Alzheimer's/Dementia Disease
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12/01/2013: Kh from Las Vegas, Nv: "Niacinamide worked for my mother's dementia. The dosage was time-release 1500 mg twice a day (breakfast and bedtime).

She went from asking the same question every 60 seconds (for example, she would ask where my father was, we'd answer that he was in the hospital, then seconds later she'd ask again) and being unable to take a shower because she couldn't remember how to do it, to being 100% her old normal self pre-dementia.

She can now shower and dress herself and apply her own make-up. She is back to cooking my parents' meals. She keeps the house clean. She remembers answers to questions. She is able to participate in conversations. She remembers events of the past few years that she had completely lost. She knows what year it is. She knows her age and my father's age.

Also, she had gotten very erratic emotionally. Now she's got her old personality back.

She got it all back.

She had no trouble with side effects.

We've been tapering down her dosage to see how she handles it. Right now she's on 1000 mg time release 2x a day, and so far so good."

12/01/2013: Kh from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "I forgot to mention that it took just under four months for us to see what seemed to be a full cure, but we started to notice improvement even after a few days.

For example, my mother was able to remember that my father was in the hospital after about three days on niacinamide. She was able to remember how to shower after about a week and a half, but she still forgot where the soap was. She was able to remember where the soap was a few days later.

She was able to remember to feed the dogs (and what to feed them) after about three weeks. It took almost a month for her to remember what year it was and her age."

12/01/2013: Jillery from North America replies: "Why take her off of something that it appears her body needs badly? Maybe supplement with some good all round multi vit & minerals also. Keep her at the level you have her at and let her be connected with life as she is. It is wonderful you found that the niacinamide worked for her!!"

12/01/2013: Shawna from Torrance, California replies: "KH, that is wonderful!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to share this with everyone I know, including my parents!"

12/01/2013: Gavin from Northland, New Zealand replies: "Niacinimide is also ingested from smoking tobacco, nicotine is converted after inhalation. I often wonder if, the anti smoking brigade factored in the rise of altzhimers and parkinsons, into the new world health model."

12/02/2013: Kh from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "My mother asked me to post another message about what the past few months have been like (since she started on the niacinamide). She said that it was like having windows suddenly flung open, like she could suddenly see things again that had been hidden from her.

Earlier I had posted that she had no side effects. She asked me to tell you that she tended to feel dizzy with physical exercise - for example, at the end of a walk. This is something that she has only reported since being on the niacinamide. I am just thrilled that she can remember having felt dizzy."

01/16/2014: Mary from Buenos Aires Argentina. replies: "It cured my son from schizophrenia with Niacinamide B3 and Lysine under Ted's advice. Took 4 months but he was reacting really well from the beginning. It worked and I was able to take him of all meds. I now have a perfectly normal, well balance wonderful kid. His psychiatrist thought I was nuts but it worked!!!! And he is not medicated!!! I had all my prayers answered. Thank you Earth clinic!!!

Now I am healing myself form colon cancer. Declined Chemo. healing naturally!!!"

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Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in 100 Year Old Woman

Preparing meals for seniors should include coconut oil.

In 2010 my mother, then 98 years old, became very depressed after the death of my father and brother. She was on Lexapro for the depression and It took almost 8 months for her to feel better. Unfortunately, the experience brought on severe dementia.

She fell and broke her hip January 2011 and recently after her 100th birthday she was hospitalized for gall stones. Each visit to the hospital increased the symptoms of dementia and delirium. She seldom had a night of uninterrupted sleep, she repeatedly asked the same questions, she forgot some of the names of her children, she obsessed about a bone growing in her mouth (there was no bone), and the list goes on and on of hallucinations and delusions.

A friend recently emailed me a video of Dr. Newport and her research of coconut oil on Alzheimers. After viewing it I went out to buy some coconut oil. I figured if it helps Alzheimer?s patients, it should help someone with dementia.

I started her on 2 tablespoons Saturday, March 31, 2012. I have seen such an improvement beginning with the first day. She seldom repeats herself, she loves to listen to music and dance. She has been remembering her past. She had not spoken of her past since 2010. I heard her singing a song she used to sing pre-depression. Once she goes to bed, she stays there until the morning. I can tell by the blankets that she had a restful night. Normally the blankets would be all over the place. One thing that has changed drastically is she is now an early riser. This is a woman who never wanted to get up earlier than 10 am. Now she?s up at 7:30 and hungry.

I put the coconut oil in her oatmeal and cook all her meals with it. I am very pleased with the changes in her. Of course at 100 I don?t expect her to suddenly act like a 90 year old. My mom is a very healthy woman with no serious diseases. I?m so glad to see that now she can have conversations with friends and family.

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Virgin Coconut Oil:

How it has changed people?s lives and how it can change yours!

Alzheimerís and Sea Salt

The following is the work of the late Jacques De Langre, Ph.D. He was the leading proponent in the world for the use of natural ocean salt in our diets, and author of Sea Saltís Hidden Powers. For further information read this book, and learn how the biological action of all minerals affects our body and mind.

Many people develop Alzheimerís, which is one of the many dangers associated with the lack of salt. That is because those afflicted with this disease no longer have the mechanism to regenerate brain cells.  Bathe them in the ocean water and they start to get well.

Without salt, people cannot think straight; there is widespread depression, and their judgment is clouded.

There is a thalassotheraphy (salt water therapy) center in Brittany, France where they actually soak patients in warm sea water that is brought in fresh daily. They show big improvements. It is a marvelous place. The baths are very effective.