The most important factor for survival – after water, air, salt, and food – is exercise. Exercise is more important to the health of the individual than sex, entertainment, or anything else that might be pleasurable. The following points explain the importance of exercise for better health and a longer, pain-free life.


Exercising the body for endurance is better than exercising it for speed or for building excess muscle. In selecting an exercise, you should consider its lifetime value. A long-distance runner will enjoy the exercise value of long-distance runs into old age. A sprinter will not sprint for exercise at a later phase of life.

The best exercise that you can enjoy—even to a ripe old age, and without causing damage to your joints—is walking. Other exercises that will increase your endurance are swimming, golf, skiing, skating, climbing, tennis, squash, bicycling, tai chi, dancing, yoga, and aerobics. In selecting an exercise, evaluate its ability to keep the fat-burning enzymes active for longer durations. Outdoor forms of exercise are more beneficial to the body than indoor. The body becomes better connected to nature.

The four most vital steps to better health are: balancing the water and salt content of the body, exercising the muscle mass of the body—more effective in the open and in sunlight—taking a balanced daily diet of proteins and vegetables, and avoiding dehydrating beverages. These simple steps will be effective in the prevention of disease and are the foundation to any cure process the body needs to undergo.

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