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Here is the crucial scientific reason why expectant mothers MUST increase their water intake. How many America mothers-to-be would know that six pounds of their beautiful, new eight pound baby IS PURE WATER?

In order to produce a healthy baby, your body requires extra fluids-extra water, blood, and amniotic fluid. During pregnancy you gain about 15 to 20 pounds in water alone.

Date: December 12, 2007
From: Jenni Chism
Subject: Asthma
To: Donna Rivellio

This a testimonial email Jenni Chism sent to nurse Donna Riviello whose testimonial changed her life.

Dear Bonita, I just read your testimony on the website and it thrilled me to hear you praising our Lord for the miracle in your life. I pray that you are still feeling wonderful. I have been suffering with asthma for 30 years and after my 3rd child (born in June) I was severely ill with a lung capacity of an 85 year old. In Faith, I quit all my medicines to try and find natural help. Everything was so costly and skeptical. After a night of using my rescue inhaler numerous times, I got up and prayed for God to heal me. I believe He can. I then felt this prodding to "go and drink water." So I did, 32 ounces of it. My attack went away. I felt great!!!! I googled asthma and dehydration and by God's Grace found the water cure. I was running, not walking, everywhere that day, dancing with my kids and speaking long sentences without having to take a breath! The Lord led me to a scripture in Mark about giving a "cup of water" in His name, and then one, a couple verses later about being "salt" to the world. I know those words have profound spiritual meaning, but my God is also about the simple meanings. I have been asthma symptom free for 8 days, and I have no doubts that the Lord has healed me. I tell people this and they look at me like I am crazy and that has been hard. But then I read your testimony and the scriptures the Lord led you to and my joy is renewed!!! God is Good! I know He must be doing great things through you!

I have been telling other people and met with such resistance and reluctance to believe something so simple could change your life, so I am hoping my health will be convincing enough for them. My father in law has type II diabetes and is on medication, but his blood sugar is not remaining stable. I have introduced him to the water cure and am praying it works for him. My husband is trying to lose weight, so he is on the water cure! "He who has ears, let them hear!" One more thing, not only are my asthma symptoms gone, but my allergies go away immediately when I drink water, my skin has never felt so soft, my cut on my hand healed within 3 days, and my 6 month old's skin, who I am nursing, has cleared up from being chapped and dry and his eyes just sparkle! That is enough reward right there! Thank you again and I will spread the word, in fact I put the website on our family blog and have been praying it will reach who it needs to reach! Praise God for his perfect creation!

God Bless! Keep sharing your story!

Jenni Chism

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