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UPDATE 1/30/08 Courageous nurse's phenomenal recovery!

Subject: help with watercure
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 09:31:12 -0800 (PST)
From: neetu chabbra mailto:neetu374@yahoo.com
To: watercure2@comcast.net

I am 37 year old mother of 1 child ,hypothyroid for 10 years(post delivery).i also suffer from severe acidity-pain in stomach,heartburn,nausea.i did watercure for a month but am gaining wt which went from 67kgs to 70 kgs.my acidity is also aggravated with severe pain (gasy)in upper abdomen.why is this not working for me.i want to lose wt desperately and feel healthy.please help.

Subject: Re: Maher Hakim Testomonial

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 17:07:43 +0400
From: Maher Hakim <mh@sg.ae
To: Robert Butts

About 3 months back I had a sever heart burn at 4 am which I thought it was a heart attack. After very panicky night/morning I stated to feel sever pain when I sleep on either side or even when I lay on my back, the pain was hard along with some sort of a shiver and massive bloating and bleaches. I lost my ability to sleep even though I have tried all possible solutions (PPI, Anti Acid, Raise the bed…etc) but nothing can stop the pain. I did an endoscopy and I was diagnosed with a small hernia, a small esophagus diverticulium and some bacteria in the stomach (h. Pylori).

I was given more PPI and a lot of antibiotics for about 30 days. My sleep problem grow worse to a full fledge PSYCHOLOGICAL INSOMNIA (fear of sleeping) and I was diagnosed by my psychiatrist with sever anxiety and put me on 3 different medications (with horrible possible side effects). My over all health has deteriorated because of sever the anxiety that was coming from the fact that I cannot sleep at night without the help of drugs and I was over worried about my family well-being ( a lovely wife and 2 children) in case I die. Of course before all this started I did not have fear of sleep nor fear of death.

After seeing many top notch doctors and after I have done a lot of research on the internet and have reached the conclusion that I have a serious case of systemic candidas because of the frequent use of antibiotics. But however now my serious insomnia along with the 3 heavy PSYCHOLOGICAL drugs made me feel like a zombie with few days left to live. Boy it is sure a horrible and helpless feeling.

Today I was on the internet and read about the water cure (which by the way it should be renamed to "The water and sea salt cure") and I have reached out to my sea salt and put 1/4 teaspoon in a large glass of pure water and drank…. and WOW immediately my body pains decreased and my overall mental zombie mode improved from depression and fear to a bit more normal and more positive mind set, which have made me feel good enough to write this testimonial.

So I will continue with the Sea Salt & Water regimen and will keep you updated on my improvement.

Keep up the great work and god bless those who truly give and not desire to be mere takers.

Kind Regards
Maher Hakim

Subject: Query !

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 08:30:16 -0700 (PDT)

From: Janakiraman S <svjram@yahoo.com>

To: watercure2@adelphia.net


I have seen your website which has very good testimonials on Water Cure. I myself getting benefittted from water cure. My dyspepsia and constipation disappeared within 3 days of increased water intake. Kudos due to the wonderful work of Dr.Batmanghelidj.

Subject: watercure
From: "James" <james_smith_2@charter.net>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 11:30:09 -0400

To: <watercure2@adelphia.net>

I have been diagnosed with diabetes three months ago. My health issues seem to have multiplied since then. I have had a lot of heartburn, which in turn has caused me to have panic attacks. Nothing I take seems to even affect this, until I began to take the seasalt and water about a week ago. Now, I seem to be getting some relief from the heartburn from the enzymes I am taking to control the heartburn, and I have been getting some good sleep at night again. My question is: I have a water softening system, which uses salt to soften the water. In turn, this water is then filtered by reverse osmosis. Is it possible to be getting too much sodium in this type of drinking water, which may be hampering my recovery with the seasalt cure? My wife asks, do I have to put the salt in the water? Can I simply salt my food with the seasalt? She finds it very hard to drink enough of the saltwater. Thank you for your website, as it has been a Godsend for me and my wife. I am telling everyone about it. Thanks for your consideration.
James and Gwen Smith
1121 Woodcrest Drive
Azle, Texas 76020

Subject: Re: problems

Date: Friday, 5 Nov 2004 09:43:05 -0000

From: Karen Glynn <karglynn8@f2s.com>

To: Bob Butts <watercure2@adelphia.net>

Karen Glynn wrote:

I have read both books by Dr Batmanghelidj that are available in the UK "Your body' s many cries for water" and "water and salt" - I have mild hypertension and am overweight, the doctor prescribed various medications but I reacted badly to them all.  I keep trying the watercure, but I get indigestion when drinking water, I have always had this problem, I have tried drinking smaller amounts and warmed but I still get heartburn.  I am continuing with trying to drink water but I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks for your help

Subject: Re: problems

Date: Monday, November 08, 2004 1:50 PM      

From: Bob Butts

To: Karen Glynn

Visit www.curezone.com so you can communicate with many people who have been successful with the WC.  How much do you weigh, water & unprocessed sea salt do you use & caffeine and alcohol do you consume?  Are you getting enough calcium, magnesium, and potassium? The more over weight people are, the more dehydrated they usually are.  Have you read our testimonials and seen our videos on www.watercure2.org?

Karen Glynn

Thank you for replying to my query.  I was just writing to let you know that I have solved my indigestion problem.  I did more research into this and found out that ayuvedic medicine says you should drink hot water, not room temperature which I was doing.  So I have been drinking water about the temperature of tea or coffee and it has worked.   Still a bit nervous about adding salt to my diet, but will persevere as I have been losing weight steadily.  Thanks for your help, maybe the above will help someone with the same problem.


Date: Sunday, April 04, 2004

From: Glidewell@aol.com

To: Bob Butts

If my husband and I take the amount of salt prescribed by Dr. B, we find it to be too much. On the other hand, if we cut back too much, we have problems. My husband went through a bout of terrible heartburn pains a few months ago. This was after the acupuncturist told him to cut out salt to help with weight loss and to supposedly control cortisol levels (stress related?). The pain was bad; he went to a doctor to be tested for h. pylori (as was recommended). The test came back negative. He added salt back to his daily regimen, and the pains went away. Occasionally, he’ll complain of the pain again, and when I ask about his salt intake, he almost always responds with “oh yeah.” He takes salt, and the problem goes away.

I got Dr. B’s book several years ago from the Price-Pottenger Foundation. It really opened our eyes about hydration. I didn’t follow the salt guidelines really carefully, as I thought I was already using enough in my cooking. Later on, as we began to experiment more carefully with adding more, it became apparent that we were not using enough. We have learned through much trial and error how to recognize what our needs are.

We take long road trips, and we noticed very significant improvement in endurance and relaxation once we started keeping water bottles at our disposal. We just don’t tire out the way we used to in our pre-water days. There have been significant improvements in our kids as well.

Thank you for your dedication to this important cause.

Marilyn Glidewell

Date: 7/20/01 Fri 6:52 AM

From: Dr. Michael Spitzer, B.S., M.S., PhD..D.
            Spring Valley, AZ


To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Doctor, you have changed my life!  I had heart burn so bad that my doctor was having problems treating it anymore!  IN LESS THAN TWO DAYS, IT WAS

With the UTMOST respect and gratitude,

From: Ms. Pauline Marmo 


To: Bob Butts & Connie Giblin


 This past summer my stomach and abdomen began to swell out of proportion. Neither my doctor nor the presiding doctor at the ER were able to help me. My symptoms were bloating, loss of appetite, and a lot of abdominal pressure. I couldn't digest any raw foods. It got to a point where I couldn't lie down, not even sit down, as it put added pressure on my already swollen stomach.

In order to rest I would lean against the wall for a few minutes. A friend recommended that I contact Andrew Bauman, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, which I did. For a while he advised me not to eat any raw food, only cooked foods. He suggested that I go on the water cure, including sea salt and some digestive herbs and he evaluated my supplement intake.

After increased water intake, along with the sea salt, I experienced noticeable improvement with each passing day. It was very encouraging. Within ten days, I had no stomach distress at all. Gradually I began to eat raw food again. I took no prescription drugs but, I did, without fail, take the water along with salt before every meal. That's all it took. I am now cured.

From: Martha Greco 

           115 Plane Street 

           Avoca, PA. 18641 


To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl 

       Global Health Solutions 

       P.O. Box 3189 

       Falls Church, Virginia 22043


Since I was eighteen years old, I have suffered from stomach and digestive problems.  

In the beginning, my doctor had me go for an ultra sound of my stomach and gall bladder. The only thing they found were two ulcers so I was given Zantax and told the ulcers would heal in six weeks. For the next six years I experienced severe stomach aches, heartburn and would often make myself sick just so the burning would go away. By the time I was 25, I could only eat baby food and ice cream. Every time I would try to eat, I would feel as though there was something stuck in my throat. I went to the emergency room and all they did was blood work which cost me $400.00. 

Next I went to my medical doctor and told me it was my nerves and sent me home with Zantax and Buspar to help me relax. 

Now I was having anxiety attacks from not being able to eat. Needless to say, none of these pills helped me so I said I want to go to an ear/nose/throat specialist. When I went to him, he put the scope up my nose, down through as far as my voice box, he found nothing wrong, sent me home with nose sprays & pills stating it must be allergies. 

By now my nerves were shot and I talked to my friend who is a Chiropractor and began going to him for treatments of my neck and shoulders. My muscles were very tight and I had knots in the muscles on the side of my neck which were causing severe spasms which made it feel as if someone were choking me. By controlling the amount of stress and going for treatments, I was feeling better but still had heartburn and, by night time, my throat was so dry that my voice was hoarse. I couldn’t even read a book to my daughters. 

I spoke to my medical doctor about these problems and he suggested an upper GI series to see if I have a hernia. Another $200.00 and all they found was I had severe acid reflux which they felt was caused by stress. My first thoughts were, "Here we go again, more tests, more money and no relief". I explained to my chiropractor and he felt that we should do a series of blood work and check my thyroid gland. Another $200.00 dollars for blood work that Came up showing my calcium was up and everything else was normal except for my red blood cells which were up. He said it wasn’t a bad thing just to drink more fluids. 

When my husband was telling Bob Butts about my medical problems, he gave him some information on tapes ad papers on drinking water "Natures Cure" for me to try. Well, to be honest, I didn’t believe drinking water would help me eat and not get the fullness in my throat, but I can tell you it WORKS! I drink aprox. 2 quarts of water a day, no soda, no tea, no coffee and I am able to eat REAL FOOD these days, even cucumbers which I always loved, but I never could eat because of the burning and heartburn afterward. I have not experienced a dry mouth, sore throat or much heartburn since. 

About 30 days after starting the water program, I feel better today than I have in years. I eat right, drink my water, my stress is reduced and I am looking forward to enjoying a healthy life without digestive complaints. Come to my 26th birthday party in July and we will toast with a tall cold glass of ice water.

You have acid-reflux? (heartburn?) Whenever I have that I just take 1 tsp of baking soda in 1/4 cup of water, mix it up and drink it back quickly. This gets rid of the heartburn within a few minutes every time.

How is your diet? Acid reflux is telling you that you're eating too many acid-forming foods (grains, flour, pasta, meat, sugar). Eat more vegetables. Also...are you drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day? It's almost impossible to get reflux when well hydrated. (this will help your constipation too).

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