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Note: Night time leg cramps quickly disappear when a pinch of salt is put on the  tongue."


On 3/16/2014 6:05 AM, Gregg wrote:
Hi Bob,

About five years ago I started having panic attacks and very high anxiety. I had never experienced panic attacks before and desperately needed a quick fix as I would lose my livelihood because of the very strict medical standards for airline pilots. I quickly found a very helpful website called PanicAway and was able to bring the panic attacks under control but I was still left with continuous anxiety. On a scale of 1-10 this anxiety was probably a constant 3 to 5. As a pilot you cannot take medication for this unless you stop flying for about a year to see how the medication is reacting in your body. It is a very big risk as once you go out on medical, you may not come back. However I was so tired of living with anxiety that I was very seriously considering going out on medical.

Fast forward to about a year and half ago. I play a lot of basketball and had started having a lot of calve cramps. I tried drinking lots of water and eating bananas for the potassium, stretching etc but nothing seemed to help. Then a preacher who plays ball with me gave me a DVD on water salt cure. Figuring I had nothing to lose I started taking sea salt and water (about 1 teaspoon and 80oz of water per day). Within about a week all my calve cramps went away. And then about two weeks later, much to my amazement my anxiety went away. What I found amazing was that I was not taking the salt/water for my anxiety, so therefore one could not contribute it to some type of placebo effect.

Bottom line I is I fully believe that the water/salt has changed my health for the better and perhaps saved my career. To my knowledge there have been no side affects. My blood pressure has perhaps even gone down a little at 110/70.

Thanks for all you do.



Date: September 10,2007

From: Olivia Worthy < >

To: Bob & Connie Butts

Olivia Worthy wrote: Hello Bob and Connie,

I hope you're having a great day and enjoying good health. I'd like to share something with you.

Wednesday evening I had some muscle cramps and that night I woke up with a jolt. It felt like something was wrong but I didn't know what.

Thursday evening the muscle cramps became more severe and I thought all I needed was some more water and salt. Throughout the night I woke up due to 10 difficult episodes of my heart pounding and racing out of control, my pupils dilating and constricting, and each time I felt like I was about to faint.

The last eight times I had to put my legs up on the wall and hang my head over the edge of the bed to keep from losing consciousness. I became weaker each time this occurred and by the 9th and 10th time I could hardly move.

The next day, Friday, Jim told me it was a lack of magnesium so I bought some liquid chlorophyll. It's still happening although to a lesser degree.

Since receiving Jim's advice, I've read up on magnesium and learned that lack of magnesium is the usual cause of palpitations. According to what I've read, the muscle cramps were ironically the result of dehydration and a lack of sodium, magnesium and calcium.

I take good sources of magnesium and calcium at the required ratio throughout the day, and of course I'm getting plenty of salt and water as The Water Cure advises, but the nutrition and water were being flushed out before my body could utilize them. The water is going through too quickly. By following the directions precisely as written on the site, I was actually further dehydrating myself.

I would think it would be a good idea to put a few notes on the recipe page regarding this. Jim tells me he deals with many people who get worse soon after starting The Water Cure as I did because of this.

What I've learned from Jim, and what I believe should be posted on the recipe page, is that if people aren't keeping the water in for 2 - 2 1/2 hours they should begin eating meals, including bagels or bread, while drinking the water. When they are retaining the water long enough, they can return to the regular schedule of waiting 30 minutes before meals.

Also, of course you understand that giving the cells good nutrition is essential, but because most people lack this crucial knowledge it might be a good idea to add a note at the top urging people to follow the nutrition and supplement instructions, especially because the title "Suggested Daily Supplements" sounds like more of an option than something vital.

I've read a number of Dr. B's book reviews that indicate many people believe it's enough to simply drink eight glasses of water per day, and they're not following the salt, nutrition or supplement suggestions. This misunderstanding is of course dangerous in some cases.

Jim has saved my life a few times already and many others I'm certain, but it's clear he can't be there for everyone, despite working overtime trying to be. In my opinion it's imperative to deliver this simple yet critical information so that people can avoid dehydrating themselves even further as I have.

Thank you for your great dedication in delivering Dr. B's message to the world. Before finding your site with the recipe, I didn't know how to follow the schedule.


Olivia Worthy