Erectile Dysfunction

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On 1/20/2015 3:08 AM, Abbas Yusuf wrote: Dear Sir,

I am happy to see young people taking over the baton of Water cure even giving it the fancy politically correct medical jargon: Hydration Therapy. I am worried that some of the older generation water cure activists have either moved on or are getting old. That is why I am very happy with the young breed.

In around 2000, I suffered from chronic ulcers so bad I had anti-Acid bottles on either side to my bed to drink at night , so sever the pain was. I had lower back pain that would strike like 3/4 times a year so debilitating I literally use to crawl to the toilet, Hemorrhoids that were infected and blood/pus oozing I had to have rolls of tissue paper on my back side!! Erectile Dysfunction...Insomnia, Obese (120 Kg) finally diagnosed Diabetes...And the Doctor put me on Diabetes medication. THIS WAS MY WAKE UP CALL. I have seen Diabetics suffer miserably and I did not want to go this route.

I called my friend an MD Dr. Deedat (South Africa) for this opinion, he drove over to me on the week-end and literally threw away my medication and told me I don't take prescription medication, but I make a living from it. He told me you have no Diabetes you are only too Obese... take off 20/30 kg and come and see me...He of course taught me how to change my diet. In the mean time some one gave me Your Body's Many Cries for Water of Dr.F. Batmanghelidj, M.D . ...I also read everything in of Bob Butt. In two months..NO MORE weight issue, NO MORE Diabetes or medication, NO MORE Hemorrhoids, NO MORE Ulcers, NO MORE Insomnia, and NO MORE Back pain to date 20 Jan 2015.

From then on I have been very interested in Natural health and healing. I have given a lot of people salt water and many who used it benefited, most laughed at it. I have since then been researching the internet daily at least 2/3 hours on Natural Medicine. BUT I FORGOT ABOUT WATERCURE and WATER CURE2 Websites!!!!

Finally some four months ago seeing a lot of people suffer from Chronic,Degenerative and Idiopathic Diseases, I decided to switch careers and therefore started thoroughly researchING for CURES THAT WERE 100 % EFFECTIVE, NO SIDE EFFECTS, RESULTING IN INSTANT CURES, READILY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE, AND ARE 'DIRT' my searches I ended up in websites. and I saw Dr. Batmanghelidj and I saw Bob Butt and I got a SHOCK OF MY LIFE....WHAT??? IS THIS NOT WHERE I STARTED IT ALL....ISNT THIS WHERE I GOT HEALED...CURED OF 5 OR 6 INCURABLE DISEASES IN RECORD 2 MONTHS...AND I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT!!?... and my new terms of references I research now for CURES THAT ARE 100 % EFFECTIVE, NO SIDE EFFECTS, RESULTING IN INSTANT CURES, READILY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE, AND ARE 'DIRT' CHEAP!!! I just can't believe it!!!

No more NOW, I am now in the field to help the people HEAL, CURE before I FORGET again...

I thank you very much