Candida Testimonials
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Hi All

I have suffered candida for 2.5 years ever since the use of antibiotics. It took me ages to diagnose myself but ever since, I have found this website priceless. Anyway, after taking probiotics, multivits, oil of oregano, digestive enzymes, caprylic acid etc etc, I was still annoyed that the symptoms had not ultimately disappeared. Probiotics did help massively, but as soon as I stopped taking them, the symptoms would flare up again.

Anyway, a friend lent me a copy of Anthony Robbins 'Get the edge', and he talks about how he had a yeast infection and how diet cured him. He referred to the book-
The PH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health (Paperback) by Robert Young.

Well, it works and works very quickly. I realise that my main drawback was drinking fruitjuice (sweet) every morning. The diets in the book are fairly easy and I have had zero symptoms since starting and raised energy levels.


You can check out the amazon reviews or look at other books which talk about acid/alkaline balancing.


Date: 11-22-06

Subjest: Testimonial for Candida

From: Susan

To: Bob Butts

The improvements are primarily in my digestive system. It works like a dream, and my recent blood tests revealed no more candida antibodies. Amazing. In the past I have had serious candida problems and have only managed to get it to a "moderate" level until I started with the water diet. Now there is a 1% level of candida in my system and I can eat as much fruit as I want where before I was quite limited because I was "feeding" the candida. It's one more my step in my healing.