Connie's Eulogy

Connie's Eulogy by Bob Butts

My Dearest Connie,

Our journey through life together was all too brief, but in that time
you have forever changed countless lives, especially mine. Your five
year radio show, Positive Press Radio, has helped Dr. Batmanghelidj
deliver his health message to people around the world. I know you are
not gone, you are just out of sight. and your program will continue to
reach more and more people through your archived shows.

People can listen to your programs by Googling, Connie Butts helped Dr.
Batmanghelidj change lives on talk radio.

I have heard it said that "it would be a shame to die without winning at
least one victory for humanity." Honey, you have certainly done that and
a whole lot more. what you have done will never stop.

i am proud to be your husband and my pain is eased by what we have
accomplished together.

i'd like to now read a passage that a dear friend emailed me via upon
learning of Connie's death. "when i heard about Connie's passing, I had
to pause and ask the Heavenly Father to bless and comfort you. With
our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will be with Connie
again as families are forever! it is God's plan of life!"

Connie was such a positive force for good with a strong Christian
Spirit. i am blessed that you and Connie have been a part of my life as
i am a better person for knowing ou. May the Lord bless you now, Bob,
as you continue on with your mission in life and a never ending desire
to bless others' lives. may your paths continue to cross mine is my prayer!

with love and a tender heart, Alan Osmond

i know that Alan is right, families are forever and i will see you

Written by Bob Butts

Audio version of eulogy aired nation wide on the Barry Farber Show.