Congestion and Mucus
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From For an immediate remedy for congestion and brain fog, first try breathing in through one nostril and out through the other, then switch and repeat until both nostrils are unclogged. If this method doesn't work, simply walk in a straight line for a few minutes, or try any other type of balancing exercises. These exercises will balance the brain hemispheres, clear up congestion and temporarily rid me of brain fog. I have never found anything to be as effective, not even ACV.

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Dear Sir:
I want to take this moment to thank you, jim and the late Dr. Bateman for saving my life with sea salt and water.
I will try to be brief. I am 59 years old and have suffered severely for the past about 15 years from excessive mucus. It was so bad I would be at night coughing and drawing it back and spitting it out. I probably slept 2, maybe 3 hours a night if I was lucky. I was self employed and I had some flexibility in my work schedule. As doctors were failing me and making me worse with antihistimes, steroid nasal sprays, PPIs, asthma inhalers, you name it and one sinus infection after another and tons of antibiotics,I turned to the internet for help. I googled everything and ended up spending a fortune at vitamin shops only to be disappointed and/or made myself deathly ill. About a year ago I found the water cure and it helped me so much. However, I never got it quite right and I wasn't reaping full rewards. I developed a severe shortness of breath. In the meantime the economy took my small business away ( I am a teacher and this was my education cebter) and I was so sick I could barely walk 5 stairs and I was a substitute teacher. I ended up driving my self to the ER and was admitted to find out I had congestive heart failure. I didn't have insurance so the minimum was done and I came home with lots of pills that made me sicker, the excessive mucus never went away. Somehow I discovered that by adding potassium sometimes the mucus would go away and I would literally weep for joy. Let me add that two months out of the hospital I was evicted and (that was 3 months ago) and I am living in my ex-husbands condominium. My 21 year old daughter is so angry, she hates where we live and tells all her friends it's because of me and she gives not one resolve or care to my heart condition and obviously the shortness of breath is still here. I can barely leave my house for fear I won't be able to breath and die outside, but I go and I sub 3 days. Week and it is pure hell because of the mucus and breathing. Then today, I found the page Jim wrote about the water cure and histimine and how to exactly balance the salt, water and potassium. Wwll, bingo! I got it and right away I could get that mucus under control! This wqas the best day of my life! I felt clear headed, uncongested, hungry, calm and my fingers always swell like suusages and they are nearly normal and my knuckles are not red. I never got the right balance of sea salt, potassium and water, but now, in one day, I did it. I have reread Jim's article 6 times today. At the end of the day I had a bad "allergy" attack and was hacking up histamine like water. I stoPed and thought about it, drank some water, tried salt but I had too much, drank a whole bunch of water and popped about an 1/8th. Of a cup of raisins for potassium and it stopped. I wasn't spitting up mucus everywhere and once that starts I am up for most of the night. ONE DAY! And I made this much progress. My breathing is about 60% better and I bet there is congestion in my lungs that will clear up and I am already looking at the want ads for teacher jobs ! You gave me my life back in one day. And I can only imagine how much better it can get. I can not ever thank you enough, I was so sick so miserable I did not want to go on....I really didn't. You guys saved my life. I will carry the message and if there is ever anything I can do please let me know. I firmly believe that Dr. Bateman was touched by the hand of God. Lastly, I did not take one medicine today for allergies, stomach or heart. My heart will be fine; those medicines make me sick and I know they throw the balance of my body out of wack.I am sorry this is so long but I had to let you know I suffered so bad I wanted to not live. This is my story. God Bless you.
Elaine Garcia
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This is a response Jim Bolen gave to Gelsie who had congestion and mucus problems.

Gelsie, I suggest you take 8 ounces of water and put 1/2 tsp of sea salt into the glass of water and mix it up. Then take a mouth full and gargle it for a few seconds and then swallow it down. Now wait for a couple minutes and see what it did for the congestion and mucus. You can repeat it again and as needed. If the salt upsets your stomach then just eat something or drink some plain water and it will stop. If the gargle with salt water does stop the congestion and mucus, it only proves that you require more salt. When you gargle with the salt water it coats the whole inside of your mouth and when you swallow the salt water it goes down to the area that never gets a good amount of salt. The salt goes into the tissue and then into the blood stream.