Burning Feet, Urine & Stomach
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Subject: burning feet, burning urine and burning stomach aches

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 07:44:42 -0500
From: Dr Dennis Kogut
To: watercure2@comcast.net

hello, my name is Dr Dennis Kogut. I consider myself as a holistic chiropractor. That is combining chiropractic adjustments to release the nerve pressure to allow the Life Force to flow freely throughout the body and combining this with nutrition. Over time, I developed burning feet, burning urine and burning stomach aches. After visiting watercure2.org and with much encouragement from Donna Riviello, I decided to drink more water with sea salt in it. I also, decided on my own to go on a juice cleanse. After two weeks of doing this, my burning feet is cleared up. I think I will have to go on more cleanses and continue to mean mindful with drinking water with sea salt to clear up the rest . Thankful for her encouragement. Its so unbelievable that such simple things as quitting coffee, alcohol, consistently can clear up inflammations. Dr Dennis Kogut I am also an advocate of vegetarianism for healthful and planetary reasons.