Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

Date: April, 2006

From: Adam Carrasco

To: Bob Butts

Dear Bob,

Hi my name is Adam im 19, diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demylentating Polyneuropathy. Symptoms in the beginning, muscle and weight loss(150lbs). Balance was offf, then came the weakness in all my limbs. Numbness wasnt until a year later. It created a stocking effect. I first started reading the water cure in January of this year. Used it and helped me out alot. So far no symptoms as of yet. Keep on doing what your doing, I know people are still skeptical. Even my friends and some family members think im crazy.I told them as long as it is keeping me walking. Im still going to drink my water. Im now 190lbs and working out again. At first the neuro told me I would never workout with weights again. Well Dr Monroe you are dead wrong brutha! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!