Amputations... How to Avoid Them
Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

This is my testimony about my pain I used to suffer from and how I avoided amputation of my legs.

I am Andrew J. Bauman, IV. As you may read in Dr. B's 2 books - "A B C of Allergy Asthma and Lupus" (page 71 to top of 78) and "Obesity Cancer Depression" ( page 153-159), my diagnoses' besides "incurable cancer", included Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Allergies (Asthma pain in chest from breathing difficulties-Allergies-excruciating headaches), Arthritis, Bursitis, Lyme Disease, IGA antibody deficiency and IGG antibody deficiency (susceptible to bacterial infections, allergies and asthma) and Diabetic neuropathy (diabetic since April 1971 at age 14). My wife and I actually slept with a steel support under our sheets and blankets like a tent to keep the sheets from touching my feet and legs to prevent the excruciating pain that kept me from sleeping and crying (besides my sleep apnea) at night. I developed lead poisoning from the "Marjol Battery" site in Throop, PA Many doctors were stumped and I was prescribed and ate pain killers like candy, and got injections of Gold and ate NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) and even tried patches and creams (steroids). My miracle came in Oct. 1995 with my "incurable cancer diagnosis" (LOL) - thank you God - when I met Bob Butts who introduced me to Dr. Batmanghelidj. With my history starting with "aborted polio" in early childhood and again between kindergarten and first grade form polio vaccine and booster (we didn't realize at the time that I had an IGA antibody deficiency so the vaccines gave me the paralysis). No wonder I looked like "road kill". Today--Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Allergies, Arthriris, and Bursitis are gone. Lead poisoning in blood and bones gone form chelating with greens and chlorophyll in my diet and supplements as Dr. B taught me. Even the Diabetic Neuropathy which is "still there" and measurable by nerve conduction tests (I show zero electrical responses) but gives me no more pain and is much better (NO MORE PAIN). I continue to improve. My ankles and legs no longer swell as they used to and the promise/warning that they would have to "cut off my legs" due to veins bursting "venous insufficiency" when they injected dye to test for the extent of damage is no longer there. I have normal size ankles/legs and I walk now and the skin color constantly gets lighter. Did I mention -NO MORE PAIN? A friend of mine who called me about his Fibromyalgia (because he knew I got rid of mine) that I coached in using the water is better today. My Lyme disease is gone. A woman I helped at the "Healing Garden" in Taylor, PA in 1999, 2000 was improving with her RSD. Unfortunately we lost touch when I went to NYC to Acupuncture/Alternative medicine school. PAIN--not in my life. Legs--I still have mine 25 years later after they told me I would lose them within a year or so! Thanks Bob Butts for introducing me to Dr. B. My heart will always be grateful to Dr. B for coaching and teaching me and for assisting me as I went through Acupuncture school in NYC blocks away from 911 from 9/3/01 - 8/15/08. I miss Dr. B a lot but am grateful for his books, tapes and personal help he gave to me.
Andrew J. Bauman, IV
Scranton PA

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, almost all amputations done as a result of poor circulation can be avoided. See our diabetes page and read Drew Bauman's story how after being told he will need to have both legs amputated, he started drinking water his legs returned to being almost completely normal because his circulation returned.

In summer time when the grass turns brown because it doesn't have enough moisture therefore depriving the blades of circulation, would you think the grass should be amputated? Of course not, because that would be crazy. And in most cases it is absolutely insane to cut off a person's toes, feet and legs when their lack of circulation is simply due to lack of water.

I think it is absolutely impossible to have diabetic neuropathy in the limb of a person who is well hydrated.  Medical schooling has dumbed doctor's down to such an extent they are unaware of this. Well intentioned doctors have been ripped off by their profit driven schooling which, through ignorance, is designed to enhance the profitability of the drug companies which give them big grants.

If you are facing amputation and if your doctor thinks that you can put if off safely, try the watercure for a week. I'm sure you will be astonished.

Bob Butts