Bee Sting Testimonials
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Date: 7/14/01 Sat 7:07 PM

From: Tamara Schuplinsky

             Pinole California


To: Bob Butts 

Heard you on the Barbara Simpson show last month . Began the watercure the same afternoon. Something happened today that made me a believer. I'm terribly allergic to bee stings, in fact I always carry a shot with me just incase. Well this afternoon I got stung big time, ran inside and drank some more water and only got a large sore , but no swelling, and none of the awful pain that usually comes with it. I waited for a few minutes to see whether I needed to take my shot, I was breathing ok, and this afternoon all I have is a large sore, but as I said no swelling on my arms or neck and my breathing is fine. 

Oh, I also suffer from bad, bad headaches and the minute they come on I drink couple of glasses of water with sea salt and it goes away. Just for those two thing in my life it's worth drinking 3 qts of salt water for ever in my life. I'm telling everyone that will listen.

I bless the afternoon that I listen to the show, and I am so ever grateful to have listened. Thank-you , thank-you, thank-you! 

PS I'm dropping weight big time.

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