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Date: 2001/06/12 Tue AM 12:54:34 EDT

From: Janet McGready



I felt that I was very lucky to hear you on CTC the other night and I am thrilled with your web site. Now I had ulcerative colitis and had been on Asacol for several years. I always hated taking any drug. Then my hair began to fall out & after being tested for everythng, I stopped taking the medication. Then last December my mother (who lives in Penna.) told me about the benefits of a lot of water--I always 'knew'--but I actually started drinking 8-10 & sometimes 12 bottles of water a day. SInce I have always used sea salt I see where that fits right in. anyway, I am now better than I have been in many years. In fact, I am cured. I absolutely believe 100% what you say & I can not wait to direct others to your web site & book. I greatly admire how you are not ut to 'make a quick buck' and sell more drugs or surgery. Healing should be simple--and it is. I only wish all people would listen & try what you say. I mean what does it cost?? Thank you & God Bless you. 

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