Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

Water Cure a huge hit on "Coast to Coast."

To all with hearing problems: Note that not only did Joanne get rid of her Minere's disease, but the ringing in her ears, vertigo and nausea. which is a symptom of Minere's disease. This interview she speaks of was on "Coast to Coast" which was on 500 radio stations to over five million people across the country. It was also aired on WILK radio twice. I was told by someone from the office staff at "Coast to Coast" that this interview was one of the best in their history. It was run again five weeks later because of the great demand. Lisa Lyon was the show's producer at the time and I believe she is still the producer. I asked for permission to air the show and put it on our web site, but I was denied. Problem with the interview was that it was evidently too successful. Dr. Batmanghelidj and I were not allowed back on the show even though we were invited by the host to be back on in the future. The result was we have been blackballed on other programs, including right here in northeastern Pa. where no news station will now interview me. Thank God for WYOU TV for the news specials they did on the water cure and the Barry Farber Show. Barry continues to interview me on a regular basis. I was also interviewed on ABC radio nationally back inn 2001, but only once. Those who challenge conventional wisdom are scorned when it is proven wrong, but when we get on the side of humanity literally the worst of our problems will vanish. I know that if everyone could see what we of the water cure have seen, the whole world will be on the same side.
I'd appreciate it if as many people as possible contacted the show and ask them to put me back on. As you can see by the picture below, we made the front cover of "After Dark," Art Bell's monthly magazine. Note the listing of our show on the back of their magazine.

We received over 25,000 hits each time this interview was on.

In defense of all who have conspired to silence the water cure,including all the medical powers that be and our government, they are no different than what essentially all business does. Nobody shares secrets that could cost them market share and loss of profit. What incentive is there for anyone to do anything that will eliminate any high profit problem? But if we did willingly do that, the world could eliminate almost all problems including wars. I have seen or had testimonials from people who were cured of some of the worst health problems known to man. These secrets will be willingly shared with the world the day we learn to value people more than money.
So what are we going to do about it? We are held captive by our own greed. The logic of the water cure is the answer to most of our problems, but we have to want for each other what we want for ourselves. I can tell you this, nothing is more fun than helping people get well of so called incurable health problems. If it weren't I never could have committed my life and much of my financial resources to the well being of humanity if it weren't

From: R.P.
To: Bob Butts
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Mr USA

Hi Bob, I've tried everything Earth Clinic has to offer with regards to tinnitus, but to no avail...They recommend apple cider vinegar a lot, which I have been on since the mid 1960's...Haven't had a cold or the flu ONCE since...Must be some kind of record...

Incidentally Paul Bragg died at 94, 95, or 96...The Wikipedia is wrong about him...I met Paul in the mid 1960's in Winthrop, MA. He died after swimming in the ocean in Hawaii and was walking back home..he got hit by a car...I know people who were good friends with him...

Earth Clinic a great site...I've spent many,many hours on it searching for clients...

I read on your site that a woman cured herself of tinnitus with 8-10 glass of water a day and in 2 days her ears stopped ringing...She did the water treatment to cure Meniers disease and "Lo and behold" everything was cured in 2 days...That is something I have not tried... I am going to try it Monday and take 3 muti minerals during the day so I keep their levels high...

My concern is the current cold weather and all that water, as I have very cold extremities..don't know what caused it...I think it was from a Chinese remedy I took for tinnitus...It started about the same time in 1995(?) Thanks again, Preston

From: Robert Butts
To: R.P.
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Mr USA

Quite a picture. I also suggest you check with earthclinic.com if Jim can't help you.


R.P. wrote:

Hi Bob,

The picture of me at the bottom of this page was last summer at age 66... * * * * I have terrible tinnitus and whenever I take ANY salt, my ears ring terribly for the entire day...There are days I have to stay in my room as I also get extremely noise sensitive...These days I wouldn't even go to the grocerty store as it seems like the volume of everything has been turned up 100X..It is horrendous...I have been on a number of tinnitus sites and people are ready to jump off bridges it is so bad...You can hear the despair in their words... * * * * I'm not that desperate, but there are days that I'm not in a good nood because of the constant ringing/hissing in my ears...And that's not at all like me...My lifestyle is * * "health + humor = longevity..." * * * * As previoulsy mentioned I have tried close to 30 remedies...to no avail... * * I did find one remedy from a Chinese herbalist in Boston, but it caused my heart to race more than I would like...I'll take the ear ringing rather than a heart attack or an arrythmia.... * * * * Thatnks for your reply...You are to be congratulated for doing a service to humanity...

P.R. click on this http://www.prestonshealthspa.net/Mr%20USA.htm

Suggestions from Jim Bolen, friend and student of F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.  jimlbolen@aol.com

Subject: Hearing
From: Jimlbolen@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 11:55:11 EDT
To: alyssaacambel@hotmail.com
CC: watercure2@adelphia.net

Alyssaa, to check and see if your hearing loss is from being dehydrated (low on water in body tissue). This is mainly caused by what a person drinks. I suggest that you drink only water and orange juice or others fruit juices for a couple weeks. You need to be taking 1/8 tsp ( 3/4 gram) of salt with every 16 oz (half a liter .5L) of water. When doing the orange juice you need 3/4g (1/8 tsp) of salt for every glass of juice 8 oz (250cc). You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. you space this out thru out the day. There is a sequence to follow. Drink two glasses of water and take the salt (put the salt in your mouth and drink the water over the salt,wash it down). now you wait for half and hour and then you can eat food. Always drink the water/salt and wait before eating food. After eating you note the time and wait for 2 hrs or 2 1/2 hrs and then you drink two glass of water and take the salt. Any time you feel that you need to drink water then please do so. If you need to drink water with your food then do it. You need to stop coffee, tea, soda, chocolate and alcohol for the two weeks. If you have kidney trouble or congestive heart failure then you should not try this program without consulting a medical doctor. Anyhow I'm only suggesting that you try this. If you get muscle cramps you need more salt. If your eye lids swell then you need to drink the water with out taking any salt for a couple glasses of water or until the swelling is gone. I don't know anything about your medical condition. Hearing is simple. You have an outer ear drum followed with three little bones that move sending vibration to the inter ear drum that has a chamber next to it that is filled with little hairs (like) each one is a little different in that it takes more or less vibrations to make them move in this chamber. But this chamber must be filled with water to have good hearing. If this chamber is low on water then the little hairs can't move (vibrate) very well then a person requires hearing aids to amplify the movement. At the end of that chamber is a cord that goes to the brain where the movement is computed in the brain. So if that chamber is low on water then you have hearing loss. You could drink a couple glasses of water and put a pinch of salt on your tongue and leave it there for a couple minutes, don't drink any water or you will kill the message to the brain that is telling it you are loaded with water/salt. It will in turn possibly share some of its water with that chamber and if it does your hearing will improve instantly. Give it a go and see what happens. Please let us know. If you have any questions please ask. I hope this message will shine some light on your hearing problem. Also if you have any breathing problems like Asthma then you should not do any orange juice or strong fruit juice. It can cause an Asthma attack.

Sincerely Yours Jim Bolen

Date: August 24, 2000

From: Anthony Tabula

            RR# 2, Box 2133

            Laceyville, PA. 18623

            (570) 869-2835

To: Bob Butts & Connie Giblin


I was deaf in both ears and had to use hearing aids. After one week I could hear very well in one ear and after three to four weeks I could hear perfect and got rid of my hearing aids.

Tinitus (ringing in the ears)