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Children Dying from Severe Diarrhea
A Simple Inexpensive Remedy

It's so sad to realize that children all over the world are dying from severe diarrhea when there is a simple and inexpensive cure.

Life threatening dehydration is one of the first symptoms of severe diarrhea. Once a child reaches the stage of sever dehydration death can occure within a matter of 8 hours!

Why is this happening when the simple remedy of adding 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar to a liter or a quart of water will save that child's life? It's so inexpensive, easy to make, and the ingredients are very easy to find for most people in the world. By drinking this mixture through the day a few ounces at a time can restore the electrolytes and life supporting body fluids.

This recipe isn't only for children it's wonderful for the elderly and anybody suffering from sever diarrhea and dehydration. It's much easier on the stomach than plain water and will go through the stomach lining much faster so you will notice your body hydrating fast.

Plus cranky children love the taste, so it's so easy to get them to drink it. If needed, feed this mixture to them a teaspoon at a time. Just get the fluids into them!

They use this in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and SAVED 50 MILLION LIVES. They call it oral rehydration therapy (ort).

Google 50 million lives saved with water, salt & sugar cures diarrhea. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh proved a teaspoon of sea salt, 8 teaspoons of raw sugar mixed in a quart of water and drunk over the day, a few ounces at a time will cure diarrhea. Endorsed by the World Health Organization and Harvard health Review.