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This is the same reason why the powers that be have no interest in the phenomenally successful water cure. As a nation, money and power are valued more than people, which is the same in all nations, except Japan.

The mainstream media is reporting that a man has been cured of AIDS through a stem call transplant. But what the media won't report is that lots of people have cured themselves of HIV infections through the use of immune-boosting herbs and natural medicine. HIV, after all, is just another virus that can be overcome with proper nutrition and holistic medicine. The AIDS industry, not surprisingly, doesn't want you to know any of this:

Dr. Batmanghelidj's solution to AIDS. Mike Adams of interviews Dr. B.

Mike: I want to applaud what I call your scientific curiosity. I think this is the kind of curiosity that has been lost in so much of western medicine, where a true scientist observes nature and observes the interaction between humans and nature, and remains curious and open and to all possibilities, and then forms conclusions after rigorous testing, and I think so much of modern science has drawn erroneous conclusions without really remaining open-minded...

Dr B: Yes, one of the worst ones is AIDS. Because everyone assumes that AIDS is actually a viral disease, which is a fraudulent statement by those people who presented it, because the human body is the product of many, many years of having fought various viral diseases, and has survived. Smallpox, polio, measles, and all the other viruses that can kill very easily, and the body has an ability to mount a defense system against these hot viruses, viruses that actually very quickly can kill. But having survived those, how is it possible that the slow virus would kill us in the name of AIDS? I can’t understand it.

I have researched this topic extensively, and I have shown in fact that AIDS is a metabolic problem, when the body begins to cannibalize its own tissue because of certain missing elements in the raw materials that it receives through food or beverages, and the body of a person who gets AIDS, actually, is short of quite a number of building block amino acids. They’re short of tyrosine, they’re short of methionine, cysteine, they’re short of histidine, and they’ve got a whole lot of others in excess. So how can we expect a body that depends on the other amino acids to survive?

Mike: Once again we see AIDS is a huge industry for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. B: Well, of course it is, and the whole entire existence of the pharmaceutical industry is based on presentation of false science, and advertising this false science and drumming it into the minds of gullible people who have no curiosity to find out why that is so.

According to Jim Bolen, friend and student of Dr. Batmanghelidj, stated that Aids is a condition of lacking water,salt and amino acids. Jim Bolen ( told the following story of how he helped a person with Aids. I have had one person with aids, third stage only given 3-4 days to live. She was on oxygen and morphine 24-7. Her weight was 75 lbs, all skin and bones, no energy. That person walked out of that aids hospice in 30 days. The problem is getting people to stop the commercial crap we are taking every day. The answer to health problems is drink half your weight is ounces of water and a person needs to take1/8 tsp of salt (sea salt, unrefined is best) for every 16 oz of water. Some will need more salt like 1/4 tsp per 16 ounces of water. If a person gets to much salt their eye lids will swell up, get puffy. If this happens just drink plain water without taking any salt. as for the salt. a person can put it in there water, put it in there mouth and drink the water over the salt or just put the salt in there food. There is a sequence of drinking the water that is very important. The sequence is always drink water and wait 30 minutes before eating food and after eating a person needs to note the time and when two and half hours have passed they need to drink water and do there salt. This will help complete the digestive process that dehydrates the body in many areas. A person needs to space out the amount of water required for them. (half their weight in ounces). And any time a person is thirsty (wants water) they should drink it. even with there meals if they need it. A person needs to get DR B's books, tapes or CD's and even his DVD's where he is giving a full blown lecture in person. There is so much to read and so little time today for anything. Stress dehydrates the human body. All of DR B's books have something different in each one but the main message is water and salt following the sequence of drinking water and waiting 30 minutes before eating food. That is the same thing dog's and cat's do. Watch them. DR B gets into the AA's (amino acids) in book Your Body's Many Cries for Water. page 123- 131 soft cover book. This chapter is on Diabetes mainly. You can find this book at any book store or get it on line thru the web or call DR B's order number 1-800-759-3999 mon-Fri 900am-1700 eastern time zone USA. I hope this will shine some light on your skin problems. And yes sun light is very important and well as exercise is. everything stated above comes from DR B's books and tapes (ten ours 8 tapes or on CD) as always this information does not replace your doctor or taking any medication at this time. This is only educational information to help inform a person of what is going on in their body. I personally like DR B's book the ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus. It has a chapter on salt and foods.

Bob Butts has sent me several e-mails urging me to get this information on AIDS posted to his site for you to read. 

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The AIDS Indictment

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