Blindness Cured
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Barry Farber interviews Bob Butts about multiple sclerosis, blindness and the Water Cure. Bob talks about multiple sclerosis and blindness.


Update: As of April 6, 2012 both of these people are still 100% free of MS and blindness.


A Scranton, PA. attorney called me back in February of 2004 to talk to me about curing his M.S. A medical doctor friend of his, Lang Pao Su, MD & staff member of Mid Valley Hospital of Peckville, Pa., told him to call me for help as he was aware of many people being helped with the Water Cure, including his own patients. He said that he only had about 10% vision in one eye and had difficulty walking up and down steps. I told him that by following the Water Cure program, his vision would most likely be fine within two weeks and all other symptoms would are usually gone in 30 to 60 days. His blindness was gone in four days. I also told him that, in my opinion, M.S. should stand for monumentally stupid because medical science is so ignorant they arenít even aware that virtually every person with M.S. is severely dehydrated and therefore will have a very high acid condition in their bodies. Water and high mineral sea salt will usually quickly restore the proper pH to about 7.3 and the symptoms start to disappear. As of May 8, 2004 he is 95% free of all symptoms.

As of 4/6/2012 he is still free of MS. The reason the water cure often cures blindness is that our eyes are 98% water and vision is often impaired when a person is severely dehydrated. It is a sin that so many people suffer needlessly when the solution is simple, free and just common sense. Dr. B. said that every health problem should first be treated as if the problem is caused by dehydration because most are.

Bob Butts

Date: July 26, 1996

From: Karen Simone

RR#3, Box 3033

Moscow, Pa. 18444

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl

Global Health Solutions

P.O. Box 3189

Falls Church, Virginia 22043

Thank you so much for the advice you gave my boyfriend Bob a month ago. As you'll recall, Bob had lost his sight because of multiple sclerosis. I was very scared of the situation and that is why we called for your advice. He did what you suggested and included the carrot juice, vitamin B & E along with the Water Cure, and it WORKED! He gained his eye sight back at 20/40. The doctor at the eye institute could not believe that Bob's sight came back. As of this date, 7/12/97, all symptoms of M.S. are still gone. There has not been one recurrence of it during the time he has been on the water cure. He had been originally diagnosed with M.S. in 1989. Thank you for your help!

As of 4/6/99, all symptoms are still gone!