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On 9/11/2011 11:27 PM, Kilika wrote:

Testimonial-Pregnant with heart burn

My name is Kilika. I am 8 months pregnant and overweight. At my last ultrasound the doctor put me on bed rest because my unborn son hadn't gained enough weight and was sitting in amniotic fluid that was barely enough to cover him.

I had been suffering from several things: Waking in the night choking on acid in my throat and lungs, weakened vision, severe lower back pain, fatigue, and painful heartburn during the day.

I was confused at these health concerns because since last year, I had switched to a diet of 80% raw produce and had lost nearly 100 pounds. I should have been feeling better, I thought. My parents emailed my situation into the water cure site and within a day I got a call from Jim Bolen.

I was a little skeptical, but at that point I was ready to try anything that wasn't dangerous for my baby. After answering some questions about my symptoms and situation, Jim made suggestions for my salt and water intake that I followed immediately.

I was amazed to find that I was severely dehydrated and salt and sugar deficient! Such a simple thing. I had been staying away from extra salt and sugar for years because of the diabetes history on both sides of my family. Within minutes of drinking salt and sugar water, my back pain had disappeared, heartburn was gone, I had more energy and my vision was sharper.

Swishing and gargling with salt water also got rid of the sniffles and a tickle in my throat. Later that evening I went to bed without fear of choking on acid because I felt 100% better than I had the day before.
A day after starting the water cure, my energy was amazing. Physically and emotionally, I felt much more balanced so I continued taking salt, eating the recommended foods and drinking water.

Then for a 12 hour span, my unborn son only moved a total of 7 times. We were told by my midwife that if he didn't reach 10 movements minimum in 12 hours at any time, to go immediately to the birthing center to get tests run. It took them 5 minutes to find my son's heartbeat, but once they did, his heart rate and brain activity were both showing up as excellent. He just wasn't moving much.

Jim assured me that it was probably my baby soaking in the good changes I was making and the day after, that proved to be true. My baby's movements returned to normal, with him moving 10+ times every hour. I'm so thankful he's doing fine!

I've begun a journal, as suggested, to track my water, salt intake and bowel movements. It makes it so much easier to look back over my day and see what I need to keep an eye on.

The journal came in handy just the other night when I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible heartburn. It had been a busy day, so I checked my journal and was alarmed to see that I hadn't drunk enough water throughout the day, had eaten an uncomfortably spicy meal at a new restaurant and had missed eating my green beans before bed.

I tried to see if taking a pinch of salt and drinking lots of water would help. Then I made the green beans and had them, but the pressure from my heartburn caused me to vomit everything up. After that I slowly began to feel better, but it's something I hope to learn from and keep better track of things. I don't want that to happen again!

My 3 year old son has begun taking salt as well. Just a pinch on the tongue before I give him his cup of water. He seems to crave it too, and will let me know by swiping the 'medicine' off the table and asking for more. I've noticed that when I do give it to him as he needs it, he's in a better mood afterwards.

We're now eating eggs 2 or 3 times a day and using pasta and potatoes as time released energy boosters based on the information we've been sent by the water cure. We've also switched to Sugar in the Raw and replaced table salt with Himalayan crystal salt for drinking and cooking.

I think it's amazing the things we've forgotten as humans. Simple things like what amino acids and complex carbohydrates are for and the importance of salt and water in our diets! I'm still learning, but am totally convinced after the difference I've seen in my own body.

I've only been following the water cure suggestions for less than a week now, but hope to continue for the rest of my life! My husband is starting it as well after seeing how it's helped me and we both believe it saved our unborn son from future complications.

We had the extra tests done this week and they will continue testing every week to keep an eye on the baby. I was so excited and wanted to give you an update. Testing on Tuesday and today went really well. Baby's brain activity and heart rate were much better on Tuesday than the week before and then today they improved even more.

The midwife said today's test strip was one of the best they've ever seen. Our baby has gained weight too! He is now 5 pounds when two weeks ago he was only about 4.6 pounds and they didn't expect him to grow any more with the low fluid. 5 pounds is still small, but any growth is wonderful. He's also turned head down, another thing they did not expect with the stress on him due to low amniotic fluid.

The amniotic fluid has not increased significantly, but it hasn't decreased either! I'm continuing the good habits you helped me put into place and continue to feel wonderful, so I'm not surprised at the improvement our little one is showing and it's so encouraging.

Kilika's parents E-mail...

Our daughter Kilika just emailed us about her appointment on Tuesday and we couldn't wait to share her good news with you. Here is an excerpt from her email to us:

"Hi, Mom and Dad! Had an ultrasound for David today and more testing for his brain activity and heart rate. The tests came out great, again. Praise the Lord! But the biggest praise is that they could see via ultrasound that the amniotic fluid has increased since last week!! Isn't God amazing? The doctor was very surprised and we are so encouraged. Thank you again for contacting the water cure for me. It's made a huge difference that we cannot deny."

Thank you again for all the time you took to walk me through everything and help me get everything I needed! Praying that you have a wonderful weekend.

David was born April 25, 2011. He is perfectly healthy and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz at birth.

It has been 19 days since he was delivered. I've continued a healthy diet and taking the salt and drinking enough water and am thrilled that I'm able to breastfeed him exclusively with no need to supplement with formula! Also, I'm happy to report I've lost 25 lbs since the birth. My husband and I are so thankful for the water cure and the positive life changes we're experiencing by applying it!

Kilika and family Joplin, Mo

Here is the crucial scientific reason why expectant mothers MUST increase their water intake. How many America mothers-to-be would know that six pounds of their beautiful, new eight pound baby IS PURE WATER?


From Dr. F. Batmanghelidjís book, Water for Health, Healing, for Life

Doctorís are taught to tell patients no salt or low salt. Pregnant women are listening and the environment of the amniotic fluid, which is supposed to be salt water, the same salinity as the ocean, is being compromised causing problems with the fetus. The situation is made far worse if the expectant mother uses caffeine or alcohol which will dehydrate the baby. Dr. Batmanghelidj also feels this can cause DNA problems, which could be the cause of homosexuality.

Date: 7/15/01 Sun 6:56 PM

From: Sandy Monroe 


To: Bob Butts


Please add morning sickness to the list of health problems water helps. As a female chiropractic physician I have been recommending water to my pregnant patients for some time now. It WORKS. It does seem that the nausea is a hydration problem, purely and simply. Keep up the good work. 

Dr Sandra Monroe

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 23:39:21 -0900

From: Philip Smith <holyguy7@netscape.net>

To:  watercure2@adelphia.net

Subject: Breech Baby turned due to Increased water intake


Ran across your website and I realized that 5 months ago when my wife

was due with baby #4 that it was diagnosed as being breech. She was told

by her midwife and doctor to drink LOTS of water. The day before the

scheduled C-section, the baby turned. She started drinking massive

amounts of water three days beforehand the scheduled C-section.


We couldn't figure out what caused the baby to turn until we ran across

your website. Thanks again.




Anchorage, Alaska

Menopause and Hot Flashes

From Water for Health, for Healing, for Life

by Dr. Batmanghelidj (pages 209-210)

Because of the age-dependent loss of thirst sensation and the establishment of persistent dehydration, at some point or other in the life of any individual, the hormonal balance of the body will automatically become affected by the same dehydration. In women, this hormonal imbalance will eventually lead to symptom-producing menopause and its hallmark of hot flashes. Historically, some women are known for having given birth to a child when they were in their seventies. It is therefore feasible that there is no hard and fast rule to the age in which menopause is established. With the right lifestyle and balanced nutrition, it may be possible to delay menopause and alleviate its symptoms.

To treat hot flashes, you need to hydrate the body well. You need to take a balanced amino acid diet that enhances the serotonin activity of the brain. You also need to take vitamin B6 as a supplement. Vitamin B6 is directly involved in the conversion of the amino acids: tryptophan to serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine, and indolamine; tryosine to dopa, dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline; histidine to histamine. These neurotransmitters are vital for balancing the hormonal functions of the body, as well as its water intake regulation. Dehydrated people are all vitamin B6-and zinc-deficient. The addition of 100 milligrams of B6 to your daily diet will prevent hot flashes and alleviate PMS. This prudent precaution will also correct a range of other problems too extensive to discuss here.

P. M. S. Testimonials

Date: May 31, 1996

From: Connie Giblin 

            Box 3298, RD#3 

            Moscow, PA. 18444 

            (570)457-7464 Ext. 207


To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl 

       Global Health Solutions 

       P.O. Box 3189 

       Falls Church, Virginia 22043


As you will recall, I started working for Mr. Bob Butts on January 10, 1996. 1 was hired to work with the owner on his "Special Project". This project was to prove to the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania that your Water Program is truly the greatest Health Discovery in History. Bob said that when we succeed here, then it will sweep the entire country. When I was interviewed on January 4th, I had NO IDEA what I was getting into .... Now I know it was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. 

Your discovery gave me my life back, something I didn't realize I was losing till I started to pay attention to how I was treating my body. Bob explained your simple solution to gaining good health, that is by drinking 2 quarts of water daily and implementing 1/2 teaspoon of salt as seasoning in my diet gives most health problems no reason to exist. My desk is only 2 feet from the water cooler so that was the easy part. Now I had to drink it. I always drank water but never really realized what it was doing for me because I was still drinking about 2 qts. of ice tea a day. That was my biggest down fall. I was dehydrating myself while flooding myself with caffeinated fluids. For every 10 oz. glass of tea I drank, I was losing 12 oz.'s of fluids. 

I have always suffered terribly with P.M.S. and found that when I was close to that point, my family would avoid me like the plague. I was irritable, bloated, miserable and VERY hard to live with. That's putting it mildly to say the least. I also suffered from an eye problem that came about on Memorial Day of 1995. My eyes got very irritated and itchy. The itchier they got the more I rubbed causing them to blow up and become very red. My eye balls felt like they had sand in them as well. I went to my Dr. 3 times. Each time I was told I had this or that. I was given 3 different prescriptions 3 different times, eye drops, eye cream and pills. Never mind the cost and time involved but none of these prescriptions worked. The problem came back as soon as I stopped. I was just masking the problem. I was told by a girlfriend about her' allergist so I called and made an appointment. It costs $130.00 just to walk in the door before giving my name. Then I would have had to go thru an hour, of poking with needles to see what I was allergic to. Needless to say, I never went. But I was desperate to find out what was the problem. I have had allergies for most of my life and just thought I was allergic to the state I live in due to the pollen and I have animals. Boy was I wrong! 

After starting on your water program and paying attention to my diet, I have never felt better in my life. My energy level has soared. My eye problem has disappeared and my eyes are clearer than they have ever been. My skin is smooth and I have been told my face is glowing! And you know what means just as much to me? My full time job is sharing YOUR discovery with people who come into my office and those we meet at the free seminars we give. The joy I see in their faces in such a short time makes me reel like the luckiest person in the world.

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