Agoraphobia, the Two Day Cure
Here you will find radio spots that might reference your illness.

If you Google agoraphobia you will find 1,760,000 references to it. Looks like they can now scrap all the references because here is the simple cure. I first experienced someone with agoraphobia when I was asked to give a one hour lecture at a counseling center in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.on the water cure to a group of counselors and people with depression who went to classes five days a week to get help with their depression. Their depression was so bad they could not even hold down a job.

One of the people had agoraphobia and sat off in a corner unable to be near people. I knew the water cure would most likely cure their depression rapidly as we have found out that to get the kind of deep depression these people had, they had to be dehydrated. They had to do one or more of the following that would severely weaken their immune systems to the point they would often have many problems. They drank too much caffeine, alcohol, soda (as far as I'm concerned, one is too much) or consumed too little water and salt. (keep in mind that water and salt in the form of a saline IV is the #1 protocol in medicine despite the facts that doctors are taught to tell people that salt is bad for them). If you ask the people with the worst health, you will find this true for almost every one of them. Once they did the opposite, their immune systems make a dramatic improvement and their problems often disappear in a few days to a few months. Depression is usually gone in two days.

After explaining the water cure to them and telling them about how Dr. Batmanghelidj found out in a prison where he treated over 3,000 inmates for ulcers who were severely depressed also, that when they drank the prescribed amount of water, their ulcers quickly disappeared along with their depression. It was a 100% cure.

When I spoke to this group, I knew it would cure their depression, but I wasn't sure about the agoraphobia, but I felt it would cure it. At any rate, the woman with agoraphobia was not only rid of her depression in two days, all traces of her phobia were gone also. Two days later when she went back to her class, she literally danced into it. The results of the lecture were as I expected. In less than three weeks, everyone of the group was free of depression and no longer needed the classes. By the way, I was never invited to speak there again.

We all know that if our immune systems were strong enough, it would be almost impossible to get sick and therefore that if we wanted to get rid of any illness, the focus should be on strengthening the ir immune systems. That is exactly what the water cure does and on this site is the proof.