Diabetes, A Simple Fix.

Diabetes is mainly a lack of water, sea salt, magnesium (found in dark greens) and Tryptophan, an amino acid found in eggs, beans, cottage cheese 4% (cheeses) and nuts.

The sequence is drinking water, 1/2 liter and taking .75 grams of sea salt. You start the salt at .75 grams and after a couple days you increase it to 1.5 grams per 1/2 liter. If the persons eyelids swell or ankles and possibly their fingers, then they would drink water and take no sea salt until the swelling is gone. When the swelling is gone, they would start the sea salt again but cut back on the amount. You can mix the sea salt into the water or just put the sea salt in your mouth and drink the water over the salt. Another way to take the sea salt is to put it into a capsule and take it like a pill or you can salt your food very heavily with sea salt. 1/2 liter is 16.9 oz and .75 grams is 1/8 tsp.

A diabetic needs to eat 6 eggs every day. They don't need any insulin for eating eggs. There are no carbs in eggs or cheese. Also any diabetic class 1 (injecting insulin) or class 2 taking a pill, should eat 8-10 oz of green beans before going to bed. The green beans are low in carbs and have enough protein, magnesium and tryptophan to carry the body through the night. Our body works harder at night when we are sleeping then when we are up during the day time. The body will have the liver convert fat to sugar and dump it into the blood stream. Remember: The brain doesn't need insulin to use sugar and there is always an excess of sugar dumped into the blood.

Green beans reproduce another plant just like eggs reproduce a chicken and nuts reproduce a tree. Cheese comes from the butter fat (cream found on top of milk) it is loaded with amino acids. Meat, chicken and fish also contain amino acids, but it must be a live kill. After the second day, most of the amino acids are gone. Dark green is chlorophyll to our body.

I don't know if you know about mg ATPs and mg GTPs. These are batteries that store energy in all our cells. Water, sea salt and potassium turn a generator called a cation pump that makes electricity and it is stored in these ATP's and GTP's. A person should always drink half their weight in ounces of water. A person must stop coffee, tea, soda and chocolate. A diabetic person should drink water and takes the right amount of sea salt, for that person at that time and follows the sequence of drinking water, 2 glasses/salt and waits 1/2 hr before eating food. After eating, they should wait 2-2 1/2 hrs and then drink more water to complete the digestive process. When the body digests food, it uses up water. As for the young lad of 12 years, he needs to do the water and sea salt. I suggest he do no milk at all. Just water, sea salt and eat lots of eggs, beans, nuts, yogurt, cheeses (no cottage cheese for him unless that's all he has for quality protein to eat). Some young children become class one diabetics because of the milk. The milk from a cow or goat is to put weight on the calf and the calf (baby) gets its immune system( to fight bacteria) from the mother for up to one full year. By then the calf's own immune system is working 100%.

The pancreas is located behind the stomach and has three main functions. Alpha cells produce a chemical to help in digesting (breaking down) of some foods, just like bile does from the Liver-gallbladder. Another function is, beta cells produce insulin needed by the cells to be able to use the sugar we eat. Natural sugar from fruit, doesn't require any insulin. And the other function of the pancreas is to produce a bicarbonate to neutralize the Hydrochloric acid after its done its job in the stomach.

When young children become diabetics, normally they become real sick because their immune system detects an intruder bacteria from the milk they drank. The intruder (bacteria) is part of the immune system from the mother cow that is live or dead, but the child's immune system gets fired up to attack this intruder (bacteria). The problem is the beta cells of the pancreas are very similar to the intruder (bacteria) and so the child's immune system will attack their own beta cells and destroy them. In this case, water and sea salt will stop all the secondary problems with diabetes, eye damage, kidney damage and circulation problems. Sometimes, not all the beta cells are destroyed or possibly the pancreas will regenerate new beta cells. But if the 12 year old boy will drink 8 glasses of water spaced out thru the day and take at lease 1/8 tsp of sea salt for every 2 glasses of water and possibly even more salt. Children require more water because there cells are expanding and expanding. That’s how they grow. If the young boy, will eat lots of eggs and eat beans if possible and lots of fruit and fresh vegetables he will start to recover. His body is running on all sugar now but will convert back to electricity generated by water, salt and potassium.

He and your mother need dark green vegetables raw if at all possible. And its very important for them to eat green beans (8-10 oz ) just before going to bed. The green beans can be canned, frozen or fresh. Maybe pea pods or something close in type to green beans will work. Also, if a diabetic will take liquid chlorophyll for a month or two there sugar level will stabilize almost overnight. And by eating foods that don't require any insulin, EGGS, CHEESE, FRUIT. Also eating lots of vegetables along with beans and nuts.

You can get liquid chlorophyll from pfc@prominent.coith They carry Green Magic liquid chlorophyll form Banning, California USA DeSouz's, 1-800-373-5171 The E-mail address is in Bangkok. If you can't get liquid chlorophyll then maybe capsules or hard pills will work. Liquid form you take one ounce (30cc) morning, noon and evening time, capsules or hard pills of Alfafa. If your mother will eat lots of eggs, beans, cheese, nuts and fruits, vegetables, she will come off the needle (need to inject insulin). Following the sequence of drinking water and taking the right amount of sea salt (each person needs to find there requirement for salt). When a diabetic eats fruit, natural fruit, they don't need insulin to use the natural sugar found in fruit. (fructose) So, if a diabetic person eats only eggs, cheese, natural fruit and beans, nuts (a balance of protein and amino acids) plus eat lots of vegetables. Eat no bread, pasta or heavy starchy things. As a diabetic follows this diet of eating these foods they will be using less and less insulin until they are off insulin.

I have had diabetics taking 40 units morning and night for 10 yrs come off the insulin totally in 2 weeks. Anyone following this suggested program will be using half the amount of insulin immediately. Remember that eating green beans before going to bed at night is very important. By doing this, the liver will not be dumping sugar in the blood stream. As for your question about drinking water and the effect it has on the body's sugar level or blood pressure. When you drink one or two glasses of water, it's like throwing a rock in a pond. You see a bunch of little ripples that extend out from the rock. All this free water goes into the cells (water not tied up doing any thing) will hydrate the cells causing a reaction in the system that will have to adjust and adjust and stabilize. After the body receives this water in the cells, it will take inventory of this newfound water and redistribute this water where needed most.

I hope this makes sense to you. Remember, that water and sea salt are more important than oxygen to the body. Without water, you couldn't dissolve the oxygen in the blood and without sea salt there would be no flow or draw. sea salt is required to maintain a balance of water inside the cell and outside the cell. You know sea salt is very important to the brain and spine, they are in a sack of sea water.

I hope I'm not putting you to sleep. Sorry it’s so long. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions you may have. All this information comes from DR B's books and tapes, plus I knew him personally and he would work with me suggesting what a person could do to improve their health. As always, this is suggested. A person follows this water, sea salt and diet at their own risk and none of this replaces a medical doctor.

I will be sending you scanned pages of DR B's books in the future. Just a few important pages so you can see the importance of obtaining his books. NOTE: When a diabetic follows this program. They need to keep some orange juice handy (providing they don't have asthma) Sometimes their blood sugar will drop too low, 50 or 60 and they won't feel very good at all. Anytime they get up in the morning or throughout the day and feel badly, they need to take some quick sugar, like orange juice (it's called a rescue in the medical field. I call it a quick-fix). I mean get some sugar down quickly, not check their blood sugar, but down sugar first because following this program will require less and less insulin and all of a sudden the pancreas will start producing insulin again. So a diabetic has to be ready and made aware that any time they will not require any insulin at all. The average time to be off the insulin is somewhere around 10 days. Some come off the needle in one week. Diabetics need to take a vitamin supplement of Vitamin C 500 mg three times a day, morning, noon and evening meal. Also they need Zinc, 200mg twice a day, morning and evening meal. Flaxseed oil is critical for these people. They need 6 grams each day, in a capsule form, 2 gram with the morning meal, 2 grams at noon time and 2 gram at the evening meal. A good multi-vitamin is very important. Anyone that can't eat dairy should stay away from it. As any other thing they know they are allergic to. Every 120 days, the cells of the human body regenerate. Not all the cells do, but most do. Brain cells don't, so they say, but I think some of them do. I have worked with stroke victims and had them recover from arms and legs not working back to normal in 3 to 6 months. I drive a big truck (18-wheeler) around the USA and Canada giving medical lectures from what I have learned from DR B, and I don't charge anything for this because my travel is free. Note: always take the zinc after eating food.

Sincerely Yours,