She constantly carries a water bottle with her wherever she goes.

Now, if you are aware of this treatment for hepatitis C, in the geno-type that most patients have (1-A), the treatment works in only about 30 percent of patients, and then usually towards the end of the treatment, which lasts a year.

After 3 months her viral load for the disease was tested, and there was no trace of the virus. She had started with a viral load of 1.6 million. Unfortunately, the test cannot detect the first 1-1000, and she must stay on the medication for another 5 months (horrific side effects).

I don't know if you could use this e-mail as a testimony or not, however we feel that if it had not been for the advice of a savvy doctor, the test results would have been quite different. Thank you so very much for your crusade.Sincerely.