Attention Deficit Disorder
Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

Dear Citizens Commission for Human rights:
The following are testimonials from parents whose children you have cured of ADD & ADHD.

"Thank you for the CCHR site and the wealth of information. My 10-year-old son was displaying many ADD symptoms and his teacher recommended drugs. I opposed this immediately but felt like I had nothing to back me up. I have found that now."

"Thank God I found you."

"I am a parent of a child prescribed Adderall for ADHD. He complained of headaches, chest pains, stomachaches, had mood swings, and became aggressive. After visiting your CCHR site I helped my son become drug free."

"The futures of millions of children are depending on CCHR."

"My hat's off to the work you are doing to educate people. Our neighbor's 13-year-old has been on Ritalin for over a year. Last year I shared your site with the parents."

"This year, they took her off the drug."

Search ADD & ADHD cured with sea salt & water. No child should suffer when there is a free answer that works.

Paid for by Connie & Bob Butts. My wife & I have been passing this info along to people for years after learning Dr. Batmanghelidj’s water cure cures ADD & ADHD.

From the book 'ABC's of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus' 

by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

The results with the water cure on ADD & ADHD have been fantastic by following the watercure.  That means no junk food, soda etc. We will immediately do some research through Dr. B.'s material and post it on our testimonial page. We will also run some ads in the papers to collect testimonials. In my opinion, the best diet to follow is from Dr. Lorraine Day. See She is also a great believer in Dr. B.'s work. The pH of every child should be checked as I'm certain it will be quite acid. As far as I'm concerned, this is a very simple problem. Please stay in touch!

Caffeine is a natural diuretic. It forces more water out of the body than is contained in the caffeinated beverage. Caffeine also acts directly on the brain cells and forces them to use some of their critical energy reserves on trivial actions and whims. It lowers the threshold for triggering an action from cells that would otherwise remain quiet until a more serious engagement is deemed necessary. The effect of caffeine on the brain is energy depletion. Caffeine, if taken repeatedly, eventually exhausts the brain. When the brain needs energy reserves to cope with a crisis, it will be far less effective because it is energy-depleted and depressed. The energy-reserve-depleting effect of caffeine on the brain is one of the primary causes of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Caffeine has another detrimental effect on the brain that should be considered as the second main impact that pushes the brain in the direction of reaching an ADD status. The brain maintains its energy reserves to use for new confrontations, experiences, dangers, and exciting, fresh ideas. This is how it learns selectively and from new experiences. Caffeine not only depletes the stored energy pools in the brain, it also inhibits the enzyme system initiated by PD (phospho-diesterase). PD activity is a vital step in “memory making” by the brain cells.  

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