Dying Cure
Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

A woman was dying. She was saved by WATER.

Dear Mr. Biser (Sam),

I really appreciate your publications, especially the recent newsletter with the interview of the Iranian doctor who said DEHYDRATION was the cause of much/most illness.

I had been telling my husband for months that I believe my years of serious illness has been a domino-effect result of dehydration. Then your newsletter came, and I started drinking WATER!

I was notorious for NEVER drinking water, NEVER. When I started trying to eat more healthily/naturally, I tried spring water, since all sources said you need good clean water. But it always made me feel nauseous, including filtered, spring and other ďfriendlyĒ waters.

After reading your ďWaterĒ newsletter, I started praying for INSIGHT. Here water is ESSENTIAL, but I canít stomach it. Whatís the answer? Medical-regime regularity. A smaller glass drunk according to the CLOCK ó like MEDICINE.

I shortly found myself able to drink water comfortably. AND health problems began to disappear.

More insight: I had a lot of TENSION in my body, though Iím NOT a worrier. Where was the tension coming from? DEHYDRATION caused my blood volume to be smaller so my entire circulatory system had to contract slightly in order to stay in touch with my blood. So did my lymph system have to contract to match lower lymph amount.

The resultant constriction/tension set up the stage for problems caused by restricted circulation: namely, the whole list!

Drinking water expanded my blood and lymph volumes. NO TENSION. Problems caused by constriction eased off (headaches, angina, cramping, aching in lower back). Meanwhile CHRONIC EDEMA is disappearing BIT BY BIT; KIDNEY (only one) PAIN IS ALMOST GONE and I have ENERGY.

Yes, energy! Iím out running around catching up on YEARS OF BACKLOG ó and just in time, as business challenges made it necessary for me to be more active at work.

This has been a great blessing and I am sharing it with others ó with similar results.

One friend ó hospitalized repeatedly with agonizing stomach pains that defied diagnosis ó started drinking water and got out of the hospital and went back to work as a painter. A few weeks later, he forgot to drink in a heat wave and was back in the hospital. I reminded him of WATER, and he was discharged the next afternoon!

My husband travels over 20 days/month and tends not to get enough rest, air, water and sunlight (planes, hotels, etc.). Since he started drinking water regularly, he is like a new person ómuch more energy and alertness. And he doesnít fall asleep involuntarily anymore in meetings ó a great trial for him is over!

Thank you for the work youíre doing to help humanity. And please donít mock yourself ó or doctors ó as you donít have to react at all to detractors. Donít give them the satisfaction of making you react. Youíre a HUMANITARIAN!


Níomi Orr
Chesapeake, VA

Sam's NOTE: We spoke extensively with Níomi. Here is what she told us:

ďIíve had serious health problems my whole life. I had appendicitis when I was fifteen, and when I was nineteen I had a ruptured gallbladder. At age twenty my kidney stopped working and nobody could figure out why; there was no organic cause or disease. It just stopped functioning, and I had to have it removed. Iíve also had chronic bronchial problems all my life. Just over the past year I had begun to tell my husband that I thought all these problems were due to chronic dehydration.

I never drank water my whole life. Never. It made me nauseous. I felt that dehydration was the problem, and knew I needed to drink water, but didnít know what to do because a person who is completely dehydrated can get ill from drinking lots of water all at once ó and thatís what was happening to me. My body was just not equipped to deal with big doses of water all at once.

When your article came in the mail, I said ďNow I know what to do.Ē I began to drink water medicinally, just a little bit at a time, but by the clock as if it were medication. I started with half a glass, every half hour or so, and eventually hydrated my body enough so that now I can drink a huge tumbler of water with no problem.

My main source of water up to that time had been Coca-Cola. I loved Coke, and didnít think I could ever give it up, but Iíve managed to break myself of the habit rather painlessly. I decided that every time I felt the urge to drink a Coke, I would make myself drink a glass of water first, and then have my soda. What happens now is I go to the fridge, take out a can of Coke, then go to the sink and drink a glass of water. About 75% of the time I donít even open the Coke, because my desire for it is gone. It was water my body wanted the whole time, but it didnít know how to tell me.

Getting adjusted to the water program took a few weeks, because my body didnít trust me at first. It had grown accustomed to being chronically dehydrated. But as I kept up with my program and started improving, soon I could feel my body actually beginning to experience thirst. I had never experienced thirst my whole life. It was so funny to actually feel the sensation and say ďIím thirsty.Ē

Before I began this water program, my health was just continuing to go downhill. When you are dehydrated, nutrition and exercise wonít help you. In fact, a doctor told me about a year and a half ago, ďYouíre decompensating.Ē He was telling me that I was dying and there was nothing I could do about it. Every day, every cell in my body was less able to cope, so my life systems were going down. I was bedridden, but now I am up and around. I can drive around, work in my business, design brochures, and study and finish write my Masterís thesis. Itís really amazing: what I did just yesterday would have been a monthís activity before the water program - - and thatís when I was feeling good! I owe you a lot.

It has been about six months now, and wonderful changes are still happening. For example, Iíve experienced a gradual weight loss of about a half a pound a week. And the benefits keep on coming. Thank you for this article, and for putting out your newsletter. This knowledge has been a tremendous blessing.Ē