Dr. Batmanghelidj Interviews

Five Years of Interviews With Dr. Batmanghelidj On the Positive Press Radio Station.

Sam Biser Interview With F. Batmanghelidj Reveals The Common Sense Of The Free Water Cure.

The Positive Radio Show, hosted by Bob and Connie Butts, was an hour long weekly show. These audio files are divided into 30 minute segments. They include the most informative information on the Water Cure you will find anywhere on the internet, only because the person interviewed, Dr. F Batmanghelidj, is solely responsible for the advancement of the Water Cure from its genesis in an Iranian prison to the present time.

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Answers To Your Questions Part 1
Answers To Your Questions Part 2
Asthma and Lupas Part 1 06-02-2000
Asthma and Lupas Part 2 06-02-2000
Asthma and Lupas Part 1
Asthma and Lupas Part 2
Asthma Part 1
Asthma Part 2 01-03-1995
Caffeine... Slow Killer Part 1
Caffeine... Slow Killer Part 2
Depression Part 1
Depression Part 2
Diabetes Part 1
Diabetes Part 2
Fibromyalgia Part 1
Fibromyalgia Part 2
H2O In Schools
Importance of H2O Part 1
Importance of H2O Part 2
Lupas Part 1
Lupas Part 2
Neurotransmitter Research Part 1
Neurotransmitter Research Part 2
Women's Issues Part 1
Women's Issues Part 2